Metalhead Reviews Tough Enough 2015, Episode 2: Alligators and Hot Pies

And we're back for the second episode of Tough Enough and our panel of judges with Daniel Bryan wanting more beards, Paige admitting she's bored by most contestants until now and Hogan calling Paige "Brother" and expressing some level of sadistic »»

A2Z Analysiz: TNA Knockouts Knockdown 2014 (Madison Rayne, Angelina Love)

16 Knockouts do battle to decide who the Queen of the Knockouts will be! Featuring Taryn Terrell, Gail Kim, Brooke, ODB, The Beautiful People, and more! »»

Blu-ray Review: Spirited Away

The shorthand description of Hayao Miyazaki is that he is the Japanese Walt Disney. This isn't an accurate description. Hayao Miyazaki is beyond Disney in that he doesn't merely make animated films based on famous fairytales. Miyzaki creates a fantas »»

The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW–08.19.96

The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 08.19.96 So it’s the night after Summerslam 96, and frankly we’ve rehashed that ground so many times that you can probably recite the Scott Sez in your sleep by now anyway. Shawn is a whiny baby, Paul Beare »»

A2Z Analysiz – TNA One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown (Gail Kim, Velvet Sky)

The Knockouts Division takes over, as 19 Knockouts compete to determine who the best of the best is! Featuring Gail Kim, Mickie James, Tara, Velvet Sky, Taryn Terrell, and many more! »»

Blu-ray Review - The Gunman

There are two types of films that can take an actor into places they don't want to go. The first is the passion project. When an actor is so devoted to bringing a project to light sometimes they don't realize, or don't want to realize, that it migh »»

Metalhead's Thoughts on TNA Slammiversary 2015 PPV (King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett, Austin Aries)

Before I even start, don't forget to read BD's excellent review. If you haven't yet, go, now, I don't want to see you here before you have! That being said, let's take a look at This year's Slammiversary. First of all let's be fair here, many, »»

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro–08.12.96

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro – 08.12.96 Live from somewhere other than Orlando, thank god. In this case, Casper, WY, which Larry immediately buries as “the middle of nowhere”. What a pleasant fellow. Your hosts are Tony & Larry, and »»

That Being Said: TNA Slammiversary 2015 Recap & Results


A2Z Analysiz: TNA Slammiversary XII (Eric Young, Austin Aries, Lashley)

Austin Aries faces Kenny King and Samoa Joe battles Lashley, with the two winners going on to face TNA Champion Eric Young in a Steel Cage Match in the main event! Plus Ethan Carter III, Magnus, James Storm, and more! »»

A2Z Analysiz: TNA Slammiversary XI (Sting, Bully Ray)

Bully Ray defends his TNA World Heavyweight Title against Sting, and if Sting loses he never gets another shot at the Title (ha!). Plus AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle, a four-way elimination Tag Team Title match, a Last Knockout Standing Match, Ultimate X, and so much more! »»

A2Z Analysiz: TNA Slammiversary X (Bobby Roode, Sting)

Bobby Roode defends the TNA World Championship against Sting; Daniels & Kazarian defend the Tag Team Titles again AJ Styles & Kurt Angle; Austin Aries and Samoa Joe battle over the X-Division Title; plus more with Jeff Hardy, Hernandez, Devon, Crimson, Rob Van Dam, Bully Ray, Robbie E, and more! »»

Blu-ray Review: The Decline of Western Civilization: Collection

England had the 7 Up series that tracked a bunch of school kids from elementary school to near retirement. The closet documentary series was have to showing how things have changed over time is The Decline of Western Civilization. Penelope Spheeris d »»

Big Brother 17 Episode 2 Recap & Spoilers 06.25.2015

The second part Big Brother 17’s season premiere just wrapped up! Here’s a recap of everything that went down, and what we think you should expect to come: WARNING: Spoilers below (duh). The episode started off by introducing us to six »»

A2Z Analysiz: TNA Slammiversary IX (Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett)

Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett engage in the Final Battle; Sting defends the TNA World Title against Mr. Anderson; plus more with Samoa Joe, Scott Steiner, AJ Styles, James Storm, Bully Ray, and much more! »»

DVD Review: The Bold Ones: The Senator (The Complete Series)

The Merry Go Round format was popular in the early decades of TV. By having three or four different TV shows rotating out of the same timeslot, producers had a chance to elevate their shows. They don't have to force the writers to wring out 24 script »»

Big Brother 17 Episode 1 Recap & Spoilers 06.24.2015

The first part Big Brother 17's season premiere just wrapped up! Here's a recap of everything that went down, and what we think you should expect to come: »»

Metalhead Reviews Tough Enough 2015- Episode 1: Hot-tubs and Hair Conditioners.

And here we are for the long-awaited (according to WWE) premiers of the Sixth season of Though Enough. We've already met the contestants somewhat, the big question was what kind of format they would use. Turns out it's gonna be a back an forth affair »»

A2Z Analysiz: TNA Slammiversary VIII (Rob Van Dam, Sting)

Celebrate TNA’s eighth birthday with Rob Van Dam, Sting, Kurt Angle, Desmond Wolfe, Jesse Neal, and more! »»

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