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In fact, the flyweight believes his match at UFC Fight Night 56 will be the closest he can ever get to a free win in the UFC.

“Comparatively to the best, the cream of the crop, all he has is the punch,” McCall said of Lineker on a recent edition of MMAjunkie Radio. “Jiu-jitsu, I will walk all over him and in wrestling, the same thing. I think it’s a good fight. I just have to go out there and bust my a–, put on a good performance and finish him.”

McCall said that while he was constructing his gameplan for the November 8 match, he realized that he only had to deal with Lineker’s power as he has no other viable strengths.

“The guy punches hard – good for him. Technically everywhere else, he’s not very good,” McCall said. “I had the same game plan for the past two people as Lineker: speed, numbers, and things like that. It’s not rocket science. I know and everyone else knows I’m better than him. I’ve got to put it all together and I’ll make him look silly.”

The match resulted from the two fighters exchanging words on social media. McCall said that he has disliked his opponent for many years.

“I don’t know what it is, I’m going to rip off a movie, but it’s his face – I don’t like his face,” McCall said. “There’s something about him. I’ve never liked the guy. I have zero reason, but I just didn’t like the way he looks.”

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UFC Cuts Steven Siler Mon, 20 Oct 2014 21:00:55 +0000 The UFC has parted ways with Steven Siler, following his loss to Noad Lahat last July.

The Ultimate Fighter 14 veteran confirmed the news of his release on his Twitter account:

The loss to Lahat was Siler’s third straight loss which prompted the move.

Since officially making his UFC debut in 2011, Siler competed 9 times in the organization, compiling a 5-4 record in the promotion.

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Bethe Correia Accepts Miesha Tate’s Challenge, Believes She Is UFC’s Next Champion Mon, 20 Oct 2014 20:00:16 +0000 Bethe Correia has a message for Miesha Tate… she isn’t going anywhere.

Tate recently spoke to and the former Strikeforce champion took the opportunity to challenge Correia because she thought it would be an instant contender for ‘Fight of the Night’ honours on any card it was placed on.

“I really want to fight Bethe Correia,” Tate told “She’s doing really well and she’s not afraid to engage in a fight. She’s undefeated and she has an exciting style of fighting. My last two opponents that I beat just wanted to grab a hold of me and take me to the ground. They did not want to throw punches with me at all. It’s not as fun for me. I like people that want to stand up and fight. I feel like Correia is well rounded and we could win fight of the night.”

It didn’t take long for Correia accept the challenge, where she also said that she would welcome a stand-up contest.

“Everyone knows I want to be the champion,” Correia told FOX Sports through an translator. “And fight the champion is something I’ve looked for, something I worked to get. I have no idea why Tate decided to appear in this history. But everyone knows me and knows how I am, I never back away from a fight, I am Bethe Correia. I never run from a challenge. Whoever challenges me make sure to use a good mouthpiece because I’ll answer to it in the Octagon with punches to the mouth.”

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MTV Announces The Real World‘s 30th Season To Feature ‘Skeletons’ Twist, Set In Chicago Mon, 20 Oct 2014 19:49:53 +0000 The Real World which will return for its incredible 30th season and will premiere on December 16 at 10 p.m.]]> MTV has just confirmed the renewal of The Real World which will return for its incredible 30th season and will premiere on December 16 at 10 p.m.

The show is ready to head back to Chicago for a season that will be titled The Real World: Skeletons.

In a press release issued by the network today, the following information was revealed:

This season, the series begins in the traditional way with seven strangers moving into an old nightclub turned fabulous urban loft in Chicago’s West Loop, as they look forward to high times in the Windy City and leaving their hometowns behind. But each of these roommates has skeletons in their closets – shattered lives, broken relationships, estranged family members, and dark secrets. They soon discover they cannot run away from their past mistakes as unresolved issues and abhorrent behavior are pushed to the surface as the ‘last person on earth they wanted to see, comes knocking on their door. As the skeletons move into the loft, the roommates are forced to deal with their past lives while also balancing living with their new roommates, looking for love, or just having fun as young 20-somethings in the heart of Chicago.

“No one wants their worst enemy or embarrassing past moving in with them, but by facing your past you actually grow, and that growth, however painful it may be, is what makes this season of The Real World so watchable,” said Jonathan Murray, Creator and Executive Producer of The Real World.

In one episode, roommate Bruno Bettencourt from East Providence, Rhode Island endures a painful skeleton encounter with his estranged brother Briah. They had a huge falling out and have not spoken in three years over a trivial fight that escalated when, Briah told Bruno that he wished he had died in a car accident that nearly took his life. Briah entering the house will force them to meet their problems head on.×120.jpg

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Dana White Confirms Georges St-Pierre’s Knee Has Recovered, Canadian Ready To Resume Training Mon, 20 Oct 2014 19:00:32 +0000 While news of a secret meeting in Montreal between former UFC welterweight campion and Georges St-Pierre nearly set the internet on fire last week, apparently the meeting was serious and the discussions that took place were serious.

UFC President Dana White has confirmed that GSP’s knee has fully recovered and that the fighter is ready to start training again.

“They cleared GSP’s knee,” White told “After surgery like that it still takes about another 30 days before you start to mentally feel right. But he’s in a good spot.

“His knee just got cleared and he’ll start training again and getting back into shape. He’ll let us know when he’s ready.”

St-Pierre hasn’t competed professionally since his split decision victory over Johny Hendricks last November. While he originally tried to keep up with his strict training regimen (following his self-imposed sabbatical from the UFC), GSP reinjured his knee and was forced to take more time off in an attempt to recover.

While the news of his return seems imminent, White did not offer any further info about St-Pierre potentially meeeting Hendricks again.

“We didn’t even talk about that,” White said. “I’ve always had the feeling – they’re both professionals and when the time comes and if the time comes, they’ll figure it out.”×120.jpg

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Game Of Thrones Spoilers: Show Casts Lost Vet In Pivotal New Role (That Isn’t In The Books!) Mon, 20 Oct 2014 19:00:19 +0000 Game of Thrones is flipping the script in its fifth season. ]]> Game of Thrones is flipping the script in its fifth season.

While the show has largely followed the George R.R. Martin books upon which the HBO series was based, it is set to introduce a new character that never appeared in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (who famously played Mr. Eko on Lost) has landed the role of “Malko.” While no other details about the character are known, the actor confirmed the news himself.×120.jpg

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Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: Crane’s One-Time Fiancee Introduced In Tonight’s Episode Mon, 20 Oct 2014 18:48:51 +0000 Sleepy Hollow, we will meet Crane's onetime fiancee Mary Wells (Heather Lind). ]]> On tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, we will meet Crane’s onetime fiancee Mary Wells (Heather Lind).

Described as ‘wonderfully annoying and so fun,’ by the show’s executive producer Mark Goffman, the story is that the Crane and Wells families arranged an engagement between their children, one that Ichabod broke off upon his arrival to America.

“He thought that he’d left her back in England, and she comes thinking that she’s going to bring him back home to Papa and restore their relationship and get him out of this silly [change] of countries that he’s done,” Goffman told

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Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With The Millers‘ Beau Bridges Mon, 20 Oct 2014 18:03:51 +0000


In one of the quieter moves of the new Fall season, CTV scooped up The Millers from Global and is using the CBS comedy to further bolster its Thursday night comedy block where it will follow The Big Bang Theory and precede Two And A Half Men.

The show stars Will Arnett as Nathan Miller, a divorced roving news reporter excited to resume life as a bachelor before his parents’ marital problems completely change his plans. When Nathan tells his parents, Carol (Margo Martindale) and Tom (Beau Bridges) about his divorce, the move inspires his father to also split up with his wife of 43 years. Laughs subsequently ensue.

While the show follows the traditional sitcom format, the writing is fresh and perhaps its best feature is how effectively it is able to infuse current pop culture references into all of its episodes.  This gives the show a much broader appeal and allows every demographic to enjoy The Millers.

Over the summer, I caught up with The Millers’ Beau Bridges to discuss the new season of the show that premieres tonight on CBS and this Thursday on CTV. We discussed our mutual friend and Survivor winner John Cochran who now works as a writer on the comedy. Bridges shared some funny behind-the-scenes stories from the set and how Cochran was initiated when he assumed his new role on the series. We also chatted about why people should watch the show. In addition, we took a trip down memory lane as we discussed The Wizard movie from 1989 and I asked Bridges how important it is to always be selective with the material that he chooses and if that is what has given him the enduring staying power that he currently enjoys.

Check out the video above!

The Millers’ Season 2 premiere airs tonight on CBS at 8 p.m. The show premieres this Thursday October 23 on CTV at 7:30 p.m. before moving into its regular timeslot of 8:30 p.m. starting on October 30

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Report: Fabricio Werdum Nearly Dies From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Mexico Mon, 20 Oct 2014 18:00:52 +0000 Currently situated in Jiquipilco, Mexico where is training for his fight against Cain Velasquez next month, Fabricio Wedrum recently faced a perilous situation.

According to a report by Fight Land, Werdum nearly died due to carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty heater while he stayed in the remote Mexican village.

The UFC’s first-ever card in Mexico, featuring Cain Velasquez vs. Fabricio Werdum, sold 21,0000 tickets in eight hours. Which is almost as mind-boggling as the fact that the event was nearly derailed last week when Werdum narrowly escaped carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty heater in his team’s house. Supposedly, this is fairly common in the small village of Jiquipilco, Mexico: a gas heater malfunctions during the night, carbon monoxide builds up in the rooms, and the next morning the maid either finds you blue and bloated under the sheets, or you wake coughing, eyes watering, carrying your teammates into the frigid night.

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Dancing With The Stars News: Show Hires Replacement For Erin Andrews? Who Is New Co-Host Mon, 20 Oct 2014 18:00:32 +0000 Dancing With The Stars because of her duties in covering the World Series, ABC has hired a temporary replacement.]]> With Erin Andrews set to take a hiatus from Dancing With The Stars because of her duties in covering the World Series, ABC has hired a temporary replacement.

E! News reports that Leah Remini is set to fill in for Andrews opposite Tom Bergeron on tonight’s episode.

“So excited to be back on the show, even more excited I don’t have to dance!” Remini exclusively tells us. “I hope ABC has a delay, gonna speak my mind!”×120.jpg

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