DC Comics Universe & Batman #38 Spoilers: Who Is The Brand New Villain From The Origin Of Bruce Wayne

DC Comics Universe and Batman #38 Spoilers follow.

Who Is The Brand New Villain From The Origin Of Bruce Wayne?

The book opens with a boy and his butler seeking out Bruce Wayne. It seems his parents were killed and he wants advice from Bruce Wayne about how to deal with such trauma as Gotham City knows Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, being murdered when he was a boy.

The boy’s name is Matthew and his butle continues a joke he had with his deceased dad about calling him “Master Bruce”. Hmmm. That’s odd.

We open the issue with Matthew blaming Victor Zsasz for his parents death and the Two-Face Harvey Dent. In the book, Zsasz’s parents are killed and two other corpses show up seemingly implicating Two-Face.

However the path actually leads to Matthew’s parents estate executor Mr. Taylor who runs away from Batman and falls into a Lion’s den literally. He looks mad indicating that the money is all his.

Matthew appreciates that Bruce Wayne will help him deal with Mr. Taylor’s arrest, but…

…during dinner he realizes that Matthew may not be all that he seems.

Turns out he was the killer and always wanted to be like or actually be Bruce Wayne. He actually carve’s Bruce’s parents names Thomas and Martha on each of his facial cheeks…

…before he is committed to Arkham Asylum.

The Origin of Bruce Wayne in this issue appears to be this boyish villain.

I was creeped out by the issue, which was the intent no doubt, but ever since Lonnie Machin grew up from his initial boy as anti-hero Anarky into a twenty something adult, I was hoping for another child villain for Batman. I didn’t expect this, but am intrigued by Matthew as Master Wayne.

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