DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Supergirl #12 Reveals Emerald Empress’ New Fatal Five, Saturn Girl Of Legion of Super-Heroes & Zor-El Cyborg Superman

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Supergirl #12 follows.

DC Comics has been teasing the Legion of Super-Heroes for some time in the Rebirth era. First with Saturn Girl appearing in DC Universe Rebirth #1, then her appearance in the pages of Batman as an Arkham Asylum denizen, then with Emerald Empress popping in modern day during the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad mini-series event, to even Phantom Girl now being part of a new Dark Matter series called the Terrifics. Well, in the pages of Supergirl #12, we finally learn more about Emerald Empress modern day mission.

The early part of the book we see the Emerald Empress recruiting her last new member of her modern day team as well as revealing that she originally saw the future and Saturn Girl defeating her, but realized it was Supergirl instead. We are then presented with…

…the modern day Fatal Five…

…consisting of…

    • Emerald Empress of Legion of Super-Heroes villainy
    • Magog of Kingdom Come
    • Indigo aka Brainiac 8
    • Solomon Grundy perennial Justice Society of America and Golden Age Green Lantern foil
    • Selena... who I don’t recognize (can anyone help me with her?)

These are an all-powerful contrast to the original future based Fatal Five of the Emerald Empress…

…consisting of…

    • Emerald Empress
    • Valdus
    • Persuader
    • Thorok
    • Mano

Back to modern day, it turns out that the team’s Solomon Grundy isn’t the real one, but one created from the original’s hair follicle DNA using Emerald Empress’ future technology.

We then pivot to Supergirl communing with her dad, Zor-El, who was the Cyborg Superman in the New 52.

It seems he was also have machine in the Rebirth era, but his mechanics have been replaced with something called life support polymer.

Makes sense since DC Comics doesn’t need the New 52 Cyborg Superman Zor-el when…

…during the continuity tweaking Superman Reborn…

… DC Comics went back to Hank Henshaw being the world’s Cyborg Superman.

Anyhow, Magog augments Solomon Grundy and sending him on a path of destruction as…

…the Emerald Empress attacks the Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO) confronting Director Cameron Chase looking for “information”.

The book ends with a wild Solomon Grundy attacked Supergirl!

Which leads into August 30, 2017’s Supergirl Annual #1.

BTW, considering the Fatal Five’s membership was spoiled in the solicitation of the Supergirl Annual #1 from months ago, I have no problem using the team as the banner for his piece as you see at the opening of this piece.


Writer Steve Orlando packed so much into this issue yet it didn’t feel crammed. There were a lot of developments that were beautiful rendering by dynamic new book penciller Robson Rocha. Overall, a satisfying read. 8 out of 10.

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