WWE Raw 7/3/17 Recap – Great Balls Of Buildup

The Enzo and Cass rivalry is recapped in a video package before Enzo comes down. Enzo runs through his WWE career and talks about all the things he’s overcome before cutting an intense promo on how he’s climbed out of holes bigger than 7 feet. Enzo says Cass is nothing but a 7 foot catchphrase that he wrote and that the big boot he ate lit a fire under him and he wears a bandanna because he’s an army of one. Holy crap is he gifted on the mic. Enzo and Cass brawl during a Cass interview. Sasha and Bayley are mid-ring to face Nia and Alexa. Bayley sorta-hits, but largely misses a terrible dropkick to the gut of Nia.

Sasha hits a terrible Thesz press with punches to Bliss. Bayley is taken out, making this a handicap match. Alexa hits the STO, but misses the double knees. They botch a sorta rana thing in the corner badly. Sasha locks on the Bank Statement crossface and gets the win – so she’s doomed at the PPV. Kurt talks to someone on the phone before Braun comes in and Kurt tells him that Roman will be at the PPV. An outstanding Brock-Joe hype video starts off with the beginning of their feud before running through Joe actually choking Brock out on Raw before being sent into the LEDs.

Cedric beats Noam Dar, with Alicia actually here, with the Lumbar Check. The Miz TV with the Ball family is recapped. Miz is mid-ring with an outstanding white suit and a red, white, and blue bowtie. Miz buries Dean for caving under the pressure last week and Dean says he’s right – but he can just come down to kick their asses now. Heath and Rhyno come down to fill time, and Rhyno debuts a new I’m With Heath shirt. Kurt says that Miz will defend against Heath tonight and Dean on PPV.

Miz wrestles in his white getup, looking like a very tan milkman. Heath hits a super powerslam! Axel distracts, but Rhyno beats him up. Miz hits the finale and wins before Dean eats a beating from the goon squad. Goldust is mid-ring in a director’s chair and talking about the Shattered Truth. He shows a nice video package before Truth comes down and beats him up to more silence. Well, these guys really need this to be on SD, because there’s no upward movement for them on Raw. Kurt talks to Sheamus and Cesaro, who say that they are made of iron.

Seth comes out to do verbal battle with Curt Hawkins. A rain trigger knee ends it quickly – good, Seth needs to look like a beast whenever possible. Joe and Brock do a split-screen promo with Joe bragging about being his ass, beating up Heyman, and Brock doing nothing. Brock and Joe argue more and Joe storms off to find him. Mustafi Ali is here to face Neville, who quickly destroys him with some nasty strikes and the Rings of Saturn. Bray cuts a weird, spooky promo from a desert – so it’s the same crap he always says, but at least it looks a bit different.

Balor faces Cesaro in what should be a good match. Jeff and Matt are on commentary and talks about teaming with Balor last week. Cole begs them to talk about Finn and they finally do, with Jeff coming off as muted. Balor sets up the shotgun kick, but the drifter plays guitar and distracts him leading to a big uppercut and a 2 count. A big brawl breaks out and Finn gets the win with the double stomp. Braun is mid-ring being a badass before Titus comes out and hypes up Titus Worldwide and Crews – who is here to be demolished. Crews goes for a senton and Braun just mule kicks him into mid-air before powerslamming him to death and lifting him up. Titus stands up for his client and tells Braun he isn’t scared of him. They brawl, so Braun wins this by DQ before smashing him and tossing Crews in the ambulance. Roman and Braun brawl and Roman spears him off the stage.

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