Raw 1/15/18 Recap – Braun Runs Wild

The Brock-Braun-Kane chaos is recapped and Braun comes out. Braun brags about leaving Brock and Kane laying, so Kurt comes out to fire him for his actions and has security too. This won’t go well for them and in fact, it doesn’t. The Bar is out to face Titus Worldwide with Dana Brooke in a very top-flattering top. The Bar dominates until Jason Jordan walks down to distract them and Apollo cradles Cesaro to win. Braun roams around backstage and destroys Curt Hawkins and a paper painting.

Enzo and Tony Nese come down so Cedric can bring out Goldust for his match. Cedric faces Tony and beats him in short order after countering a back suplex into a lumbar check. Enzo has a look of astonishment on his face. Backstage, Kurt is told that Braun is headed to the production trucks before letting out “OH GOD, THEY’RE WORTH 12 MILLION DOLLARS!” in the silliest manner possible. Braun throws jackets around in the truck before TIPPING THE TRUCK OVER. And of course, WWE has about five million camera angles for this all ready to go. And then he roars in Kurt’s face. Okay, that was great. Braun throws Cole into security on the floor.

Asuka faces Nia Jax in a match to no heat thanks to all that just happened. Asuka beats her by ref stoppage after Nia can’t get up due to leg attacks and trapping her leg between the steps and post. Jordan talks to Kurt about giving Seth a great opponent to keep him sharp – Finn Balor. Martin Luther King Jr. gets a 10 bell salute. Nia and Enzo meet and Alexa leaves immediately. The Revival beats a pair of jobbers to complete silence. Elias sings before Miz and his goons come down. Roman faces the Miztourage and beats Axel with a spear.

Absolution comes down with Paige in her gear. Tom says that Paige will be out of the Rumble – so they’re not quite declaring her as retired on-air yet. Sonya faces Sasha, who gets a jobber intro. Sasha just stops doing the shotgun knees before hitting it and then eats a pull-down kick off the top rope by Sonya Deville. The roster goes to the National Civil Rights Museum. Jordan and Seth chat about how Jordan shouldn’t have made a match with Balor. Woken Matt and his revamped Delete tron are out and he beats Heath with a Twist of Fate.

Goldberg is announced for the Hall of Fame. The Club is out followed by Finn Balor. Balor and Seth have a pretty good match that is definitely lacking heat. Balor gets 2 off a frog splash counter and Jordan trips up Balor and Seth does the curb stomp – now called the Blackout. Well, that’s his best finisher so I’m glad it’s back. Balor gets up and is woozy and his face is bruised. If it’s selling, he’s great at it and if it’s not, the move needs to be retired again.


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