WWE Raw 7/17/17 Recap – Angle’s Secret Revealed & Joe vs. Roman plus Braun Stroman! What Does Hunt For Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship Look Like Now?

We start things off with a recap of the Mizzy Awards and then Dean challenges Miz and his goons. He stages a sit-in before Seth comes in and tries to make peace. Seth calls him his brother and Dean says Seth isn’t his brother – his brothers were in the Shield. Dean says he knew a guy that looked like Seth, but he was a liar. Seth apologizes for turning his back on him and says if Dean wants to, clock in him in the back with his chair if it will make him feel better. Dean won’t do it, so Miz and his goons attack them with chairs. Well, Roman Reigns sure came off like a dick here by not helping his friends.

Miz and the goons leave and Bayley comes down to face Alexa. They go back and forth before Nia comes down for a distraction. Shockingly, this doesn’t lead to a cradle finish, but instead an ad break and a post-break armlock. Sasha attacks Nia, who avoids running headfirst into the post and Alexa SOMEHOW kicks out of a distraction cradle, but the Bayley to belly ends it. Bayley got a pop again, so they’re at least rehabbing her somewhat. We get an ESPYs recap complete with HHH and Steph posing with a fan and a Universal Title replica.

Roman vs. Joe is hyped up with a Roman video package and then Corey tells Kurt to tell the world his truth. Kurt says that he truly values their friendship…so now they’re friends? Kurt makes strange faces near the giant poster of the Big Show and Jetsons movie. We see Tozawa lose at the PPV, win on Raw, and then getting beaten up by him on 205 Live. Titus cuts a weird promo with his guys saying that they got knocked down, and they’ll get back up. Daivari interrupts and is a jerk. Riveting. Brian Kendrick and Grew Gulak come down to face Gallagher and Mustafa Ali. The crowd is absolutely dead for this, but does come alive for Ali beating Kendrick with the inverted 450 splash.

Enzo comes out and cuts an intense promo about the fans believing in he and Cass, and maybe he had more confidence in his own skills than he should have. He says that Cass tossed him around at will because he wanted to win that badly. Cass could stand tall, but he won’t ever be done with Enzo, but last week, Show beat him up so Cass’s ass bounced a check. Cass comes out to a large “asshole” chant. Enzo sits with a kid and then Show comes down to fight Show. Show beats him up before Cass gets an edge and then boots Enzo. Roman brags about beating the Undertaker and this being his yard.

Kurt talks to Dean and Seth about how they want to face Miz and the goons, but next week, they can face any two members of the team. Seth agrees and wants a two on three handicap match. Samson sings before a match with Finn. They have a surprisingly good back and forth match, with Finn selling way too much for Samson. Samson gets DQed for hitting him with the guitar, which actually gets a pop since Jeff Jarrett isn’t on WWE TV doing that every week. It helps that he absolutely smashed him and got blood too. Then Bray cuts a weird, spooky promo. Great, Finn Balor came to WWE to feud with a fat wizard man and a bad folk singer. Well, at least he’s paid well.

A Samoa Joe hype video shows him kicking tons of ass. Kurt meets with Bayley and Sasha and they each want a title shot. Kurt says they each deserve the shot, but they’ll have to decide the contender with a match between then next week. Battleground is hyped up for this Sunday. Holy crap there’s already another PPV. We see the Revival beating up the Hardys and then the Revival talks about using four good fists on the Hardys tonight. Tozawa comes down to face Daivari, who destroys Tozawa’s arm before Titus calls it off due to the arm damage. Tozawa yells that he never quit, so after a whopping month together, they’re already teasing a split.

Kurt Angle comes down and talks about how his past has a serious consequence. He was afraid of change because it would change his family, but his family is supportive of him, as is WWE. When he was in college, he dated a young lady and of cource, he has a love child. The baby was adopted and taught great American values. He was a three sport athlete in high school, and he went to college and excelled at wrestling. After college, he chose to go to WWE and become a WWE superstar. He brings out the newest Raw roster member, Jason Jordan – well, he always looked like a clone of Kurt, so why not.

They play the American Alpha theme, which really has no beat to it and Kurt holds his arms up high. Corey says that he’s known this since NXT and he’s happy for them to be able to get this out in the open. The Hardys come out to face the Revival amid a huge Delete chant. The Hardys dominate with slow motion double team offense. Dash takes the world’s silliest, but greatest bump for the double wheelbarrow suplex. Dawson kicks Matt’s knee from behind and Dash dominates the knee. Jeff gets a Twisto Stunner for 2, so they go for Poetry in Motion and it hits, but the swanton is met with a leg pull and Jeff gets pinned off the crotching.

Samoa Joe cuts an intense promo guaranteeing victory. We get a Special Olympics video before Titus tells Tozawa that he stopped the match for his own good. Roman comes out to a chorus of boos while Joe comes out to a solid amount of cheers. Joe dominates the early going before Roman slugs away and gains a bit of an edge. Roman goes for the Superman punch, but Joe knows it’s coming and goes to the floor. Roman hits an incredible big boot that results in a killer slow motion replay. Joe goes for the STO, but Roman avoids it and hits the Superman punch for 2.9. Braun comes down and pulls Joe out – so then that should be a DQ win for Joe. They brawl with Braun and Joe goes for the choke, but Braun walks around with him and boots Roman! He escapes and hits a spinebuster to Roman before laying out Joe and powerslamming Roman. This was a pretty great deal here – everyone came off strong, and they logically set up a possible fatal four way for the title at Summerslam.

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