Blu-Ray Review – Crashing (Season 1)

There’s a reason why we never want to see the struggles of those who have made it in the entertainment world; the money, fame and accoutrement of being a star is hard to empathize with. Seeing the struggles of those who are trying to make it? That’s interesting. It’s so hard to make it in the entertainment world that the struggle is something more important than finally ascending the summit. It’s why there are plenty of shows about people trying to make it and very few about those who have; the journey to the top is so harrowing that we wonder why so many still attempt to make it.

Is the juice worth the squeeze? That’s what Crashing explores: a young comic trying to make it when everything in the world seems to be telling him to not try.

Pete (Pete Holmes) is a suburbanite who desperately wants to become a standup comic. There’s only one problem: he’s not funny. He’s given up everything to try and make it, much to the chagrin of his wife. When she leaves him for another man he winds up living a sort of vagabond life in New York City as he tries to balance comedy and life while his life disintegrates around him. All the while he couch-surfs to try and make ends meet.

It’s an interesting show because it does one thing that’s pretty difficult: make Pete Holmes seem unfunny. A very underrated stand up, Holmes manages to capture the “struggling comic who hasn’t found his voice” mentality, complete with the requisite material that isn’t very funny, in an arc that sets up a lot of long term possibilities.

A stand up special from Holmes is included, which is pretty funny.

HBO presents Crashing (Season 1). Created by Pete Holmes. Starring Peter Holmes, Artie Lange, TJ Miller, Sarah Silverman. Run Time: 240 minutes. Not Rated. Released on 8.1.2017

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