Netflix’s GLOW Recaps by Penny; Episode 5 – Debbie Does Something

We open wih Melrose obviously coming home from partying and Cherry catches her. Melrose tries to con her way out of trouble, but Cherry ain’t having it, reminds her she’s in charge, and tells her point blank that if she breaks curfew again she’s fired. After the title card, we join Ruth and Carmen practising in the ring, and Ruth is taking some serious bumps with gusto, really getting into her work. A TV Network exec is watching, and as Sam and Sebastian introduce him to Debbie it’s painfully obvious Debbie’s heart isn’t in it. They take the exe upstairs and sell him on the show as something the women will watch because of it’s stars struggling against their own stereotypes, men will watch because they’re hot, and kids will watch because it’s fun.

Debbie is half-heartedly practicing her Liberty Bell promos in the mirror and isn’t feeling it. She has lunch with her parents who badger her to forgive her husband. Ruth comes in and we have the aqwkward moment of Ruth having to smile and make an excuse to leave to spare Debbie the grief.

Later that night the ambiguously lesbian pair start prank calling everyone else, starting with Cherry’s husband, then Sheila, (who adorkably thinks it’s a genuine phone survey and actually answers their every question until Ruth saves her), they hotel manager, and finally they troll Melrose by pretending to be calling from her doctor’s office to tell her she has AIDS in her ass. Her reply is priceless and I will not spoil it here. Justine, the young suck-up girl who knows all of Sam’s movies, calls her asking if she wants to split a pizza, just so she can see the super hot delivery boy. They flirt awkwardly to Tears For Fears’ “Head Over Heels” and then he leaves, but after beating herself up for a bit she notices he left his number on the pizza boxes.

Ruth is doing some pretty badass pullups on gymnast rings when Sam asks her to come along with he and Brittania for a field trip to their potential sponsor’s newest store opening. He tells them they’re window dressing to sell GLOW to the Patio furniture vendor. He doesn’t think that wrestling will hewlp him sell lawnchairs. Sam tries to sell him on the sex appeal to his male customers by having Brittania strip to barely a bathing suit. Still not sold, the patio store guy tries to get the crowd excited about the store openingand gets no reaction, so Ruth sees her opportunity and takes it, cutting a promo as a sort of rule 63 Yakov Smirnoff, playing the Russian heel criticizing the wide selection of quality furniturecompared to one chair in Russia. The crowd loves it and Sam is finally won over. Brittania is pissed she isn’t getting Sam all to herself. Ruth teases him about fucking her, and Sam teases her about fucking Debbie’s hubby. He immediately realizes he went too far and apologizes, and they have a very humanizing conversation about their flaws and fuck-ups and finally the character development is making me kinda like them.

Meanwhile, Carmen has brought Debbie and Melrose to a live wrestling show because she realizes the reason Debbie is floundering is because she doesn’t get wrestling and doesn’t take it seriously. She thinks seeing actual wrestling first hand might help her get it.

Justine is freaking out about hot pizza boy’s number when a knock on the door has him there waiting. She says she didn’t order a pizza. Her roomie Renee, (the middle eastern woman) says no, SHE did, and leaves them alone together. You can guess what happens next.

Carmen is explaining the program between Steel Horse and Mister Money, the main eventers at the show, and suddenly Debbie gets it; it’s a soap opera. she finally understands what wrestling is and what she needs to do to make her character work and begins to totally mark out. Afterwards Carmen takes Debbie and Melrose backstage to meet Steel Horse. He actually recognises Debbie from her former soap role, and I’m 90% sure Steel Horse is Alex Riley but I could be wrong. If so feel free to correct me in the comments. Debbie is suddenly hella horny and sends Carmen and Melrose home without her and jumps Steel Horse like a rabid animal.

Cherry is getting ready to jog at 5AM and catches Debbie coming home as she heads out. Cherry teases her about getting laid, (Melrose ratted her out), and wants details. While it was apparently really good sex, it made her feel weird doing someone new that wasn’t who she was used to. After she goes into her room to clean up, she calls Sam and tells him she needs to be paired with a really good heel, as Steel Horse explained that the heel is what makes the face great. End of episode.

Well, it took half the entire season, but the show has finally won me over. I laughed a lot more during this episode than the previous ones, and I’m starting to finally connect with and care about a lot of the characters. Kind of a slow build for a 10 episode season, but it’s growing on me. See you tomorrow for Episode 6.

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