GFW Impact Wrestling 7/6/17 Recap – Alberto vs. Lashley

TNA is no more as Global Force Wrestling (GFW) is the new brand for Impact TV. The “new” logo is below.

The show starts with an LAX skit with Konnan saying the newest member of LAX will be here tonight. A Slammiversary recap airs. The new GFW Impact Wrestling intro airs and everything looks the same – so this “new era” doesn’t really mean much. Alberto and Dos Caras come down to celebrate and then Lashley says it was a fluke win and calls his family illegals. Well, that was awkward. JB says it’s a title match tonight. Josh and JB do a bit backstage with Bruce. JB’s hairline is scary now and now we get a three man booth with a single black guy – because every company has to have that. Sonjay beats Caleb Konley in short order – so they’re at least making him look like a dominant champion. Trevor Lee jumps him.

The VOW, Eddie Edwards, and Grado are backstage and they will be Team USA. Okay then. They’ll face Adonis, Eli, and the fat jobber and his partner. There’s a ton of just stuff happening, and the Boston knee party ends it. Joseph Park presents paperwork to Grado, as he’ll apparently be deported. Matt Sydal faces Braxton Sutter to I guess move up the ranks in the X division. Sydal high kicks him, hits the SSP and wins it Konnan does more with LAX and says that the new member will raise the level of violence.

JB is mid-ring and announces the return of the Super X Cup. Drago is in this as is ACH. Desmond Xavier is in the first round against Edris Abraham. We get videos on each man and Xavier hits a nice round kick combo before landing a cutter out of nowhere. Xavier hits a Saito suplex and wins with a spiral tap. Gail chats with McKenzie and then Xavier says he won with the final clash. Moose will face Marafuji next week for the Grand Title. EC3 comes in and says he wants the title. Sienna comes down with both belts and faces Rebel and chokes her out to win it.

Lashley comes down and then Alberto does, with Josh saying that his fiancee Paige was here. So they’re not only admitting she was at the show, but using her WWE name. Wow. They have a solid match and Alberto is put into a tree of woe and avoids a double stomp by pulling him off the top. Lashley spears him and lands the dominator before LAX comes down and beats up Lashley – so Alberto retains and is the newest member of LAX.

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