DC Comics Rebirth & Dark Nights Metal Spoilers: The Batman Who Laughs Accidentally Revealed By DC Comics?

DC Comics Rebirth and Dark Nights Metal Spoilers follows.

DC Comics has been very secretive around one of their Dark Nights Metal one-shots: The Batman who Laughs.

The character was not included in the Dark Knights from the Dark Multiverse art that DC Comics released during SDCC 2017 above.

What we have was this original teaser…

…amended to this. Looks like the Batman who Laughs has a Sidekick who Laughs too.

Well, that title is a play on the Joker, who interestingly appears in two (2) variant covers for Dark Nights: Metal #1 by Francesco Mattina.

One is in color.

One is black and white.

Is that Joker character on the top right the Batman who Laughs? Or is it the Batman there that is that character? We’ll soon know for sure.

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