Netflix’s GLOW Recaps by Penny; Episode 9 – The Liberal Chokehold

We open with a news report about the flight 847 hijacking as the ladies watch. Debbie meets Mark in the diner to drop off the baby but he convinces her to stay to eat. Sam is meeting with the tv executive and Sebastian finally shows up coked off his ass after 2 weeks and nearly blows the deal. He admits his mom cut him off and he has no more money to put into GLOW. Sam breaka the news that GLOW is over before it begins and Ruth and Debbie suggest they fundraise with a sexy car wash. Sebastian goes to talk to his mom and tries to explain why he needs the money for GLOW, but his snotty mom is more interested in hosting a Just Say No dinner to assuage her white guilt than humour her son.

At the car wash. Mark shows up and Ruth makes herself scarce, while Justine tries and fails to tell Sam he’s her dad. Cherry gets a phone call from the jackass agent from episode one who shat on Ruth’s dreams of playing a better role than “Secretary”, who offers her an audition for a ripoff of Cagney & Lacey except with a black woman and a Jew. She’s intrigued.

Sebastian shows up at the motel later that night as everyone is sitting around relaxing after a long day of carwash fundraising. Melrose gets a dig in and Sam says whatever he wants to say he can say in front of everyone. He says he all but begged his mom to unlock his trust fund but she wouldn’t budge. The car wash didn’t even clear $300. So Sebastian suggeasts they crash his mom’s fundraiser and hit up rich folks. Sebastian cons their way in passing them off as recovering drug addicts. His mom is a Republican and backhand compliments Debbie. Sebastian gives some footbal players some coke and tells them about his screenplay, and apparently Sebastian had never heard of Back to the Future and he’s pissed.

Ruth and Debbie talk about Mark trying to make things work, and how much she actually likes wrestling. They’re both having a good conversation but of course it gets awkward and they go quiet.

Meanwhile Justine finds Sam, depressed and listening to old records, wallowing in self-pity. Sebastian hijacks his mom’s speech, and introduces his “recovering addicts” to tell their “stories” to pull on heartstrings. Most are funny bullshit, but Ruth lets a lot of real pain show through. They get a few nice cheques, but his mom is as always a bitch and yoinks the cheques. She was however moved by Ruth’s speech and offers to let them use her ballroom as a venue.

Sebastian is whining about wasting his life trying to push a script someone else already made and, assuming Justine’s interest in him is sexual tries to kiss her, but I guessed right and she blurts out that she’s his daughter. Things end awkwardly to say the least. End of episode. Only one episode to go.

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