DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: The Flash #28 Has New Negative Flash Face Fatal Wrath Of A New Game In Town?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for The Flash #28 follows.

Barry Allen is now the Flash powered by the Negative Speed Force and therefore the Negative Flash.

He is now isolated as Iris West didn’t respond well to Barry Allen revealing himself as the Flash to her; she focused on how he lied to her for years not his recent act of transparency. He’s also isolated at work with his commitment questioned due to his frequent unexplained or poorly explained absences (to allow him to do his super-hero Flash thing).

Anyhow, the Road Reapers attack again causing an angry Barry Allen to become the Negative Flash.

Classic Flash villain Shrapnel arrives who Flash assumes is partnered with the Road Reapers, but…

…Shrapnel is there to make a lesson of the Road Reapers for a New Game in Town villain and due to the Flash’s battling of Shrapnel…

…he seemingly executes the Road Reapers?!

Barry Allen will likely get angrier and how will that affect his Negative Flash powers?

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