Pull List Roundtable 3/29/2017 – X-Men Prime, Jughead The Hunger, DC/Hanna Barbera & More

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Mike Maillaro

  • ADAM STRANGE/FUTURE QUEST, BOOSTER GOLD/FLINTSTONES, GREEN LANTERN/SPACE GHOST, SUICIDE SQUAD/BANANA SPLITS – Some really cool Hanna-Barbera/DC crossovers coming out this week. Books like FUTURE QUEST and FLINTSTONES have been incredible, so I will definitely be a customer for all of these. I actually love fifth week events like this!
  • JUGHEAD THE HUNGER #1 – Archie’s horror line has been a lot of fun. It’s a very different take on these characters, but still manages to maintain the heart and spirit of Archie. This issue isn’t set in the AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE world, but instead a solo story about a horror version of Jughead’s love of eating.
  • X-MEN PRIME #1 – I’ve been an X-Men fan for around 30 years now. They have been pretty rough to read for the last several years. Marvel seems to be promising a fresh start for the X-Men line. I am hoping that Marvel doesn’t disappoint me again. Just feels like too many failed opportunities in the last few year.
  • AVENGERS #5.1 – I have said this before, but Waid is a much better fit on this book that he is the main AVENGERS book. His Kang story has just been boring. But this flashback story to the early days of the second Avengers team has been great. I suspect they are going to try and shoehorn Avenger X into modern continuity like they have done with Clash over in Spider-Man, but I have actually liked what they have done with Clash, so that might not be all that bad an idea.
  • WWE WRESTLEMANIA 2017 SPECIAL – $8 cover price is a tough sell for me. But, Boom has managed to find a real unique way of doing WWE comics, expanding on the storylines we see on WWE TV. I do think the big issue here is that it feels a bit dated at times as they are doing storylines for months ago. But, it still is very well done and features writing by one of my favorite writers, Dennis Hopeless (SPIDER-WOMAN #17 and ALL-NEW X-MEN #19 also comes out this week).
  • TITANS ANNUAL #1 – It’s still not 100% clear how the sidekicks fit in the New 52 universe. We’ve only been getting a little teases here and there. This Annual features many of the Titans characters teaming up with their mentors. I am real curious how this plays out, especially with characters we really haven’t seen together like Wonder Girl/Wonder Woman and Aqualad/Aquaman.
  • SABAN’S POWER RANGERS GRAPHIC NOVEL – From what I know, this Graphic Novel is set after the new POWER RANGERS movie. Again, Boom has been killing it with the POWER RANGERS franchise, so I have to check this one out. My son is a huge fan of pretty much all incarnations of POWER RANGERS, though he doesn’t have a lot of interest in this movie, so I doubt I will see it in theaters. But still pretty curious about this new version.
  • Previews #343
  • Animosity #6
  • Rough Riders Riders On The Storm #2
  • Reggie And Me #4 (Of 5)
  • Joyride #11
  • Batgirl Annual #1
  • Justice League Of America #3
  • Kamandi Challenge #3 (Of 12)
  • Back To The Future Biff To The Future #3 (Of 6)
  • G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #238
  • M.A.S.K. Mobile Armored Strike Kommand #4
  • Rom #8
  • Star Trek Boldly Go #6
  • Postal #19
  • Black Widow #12
  • Infamous Iron Man #6
  • Man-Thing #2 (Of 5)
  • Occupy Avengers #5
  • Old Man Logan #20
  • Thunderbolts #11
  • Divinity III Stalinverse #4 (Of 4)
  • Generation Zero #8
  • Ninjak #25

John Babos

11 new books this week.

  • Batgirl Annual #1
  • Booster Gold / the Flintstones Special #1
  • Justice League of America #3
  • Ninjak #25
  • Rough Riders: Riders on the Storm #2
  • ResurrXion Spotlight Sampler
  • Suicide Squad / Banana Splits Special #1
  • Thunderbolts #11
  • Titans Annual #1
  • Inhumans Prime #1
  • X-Men Prime #1

James Fulton

  • Deadly Class #27 – The last issue featured the return of a couple of characters I didn’t expect to see in this book again, and it was glorious. Deadly Class is one of my favourite Image books.
  • Divinity III #4 – As much as I’ve enjoyed Divinity, I do hope that this last issue is the last issue. Divinity IV sounds like a bad idea.
  • Lazarus #26 – This amazing series is pretty behind its schedule, so I’m glad to see it coming out again.
  • Mayday #5 – Alex De Campi is quickly becoming one of my favourite comics writers. This 1970s spy thriller has been riveting, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s going to end.
  • Space Riders Galaxy of Brutality #1 – The first Space Riders series was a ton of fun, and I’m glad that Black Mask has brought it back. If you feel the need for some brightly coloured Kirby on acid comics, this is the book for you.

Phil Allen

  • Afar OGN – I’ve been a big fan of Leila Del Duca’s artwork on Shutter, and after seeing only a few pages in previews, her time behind the writing pen should be just as interesting.
  • Booster Gold / The Flintstones Annual #1 – The first of (I’m assuming) many DC/Hanna-Barbera crossovers. Though several books like this are out this week, I’m only getting this one and…
  • Green Lantern / Space Ghost Annual #1 – Between the two though, this is the one I’m more interested in. I’ve been getting into Green Lanterns lately, so this is a highlight for me.
  • Hadrian’s Wall #5 – The first arc was enjoyable, but this next arc seems to be taking on a bigger story. I’ve liked Kyle Higgins’ work before, and this is quickly becoming a favorite.
  • Jughead: The Hunger – Given that this is “Archie Horror” I had assumed this was in the same world as Afterlife with Archie (geez I miss that series). But given that various covers indicate Jughead may be a werewolf, that might not be the case. Should be a great read though, Archie Horror hasn’t let me down yet. Oh, I miss Sabrina too.
  • Lobster Johnson: The Pirate’s Ghost #1 – I’m always up for more LJ.
  • Mayday #5 – Mini-series conclusion! This was a very fun and violent series from Alex de Campi, and I, for one, am hoping for more.
  • Moonshine #6 – The first arc is wrapping up, and I’m interested to see where this series is going.
  • Reggie and Me #4 – This is the next-to-final issue of the mini-series, and I’ll be bummed to see this go. What better way to get readers to like Reggie than tell his story from the perspective of man’s best friend?
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Batgirl Annual #1
  • Justice League of America #3
  • Lazarus #26
  • Star-Lord #5
  • The Comic Book History of Comics #5
  • The Old Guard #2
  • The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed #2

Matt Graham

  • Animosity #6/InSeXts #10 – Happy Marguerite Bennett Day, I guess. I will be happy with the next chapter of the animal apocalypse roadtrip hitting the same day as a Victorian horror saga pitting Lady and Mariah against a Parisian Monstress.
  • Dark Knight III The Master Race #8 – I stopped buying this book after issue #4. I missed a week and while my shop had plenty to go around, the cover price just killed it for me and I decided to wait on the trade. That was April, 2016. The next issue hit in June. And now in March, #8 of 9 is hitting. It’s on the list just to note that shipping schedule.
  • Harley’s Little Black Book #6 – I enjoy Amanda Conner’s Harley Team-Up book and artist showcase. This time it’s Lobo with Simon Bisley on art. In.
  • Suicide Squad Banana Splits Special #1 – What the ****?
  • Deadly Class #27 – New arc! The new students of this school for assassins are at the mercy of the sinister Student Council. This is the arc that we’ve been careening towards for years, and Remender has promised a shocking turn. In a series built on shocking turns, this one has to be huge.
  • All-New X-Men #19 – The original five time displaced X-Men reuinite in the wake of Inhumans vs X-Men. Marvel asks us, “Will they walk into an uncertain future together or apart?” Well, given they have a new book in X-Men: Blue, I’m going to go with “together”. Writer Dennis Hopeless carries his X-Momentum from this title into Jean’s solo book, too, so this is the end of a volume, but not an era.
  • Black Widow #12 – I feel that the end of an era does hit Black Widow’s title, though. It’s one of Marvel’s best books, so I hope we get more, but as of this writing, I understand that this is it for Waid and Samnee’s Widow book.
  • Spider-Woman #17 – Back to Dennis Hopeless and the best spider themed spy in the business, Jessica Drew, the sensational Spider-Woman. What? This is another final issue? Goddammit.
  • X-Men Prime #1 – Kitty Pryde returns to the X-Men for a new era of protecting a world that hates and fears mutants! Kitty. Pryde. Is back! Again! Jean Grey has a solo series by Dennis Hopeless! Cullen Bunn is taking his X-Force magic and putting it into a Magneto led original five X-Men! The X-Men rosters on Blue and Gold are tailored to me and my 80s and 90s nostalgia!

Oh. I just saw the writer for X-Men: Gold, Kitty Pryde’s team with my nostalgic pandered roster. Well. I have my Jean solo series and Blue. And The Wolverine with Laura is still going, right? You killed Widow and Spider-Woman, but The Wolverine will never…*

*X-Traitor arc reference.