Rasslin’ Roundtable for NXT Takeover Brooklyn III

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NXT Championship

Bobby Roode (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

JT – this feud has been a bit of a weird one, with the buildup somewhat derailed by the hangover from Roode’s shenanigans with Roddy Strong. Taking that into account this should be a good match with McIntyre working hard to show how much he’s learned in his years in the indies.
Winner: Drew McIntyre

Jake Ziegler – I think there’s more juice left in the Roode title reign, especially with Strong earning a shot last week. That might set up a big three-way match, so I don’t think it’s time to dethrone the Glorious one yet.
Winner: Bobby Roode

Michael – Roode is an okay champion, but his matches still bore me a little. As for McIntyre, could another member of Three Man Band capture gold? I doubt it. Should be a solid match, but not really worthy of the main event. Maybe Roddy Strong or any of the other new ROH signees show up to set up the next title program.
Winner: Bobby Roode

Schuerman – I think this is the perfect time to get the title off the Glorious one and go with the hot hand, McIntyre. They can have the usual NXT series of matches, with Roode ultimately regaining the title and McIntyre goes on for his second shot at the main roster.
Winner: McIntyre

Penny – Bobby ROOOOOOOOOOO has more than earned his main roster call-up, so my hope is he drops the belt here to set that call-up in motion. Plus Drew has been firing on all cylinders since his return and is ready for a title run.
Winner; Drew steals the glory.

Widro – I think Roderick gets involved and we don’t see a title change.
Winner: Roode retains

NXT Women’s Championship
Asuka (c) vs. Ember Moon

JT – Ember Moon has a great look and moves well in the ring, but she’s a bit sloppy at times, which is a worry in a champ. Asuka is the most dominant force in WWE women’s wrestling since Awesome Kong, but the higher ups seem reluctant to move her up to the main show. Of course, that may be about to change…
Winner: Ember Moon

Jake Ziegler – Asuka has been amazing and her title run likely won’t be duplicated for a long time. However, the main roster could use her, and it’s time to give someone else the ball in the NXT women’s division. Moon is good, she’s over, and it feels like her time.
Winner: Ember Moon

Michael – Is it time to move the belt off of Asuka? They sure have been setting up Ember Moon to make us think that they will move it here. However, with this Takeover event bringing back some of the stars of the recent past, I can see this match setting up a new main roster program. Here’s my entirely random prediction – Charlotte Flair returns to NXT before the match to run down Asuka and let her know she could never hack it on Smackdown Live! Asuka and Moon will have a very good match but in the end, Flair will come down to ringside to interfere and try to cost Asuka the belt. The interference will backfire and Asuka will retain the title. The following night, Asuka will jump Charlotte backstage and warn her that she is coming for her. Asuka will pull double duty for a while, working both NXT and Smackdown, but her new program with Charlotte will eventually force her to relinquish the NXT title.
Winner: Asuka

Schuerman – Speaking of perfect timing, we have Asuka. She has single handedly carried the women’s division since the four horsewomen left, and she has proven unbeatable. Her only weakness, it seems, is Moon’s Eclipse, which she couldn’t hit in the first match. She hits it this time, takes the title and Asuka (hopefully) moves to SmackDown.
Winner: Ember Moon

Penny – See above. Asuka has done absolutely everything she can in NXT and is well past due for a call-up. So I hope tosee her, like Roode, drop the belt here to set her own call-up into motion.
Winner; The Mortal Kombat character.

Widro – Can’t go against Asuka.
Winner: Asuka

NXT Tag Team Championship
The Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar) (c) (with Paul Ellering) vs. Sanity (Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain) (with Eric Young and Nikki Cross)

JT – This match features precisely one person who can wrestle (Killian Dane) and three guys who evidently have jobs because they’re big. With EY and Nikki Cross on the outside it might be time for a title change.
Winners: Sanity

Jake Ziegler – The AoP have been dominant for so long, that a loss here won’t hurt them. Sanity could really use the rub of the titles, and I think they’re going to get it.
Winner: Sanity

Michael – I am not sure what the purpose of this feud is except to keep putting these guys in front of us. The Authors of Pain do not seem to be getting noticeably better, so maybe we see something surprising here.
Winner: Sanity (new champions)

Schuerman – Sanity has become the new Wyatt family. They always pick the fight, and they always lose the fight. This should prove no different, unless Vince’s man crush on The Authors has them coming up way too soon. Give to the Authors if not.
Winners: Authors of Pain

Penny – Okay, we all agree that except for being managed by Paul Muhfugging Ellering, the Authors of Pain are just utterly awful right? We all agree on that? Good. Hopefully Tripsy has heard all of us and realizes sAniTy is due for it’s first title run, and uses their superior numbers to dispatch the Diluted Diet LOD.
Winners; Eric Young’s Friendly Family Menagerie Variety Show

Widro – Hate EY still after all these years.
Winner: AOP

Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami

JT – Itami has been booked like Bastion Booger since he returned from injury, while Aleister Black has been pretty much unbeatable since his debut. Unless Itami wins I expect to see him back in Japan within a year.
Winner: Aleister Black

Jake Ziegler – Cheating to win would really help get Itami’s heel character over, and it would lead to more matches down the line. Where would Black or Itami go from here if Black won? Black isn’t ready for the title, and with McIntyre and Strong there, it’s a little crowded. Let’s keep this feud going.
Winner: Hideo Itami

Michael – Itami has been sort of floundering a bit lately. Black has looked very impressive, but he has also knocked off Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly recently, which is a punishable offense. A hard hitting match that could be the match of the night honestly. I will say that just as it looks like Black will get the victory, Itami will hit him with a low blow or something and get disqualified. Itami will then attack Black viciously after the bell, turning into a violent, hated, and importantly, a dishonorable heel. Itami will leave looking smug at the destruction he just wrought.
Winner: Aleister Black (via disqualification)

Schuerman – A true pick ’em. Itami is freshly turned, so I’ll go with him to continue his run back to the top as a heel. But it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see Black pick up the victory to continue Itami’s “frustration” story arc.
Winner: Itami

Penny – Okay look. I love Itami. We all do. But his WWE/NEXT run has been a no starter, marred with injury and the resulting stalled pushes. He SHOULD have been kicking ass and taking names on the main roster by now. Chances are his days in the company are sadly numbered. Plus the ‘E is really high on Black and he’s expected to get a quick call-up like Kevin Owens did. So as much as we all love Hideo, chances are he’s jobbing here.
Winner; European Undertaker.

Widro – Itami has been a dud in NXT and Black is getting a big push.
Winner: Black

Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega)

JT – Gargano is sort of killing time until Ciampa returns, while Almas has had his ups and downs in NXT, which means that both men will probably be working hard to make an impression. This has the potential to be a really good match, so hopefully they’ll be given enough time to tell a story.
Winner: Johnny Wrestling

Jake Ziegler – I definitely think both guys need the win here, and that’s what makes this an interesting match. I’m basically flipping a coin here, and since I’ve only predicted one other babyface going over, that turns the tide.
Winner: Johnny Gargano

Michael – I know everyone is looking forward to seeing Johnny Gargano begin his singles climb, but honestly, he doesn’t need the victory here. He is super over, has a built-in feud already set up once Ciampa returns from injury, and he can make someone else look excellent. Almas, on the other hand, keeps losing and losing and losing on these Takeover specials. After a very questionable debut he has looked more impressive of late. They’ve added an additional element of Almas having Zelina Vega with him, so maybe they are finally serious about pushing him. I hope so.
Winner: Andrade Almas

Schuerman – This should be a straight squash for Gargano, albeit a nice wrestling match. It should also make for a hot opener if they choose to go that route. Gargano is on a collision course with Ciampi, and he needs to be kept super strong for that meeting.
Winner: Gargano

Penny – Um…. so…. why aren’t we getting Gargano/Ciampa? Whatever. *flips a coin*

Widro – Should be a good test for both.
Winner: Gargano

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