DC Comics Rebirth & Detective Comics #968 Spoilers & Review: Tim Drake Batman Vs. Tim Drake Red Robin?! Fates Of Conner Kent Superboy & Teen Titans Tomorrow Revealed?


DC Comics Rebirth and Detective Comics #968 Spoilers and Review follows.

This title also has a Justice League movie variant cover featuring Wonder Woman and Batman. The movie hits North American film screens on November 17, 2017.

We know that a Teen Titans Tomorrow Tim Drake as Batman is mourning the loss of teammate Conner Kent or Kon-el formerly Superboy and the Superman of the future who doesn’t exist in DC Comics Rebirth era. This puts adult Tim Drake in conflict with his younger Red Robin self as well as the Bruce Wayne Batman with Team Detective Comics too.

It appears Hypertime is tearin adult Time Drake apart; his future is to no longer exist. Folks will remember that Hypertime (alternate timelines) was reintroduced into DC Comics Rebirth and co-exists with the multiverse (alternate universes) during the Button cross-over between Batman and the Flash setting up the Watchmen vs. DC in Doomsday Clock (spoilers here) as well as in the Green Lantern vs. Plant of the Apes mini-series (spoilers here).

Despite being aided by Brother Eye of OMAC infamy, the adult Time Drake loses to…

…his younger self and…

…fades of out existence as Hypertime consumes him. It would also appears Conner Kent as well as the Titans Tomorrow will no longer exist as well.


An entertaining issue with evocative art. Lots of emotion and action in this book. Hypertime is a difficult concept to integrate into a street level book like Detective Comics, but it was a valiant effort. 7 out of 10.

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