Netflix’s GLOW Recaps by Penny; Episode 10 – Money’s in the Chase

Cold open has the girls packing up everything they need to take to the venue. Sam shows up after a 3 day bender feeling sorry for himseldf and surprised the show is still happening. He tells Ruth about Justine and she tells him to shower and go find her. Debbie is packing up her car to go move back in with Mark. She decides to not wrestle at the show. Melrose and the girls drive off in her limo. Tuitle card.

They all arrive at the venue and Sebastian has already set up the ring. With Sam MIA looking for Justine Ruth steps up and takes charge. Sam tracks down Justine and apologizes and hopes she’ll show up at the venue. Ruth is being the boss like a boss, and Melrose aateases her about being bossy. Ruth explains why Sam isn’t there to Sebastian. The rest of the girls find a way to hustle audience members from the movie theatre line-up across the street to fill out the audience. The tv executive shows up to tell Cherry she got the partpart in the cop show but can’t do both shows.

The crowd is bored at first but get into the first match with Brittanica vs Beirut, but a few racist idiots in the audience start throwing beercans and calling Mary a towelhead and various other slurs. The card continues and the crowd is loving it, (after Sebastian had the racists removed). Ruth gives Carmen a pep talk to help her with stage fright. Melrose comes out like Madonna in Material Girl, and then Sheila comes out, actually taking Ruth’s advice about coming out in a cage.

Sam tries to peptalk Debbie into changing her mind. Then sitting with Mark he belittles wrestling to her. Meanwhile the next match is Welfare Queen vs Machu Picho, aka Carmen, and Carmen has stage fright again until she sees her dad in the crowd and he starts a chant for her, and she finally breaks through the stage fright, and has a good match.

Sam is bitching about the cameramen and Justine shows up. They awkwardly make up.  Finally we get the main event. Jenny and Ruth team up as a communist tag team and get paired with the Beatdown Biddies because Debbie still hasn’t done the right thing. The match goes well enough and keeps the crowd interested, but it’s nothing special yet. The Biddies lose, then Ruth turns on Jenny to win the GLOW crown. Debbie finally steps up from the crowd. She had her costume on under her dress so clearly she always wanted to. She tells her hubby to hold her dress and she and Ruth have their full uninterrupted match at last to some rockin’ Pat Benetar with “Invincible”. Sadly we mostly get the match portrayed like a highlight reel at the end of a ppv. Debbie even conquers her fear and does her finisher from the top rope. Then Sam swerves them both and has Welfare Queen pull a Hogan at Wrestlemania 9. he drops the episode title and says fans will watch to see Debbie get the crown back.

Credits roll with sam editing the show, followed by the girls watching their grand TV Debut.

This series was kinda weird. It IS definitely worth the watch, but it requires a good bit of patience. The first few episodes build up the story in a really weird way, being borderline unwatchable. At first almost NONE of the characters have any likable qualities except for Cherry and Carmen, and Sam starts as such a paint by numbers typical sexist douche it’s hard to even invest in hating him. Plus episode two crossewd the line twice with the miscarriage stuff. But by episode 4 you finally see where they’re going with it all, and the characters start to show some real development and you finally start tio connect with them. By episode 5 you care about everyone, even Sam who’s showing redeemable qualities, and by episode 6 it’s like a completely different show. So if you have the patience to sit through 90 minutes of slow build and unlikable characters before things really start to get good, your patience WILL be rewarded.  Overal from episode 1 to episode ten it goes from shitty to great.

See you all in 6 weeks for the Defenders!

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