Blu-ray Review: Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis

If you’re an Aquaman fan you’ll most likely enjoy this film more than I did. »»

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode 3 Recap

Thank you, God, for bringing the wonder that is Jimmy Kimmel into our lives, for one brief, fleeting moment.   Though his presence was brief, his legacy is everlasting. »»

Parenthood Episode 10 & 11 Review - “How Did We Get Here?” & “Let’s Go Home”

Even when Parenthood makes creative decisions that I’m not crazy about, I still enjoy the show overall. »»

The Bachelor - Episode 3 Review - Cool Girls and Pool Girls

This episode of The Bachelor was brought to you by Jimmy Kimmel, reluctantly fulfilling an ABC contract obligation! I bet he’s never been so jealous of the other late night Jimmy. »»

Damian Wayne Robin Rises Review & Spoilers: Batman & Robin #38 by Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray & John Kalisz

Robin is rightfully back in the semi-eponymous book!! Long live Damian Wayne!! »»

Blu-ray Review: Why Don't You Play In Hell?

A wild ride of a genre pic and a valentine to 35mm filmmaking. »»

Blu-ray Review: Fitzcarraldo

Director Werner Herzog doesn't merely make a movie, but captures an extraordinary event that borders on madness. How can this be? Fitzcarraldo is a tale not told with movie magic, but grit, sweat and desire. »»

Blu-Ray Review - A Walk Among the Tombstones

A Walk Among The Tombstones may not have been the best film of 2014, not even by a long shot, but it was Neeson's best film »»

10 Thoughts On… The Celebrity Apprentice - Episode 6 & 7 Review

Here are my 10 Thoughts on Episodes 6 & 7 of The Celebrity Apprentice... »»

Review: Daredevil #12 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

This was another solid month and I liked the short arc. »»

DVD Review: The Facts of Life: The Complete Series

All girl boarding schools were once a place where imaginations ran wild and mostly toward the gutter. »»

Blackhat Is High On Visuals, Not Story: A Review

Story undercuts action in Michael Mann's cyber-thriller. »»

Blu-ray Review: Horns

Ig (Daniel Radcliffe) is a wreck of a man after his girlfriend is murdered and everyone thinks he did it. »»

Blu-Ray Review - Get on Up

Boseman stars as James Brown in Get on Up, a biopic of the late singer, focusing on the bulk of his career in the 60s and 70s. »»

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode 2 Recap

So before I get into Monday's episode, let me say off the top that I am devastated by Josh and Andi’s breakup. WTF. »»

Blu-Ray Review - The Identical

What if you realized one day that you were one of the most famous people in the world but no one around you knew it? That’s part of the premise of The Identical, which takes a unique fact about Elvis Presley (that he had a twin that died in th »»

The Bachelor - Episode 2 Review - Don’t Bet The Farm, Chris

Chris takes the girls out on dates for the first time this season... »»

Review: The Woods #9 by James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas

Another damn good issue of this title. »»

DVD Review - Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty

Before Duck Dynasty became an A&E ratings juggernaut the Robertson family had been the subject of a television docudrama before. »»

Selma, A Reminder Of How Far We've Got To Go As A Society: A Review

David Oyelowo captivates in Civil Rights drama. »»

10 Thoughts On… The Celebrity Apprentice - Episode 4 & 5 Review

Here are my 10 Thoughts on Episodes 4 & 5 of The Celebrity Apprentice... »»

Taken 3 Makes Taken 2 Look As Good As Taken - A Review

Lackluster finale to lackluster franchise The one downside to being an action star is that sometimes a franchise starts with tons of potential and winds up being vapid repeats of the first. That's exactly what Taken 3 winds up being: an in »»

Open Mike Night: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1/Adventure Comics #306

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 Written by: Ryan North Art by: Mark Wicks Colored by: Rico Renzi Lettered by: VC’s Clayton Cowles Cover by: Erica Henderson Published by: Marvel Cover Price: $3.99 Maillaro:  Okay, let’s start »»

Review: Wolverines #1 by Charles Soule and Nick Bradshaw

Marvel's new weekly debuts, and everyone wants Wolverine's body. »»

Review: X-Men (2013-) #23 by G. Willow Wilson & Roland Boschi

The X-Ladies go to Burning Man and get attacked by a super storm. More or less. »»

Marvel's Avengers Now Review & Spoilers: Ant-Man #1 by Nick Spencer, Ramon Rosanas & Jordan Boyd

In advance of the new Ant-Man movie, Marvel gives new Ant-Man comic book a go! »»

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