As alluded to by my friend Joe Hasan, JTG has come the closest any wrestler has come to Louis C.K. -- JTG announced yesterday that he was self-releasing a book on one day's notice for 99 cents.   JTG's book, currently available in the PDF and Amaz »»

Bob Holly: The Hardcore Truth - Interview With Author, Ross Williams

Pulse Wrestling interviews Bob Holly book author Ross Williams... »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review – 'Lucha Gore'

Another book review... with a difference. »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘Hardcore History' (ECW, Paul Heyman)

Let's look at another wrestling book, shall we? »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘The Stone Cold Truth by Steve Austin (and others)

An old book by an old wrestler who keeps coming up for air. »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘Dungeon Of Death: Chris Benoit And The Hart Family Curse’ by Scott Keith

It's been a while, but here is an older book reviewed, this one by Pulse's own Scott Keith. »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘The Death Of WCW’

10 years ago WCW died... Here's one of the best books detailing how and why that happened. RIP WCW. »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘I’m Next’ by Goldberg [Plus bonus Stephen King]

Another wrestling book... and with a bonus few paragraphs on Stephen King's latest offering. Goldberg or King? You decide! »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘Wrestlecrap Book Of Lists’

Another day, another book. And to spoil it for you - it's another good one. »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘Hitman’ by Bret Hart

The fourth book in my current series - Bret Hart's autobiography. Is it another good read? Come in and find out! »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘Wrestlecrap’

3rd in the series of wrestling books. Hope you enjoy. »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘Thumbs Up’ by “Dazzler” Joe Cornelius

Another look at a wrestling book, this one even older than the last! »»

The People's Column: Reviewing Mick Foley's Countdown to Lockdown

Is Mick Foley's latest autobiography worth reading? Will Pruett answers that question and addresses some issues brought up in "Countdown to Lockdown." »»

Minnesota's Golden Age of Wrestling book review

As a Minnesota native George Shire grew up on Verne Gagne, the American Wrestling Association and the type of wrestling that they brought to the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas. He is a lifelong pro wrestling fan that transferred that love i »»

Memphis Wrestling book review

I was sent an advanced copy of Sputnik, Masked Men and Midgets: The Early Days of Memphis Wrestling, a coffee table paper back, highlighting Memphis wrestling from the ’50 through ‘70s and found it to be a fun look at a wrestling era I »»

Alternate Reality by Vin Tastic – Dungeon of Death…

“On June 25, 2007, Canadian pro wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy, and their seven-year-old son Daniel were found dead in their Fayetteville, Georgia, home. The ruling of murder-suicide caused a media frenzy and stunned wrestling fans around the world.” »»

Pulse Wrestling Book Review: Chris Jericho - A Lion's Tale: Around the World in Spandex

You may not know this, but before I became the fight sport pundit you know today, I actually started out writing for wrestling sites under the name Freakboy. But as time went on (and as wrestling started to suck more and more each week) I lost inter »»

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