10 Thoughts On... Sons Of Anarchy Series Finale Review

Here are my 10 Thoughts on tonight's finale... »»

10 Thoughts On… Sons Of Anarchy Season Premiere Review

The premiere just ended and here are my thoughts... »»

10 Thoughts On... The Leftovers - Season Finale Review

The episode was a stunning piece of art and was the perfect conclusion to one of the best full seasons of a series that I have ever seen. »»

10 Thoughts: The New Baseball Season

We're into the second week of the baseball season; here's 10 thoughts on what we've seen so far. Injuries, leave, and player thoughts. »»

10 Thoughts On... Bitten – Episode 10 & 11

My thoughts on Bitten! »»

10 Thoughts On… Big Brother Canada Side Show

My thoughts on the Side Show! »»

10 Thoughts On... Bitten – Episode 9

My thoughts on Bitten! »»

10 Thoughts On... Bitten – Episode 8

My thoughts on this week's episode of Bitten! »»

10 Thoughts On... Bitten – Episode 7

My thoughts on this week's episode of Bitten! »»

10 Thoughts On... Bitten – Episode 6

My thoughts on Bitten! »»

10 Thoughts On... Bitten – Episode 5

1. Occasionally, an episode of television is so well-written and so well-acted, that any kind of written review or recap on it simply are a disservice to its perfection and make no mistake about it, tonight's episode of Bitten was a masterpiece »»

10 Thoughts On... Bitten – Episode 3

Episode 3 review! »»

10 Thoughts On… American Idol's Detroit Auditions

1. Is there any doubt that Marrialle Sellers is winning the show this year? After I initially suspected exiled X Factor contestant Jillian Jensen as the 2014 Idol champ, it now seems clear that producers want things to go a different way. The Riha »»

10 Thoughts On... Bitten – Episode 2

Episode 2 review! »»

10 Thoughts On... The Real World Ex-plosion - Episode 2 Review

1. While I was initially skeptical of the Thomas/Jamie relationships, as I have never believed in the opposite attracts concept (otherwise I would be married to Trishelle), this episode definitely showed the chemistry that the frat boy and the r »»

10 Thoughts On... American Idol – Season Premiere Review

1. There is no question that Idol has learned from its mistakes. Last season's judging panel was an absolute disaster with Nicki Minaj making every contestant comment about herself and Mariah Carey offering the insight that Britney Spears would at a »»

10 Thoughts On... Bitten – Episode 1

  Bitten is a show that I have been looking forward to for awhile and I was overjoyed to hear that the Space Channel production was recently picked up by SyFy. The show starts Laura Vandervoort as the world's only female werewolf, a Toron »»

10 Thoughts On The Bachelor: Countdown To Juan Pablo - Episode Review

1. This episode was completely unnecessary. I didn't really enjoy seeing a preview of which girls were picked to be on the show, as I think it lessened the impact that seeing them come out of the limo will have tomorrow night. 2. Juan Pablo »»

10 Thoughts On Community... Season 5 Episode 2 Introduction to Teaching

Community heads into the second episode of the fifth season centered around Jeff's foray into teaching. »»

10 Thoughts On... Community Season 5 Premiere Re-Pilot

Community is back with a surprising new season of 13 episodes. Original showrunner Dan Harmon is back. Re-pilot is the first new episode of Season 5. »»

10 Thoughts On… Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Episode 10 Review

1. While Ciera will get a lot of flack for voting her mother off, it was certainly the only strategic move she could make. The biggest mistake that Laura and Ciera made was not aligning with Aras, Vytas, Tina and Katie to form an unstoppable fa »»

10 Thoughts On… Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Episode 9 Review

1. The most important move of this past tribal council was Monica deciding to vote outside of her alliance and deciding to send Vytas home instead of Katie in the first vote. There was a great secret scene where Tyson discusses Monica's instabi »»

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