DVD Review – Teen Wolf (Season 6, Part 1)

If you’d have told someone in the 1980s that Teen Wolf was going to be reimagined as a supernatural drama they’d have laughed because the concept was ludicrous; Teen Wolf was a comedy and a vehicle for Michael J Fox, nothing more. If you’d have told Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans in the 2000s that the Michael J Fox film would provide the basis for a spiritual heir to that franchise you’d have been mortally offended. It’s amusing how two films released within a decade of one another would provide the basis for two tween angled supernatural television shows, both finding the bulk of its run time around the high school years of the protagonist.

It’s amazing to see that the show has managed to mine enough material to make the conceit work past a season; going into season six it had remained a fairly steady part of the MTV line up. The sixth and final season, broken up into two parts, tackles the senior year of everyone involved. It’s more of the same as we get monsters and werewolf drama.

They key to understanding the show is to imagine watching Buffy as a teenager and transporting that sort of interest into a teenager watching this show currently. Once you do that the appeal of the show makes sense; it’s generational in that way. In 20 years, you’ll have teenagers discussing this show in the same manner 30 somethings discuss Buffy.

It’s not a good show … but it’s good if you’re a certain age.

Nothing special is included.

20th Century Fox presents Teen Wolf (Seaosn 6,Part 1). Starring Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, Dylan Sprayberry, Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, J.R. Bourne. Run Time: 420 minutes. Not Rated. Released on: 7.18.17