Impact Wrestling 1/25/18 Recap – Alberto vs. Johnny vs. Eli Drake Fight for the Title

JB and Josh hype up tonight’s Genesis card. Matt Sydal starts things off with his Grand Title match with EC3. EC3 grinds away and chops him. EC3 lands a back suplex and does some jumping jacks ala Rick Martel. EC3 goes for the stinger splash, which misses and the double knee gets 2. Sydal goes for a super rana, but EC3 drops down and Matt takes a nasty spill. Sydal hits the KO knee and goes for the SSP, but EC3 avoids it and hiptosses him into the buckle. One Percenter hits and Sydal rolls outside. EC3 goes for a super TKO, but gets elbowed down and the SSP gives Sydal the win and the title! Josh plays with his phone as it’s turned off and says that Sydal is trending already.

Allie faces LVN and Ishimori faces Andrew Everett, while Lashley faces Moose. Alberto and Johnny work out a bit backstage. We get a clip airing of Elix doing the cagewalk rana to hype up tonight’s six sides of steel match. Allie’s road to the title is recapped. Allie comes out in maple leaf gear to face LVN. LVN attacks her with drunken master offense, including a curb stomp into the buckle for 2. Allie hits a sliding forearm to LVN on the ropes and goes to the floor before dropkicking her ass and sending her into the buckle head-first. Buckle plex gets 2 for Allie. LVN hits the curb stomp for 2. LVN elbows Allie into the ref and bonks her with the belt to retain.

Lashley and Moose’s issues are recapped. Lashley is down followed by Moose. Moose hits his run-up crossbody and kips up. KM trips him up and Lashley lays him out with a lariat. Josh talks about how Moose wanst to win so he can be Mr. Impact Wrestling. Sure he does. Moose is sent into the guardrail and KM puts a table in the ring. Lashley doesn’t approve of it and Moose hits a giant headbutt. Moose hits a super chokeslam and gets 2 before Lashley DOES A RUNNING RANA and spears him down to get 2! Lashley is sent into KM and Moose’s discus lariat gets 2 before the Game Changer lariat ends it. Lashley beats up KM and tosses Lambert into Moose, who takes him down. Lashley spears him through a table! Lashley and Moose hold their hands up before Josh Hartnet, the guy in ATT who is always bandaged up comes in. Oh this will be great. Lashley hits a uranage on him before Moose hits his flipping spear.

AJ vs. Joe is shown in clips to fill some time. Recap of Lambert’s destruction. Ishimori and Andrew Everett go at it in NOAH. Everett hits an enzuiguri and goes for a corkscrew legdrop, but lands on his ass. SSP meets knees and Ishimori hits a big lariat for 2. Butterfly codebreaker gets 2 and leads to the 450 for the win. Eli stalls by parading the title around for a while. Alberto in a shirt slugs away at Johnny in the corner. Alberto hits a tilt a whirl on Johnny. Johnny mushroom stomps Alberto’s back before Eli hits some kind of weird pop-up powerslam with a backwards drop. Everyone gets bonked into the cage for a bit before Johnny is knocked into a tree of woe and eats the double stomp from Alberto. Alberto gets the armbar out of the Gravy Train, but Johnny drops an HBK elbow to break it up. They fight up top and Johnny is on top of the cage and hits a dive off the top of the cage instead of dropping down to win. Alberto goes to leave via the door, but Johnny stops that. Eli and Johnny fight to the floor, but Adonis stops Johnny and Eli wins.