WWE Raw 7/24/17 Recap – Bayley Faces Sasha & The Summerslam Main Event Is Set

Braun’s return is recapped, alongside the Kurt and Jordan deal. Kurt comes down and says that Jordan will have his first Raw match, but Kurt gets interrupted by Braun when he wants to announce the Summerslam main event. Then Joe comes out, and then Roman. Roman insults them all and talks about his many accomplishments. He brags about being in five WrestleManias, main eventing three of them, and retiring the Undertaker. Kurt announces Brock vs. Joe vs. Lesnar vs. Roman at Summerslam and everyone brawls. Braun hits a crazy biel over the top to the floor on a goon.


Balor vs. Samson part 500 happens, with Finn hitting the coup de grace after a five minute long boring match. His shoulder is taped up, so he’s clearly been re-injured. Bray makes the lights go out and hits Sister Abigail, allowing Samson to win. We get a recap of the JJ-Angle stuff and then see clips of their Network interview. Kurt makes JJ vs. Curt Hawkins and then Emma comes in and brags about creating the revolution while everyone else got chances and says that she’ll date JJ to get a real shot. Kurt is shocked by that, and makes Emma vs. Nia.

Enzo comes out looking orange and says he can’t wait to face Cass again. Cass whips his ass from pillar to post and wins with a big boot. Show comes down to save Enzo from a bigger beating, but gets beaten up and eats a couple of Empire Elbows. Alexa says she isn’t worried about Summerslam. Emma is mid-ring in jobber position to face Nia, and gets squashed. Titus and Tozawa chat and Titus says that he isn’t fooled by Tozawa and ensures that his match tonight is cancelled for his own good. They come out and Neville says the match was cancelled due to him. Tozawa and Neville brawl and he hits the big senton, but comes up with a hurt shoulder again. Daivari beats up both guys.

Bayley tells Sasha that they each want to be champion and Sasha once again teases a heel turn while also saying they’ll tear the house down. JJ talks about being excited for his match, and he has all eyes on him now. They’re going way overboard with this push right now. Dean and Seth bicker a bit backstage. Alexa comes out to do commentary for Bayley vs. Sasha. Sasha dominates the early going and avoids the belly to Bayley. They get into a Frye-Takiyama exchange. Sasha hits a frog splash, but Bayley cradles her to win. Alexa and Bayley stare down after the match.

Renee talks to Curt Hawkins, who says that everyone will be talking about him. Jason Jordan comes out to the American Alpha theme and with a new red, white, and blue tron. He has newer, more generic gear and gets no reaction. Curt Hawkins gets no reaction and they have a bland match. JJ ends it with a one-man version of Grand Amplitude, only with a neckbreaker instead of a German suplex. The Revival insults The Club, leading to a death slot heel vs. heel tag match. Karl works well with both guys, while Luke looks good with Dawson. The Hardys distract the Club, leading to the Revival winning with the Shatter Machine.

Backstage, the Miz and the Miztourage chat and it’s time for them to face Dean and Seth. They have every nothing Raw tag match you’ve ever seen. Corey renames the Yes kicks the It kicks and Dean beats Miz with the Dirty Deeds. This really didn’t deserve a main event slot – Bayley vs. Sasha would have been far better served to go here, and was probably the best overall match of a nothing show.

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