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Demythify Earth Born Green Lantern Post-Convergence banner 2

So where are all five (5) of the Earth born Green Lanterns post-Convergence?

Spoilers follow.

Green / Red Lantern: Guy Gardner

Red Lanterns #40, its last issue, essentially undid all of Guy Gardner as a Red Lantern. He’s now without a ring and looking after a baby.

Red Lanterns #40 Red Lanterns #40 Spoilers Guy Gardner 0 Red Lanterns #40 Spoilers Guy Gardner 1 Red Lanterns #40 Spoilers Guy Gardner 2

Perhaps Guy Gardner will become a Blue Lantern and/or we’ll see his journey trying on the other Rainbow Lantern Corps’ rings as we saw in Futures End: Red Lanterns #1?

DC Comics September 2014 DC New 52 Futures End 3D Red Lanterns #1 Red Lanterns Futures End Guy Gardner 2 Red Lanterns Futures End Guy Gardner

Status Post-Convergence: Guy Gardner – De-powered and MIA (Missing in Action).

Green Lantern: Simon Baz

DC Comics second Green Lantern of color and first Muslim GL has been woefully under-utilized of late. In Green Lantern Annual #2 he was tasked as the Green Lantern Corps’ ambassador to Earth as well as protector of Hal Jordan’s family.

Green Lantern Annual #2 Lights Out finale Green Lantern Annual #2 Lights Out finale Simon Baz

We also know from writer Geoff Johns last issue of Green Lantern #20, that Simon Baz is destined to train Jessica Cruz, the first female Green Lantern Corps member (sorta) as she wields the Earth 3 equivalent of the Green Lantern ring, a parasitic sentient one, and is a member of the Justice League.

Green Lantern #20 gatefold with logo Green Lantern #20 Simon Baz & Jessic Cruz

Simon Baz was seen during the recent event tying all the Green Lantern family books together: Godhead where the battled the New Gods of New Genesis. I think I saw the back of Simon Baz’s head in the Green Lantern Annual #3 finale of Godhead.

Green Lantern New Gods Godhead #1 Green Lantern Annual #3

Status Post-Convergence: Simon Baz – Green Lantern ring wielder and MIA.

Earth 3’s Green Lantern / Power Ring: Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz, born on the main DC Comics Earth 0, continues to wield the Earth 3 parasitic Green Lantern ring of the villainous and now dead Power Ring. While Green Lantern Simon Baz isn’t training here yet as prophesied by writer Geoff Johns, she is being mentored by… The Flash, Barry Allen?

Justice League #34 variant Justice League #34 Jessica Cruz Power Ring and Flash

She also remains on the Justice League, but the ending of Green Lantern #39 may change that. We likely know more about Jessica Cruz’s Justice League fate with this week’s Justice League #40.

Justice League #39 Justice League #39 Hal Jordan Green Lantern

Status Post-Convergence: Jessica Cruz – Powered by Earth 3’s Green Lantern “Power Ring” and as member of the Justice League (for now?).

White / Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner

Despite ending Green Lantern #40 as the White Lantern, creating a White Lantern Corps, and coupled romantically with Carol Ferris / Star Sapphire, it appears post-Convergence Kyle Rayner is dead. Or at least appears to be dead at the hands of the Omega Men who start in their own ongoing series post Convergence.

Green Lantern New Guardians #40 Spoilers Does Kyle Rayner Die 0 Green Lantern New Guardians #40 Spoilers Does Kyle Rayner Die 8 Omega Men #2

If you’ve never heard of the Omega Men below is their bio / entry from the 1980’s Who’s Who in the DC Universe. This will give you a history of the team despite not wholly matching the DC Comics New 52 incarnation.

Who's Who in the DC Universe Omega Men

Status Post-Convergence: Kyle Rayner – Power ring unclear, likely white, and presumed dead.

Green Lantern: John Stewart

John Stewart moves from headlining the Green Lantern Corps to a new ongoing series Post-Convergence called Green Lantern: Lost Army. The Green Lantern Corps and John Stewart are trapped in an alternate dimension or alternate universe leaving the main DC Comics universe GLC-less?

Green Lantern Lost Army #1 Green Lantern Lost Army #2

Status Post-Convergence: John Stewart – Green Lantern ring wielder and “lost” with the rest of the GLC.

Green Lantern: Hal Jordan

As Justice League’s Darkseid War and the main Green Lantern title appear to take place at different times in DC Comics lore, in the former Green Lantern Hal Jordan is a well-respected member of the Justice League. In the latter he is a renegade that has to create a way to wield the Green Lantern power as the GLC is missing. Hal Jordan may still be the leader of the Green Lantern Corps, but he’s lost his flock.

Justice League #41 Justice League #42 Green Lantern #41 Green Lantern #42

Status Post-Convergence: Hal Jordan – Either a good standing member as Green Lantern of the Justice League and/or a Renegade with a MacGyver’d Green Lantern power ring source.

Sinestro remains my favorite of the Green Lantern family books, but I remain curious about how the Earth-born Green Lantern fair post-Convergence.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.×120.jpg

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New Poll: What Did You Think of WWE Extreme Rules 2015? Mon, 27 Apr 2015 03:04:36 +0000
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WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Live Coverage Results & Review (Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton, John Cena vs. Rusev) [Updates Ongoing] Mon, 27 Apr 2015 02:30:58 +0000 Hello everyone and welcome to our live coverage of WWE Extreme Rules 2015!

The big news is that the Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett match is officially off and instead it will be Neville vs. Barrett.

Check out our Rasslin Roundtable as well as the The Trashy Ring Attire Open

The pre-show has video packages and a panel which includes Renee Young, Booker T, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

Bray Wyatt video promo. He talks in vagueries and such. He is not on the card tonight.

Bad News Barrett vs. Neville
Barrett comes down and cuts a promo running down Daniel Bryan. Neville comes out to a nice pop. He has some offense early including some cartwheels and stuff. Action moves to the floor and we take an inexplicable

Commercial Break

We are back and in the ring, Barrett has Neville in a side headlock. Long heat sequence for Barrett. Announcers talk about Barrett’s claim that he brought a “bag full of Bull Hammers” tonight. Neville gets a couple bursts of offense but mostly Barrett. Winds of Change by Barrett gets two. More spots by Barrett get two counts including a cool Samoan Drop slam. Neville kicks out. Blocks a Bull Hammer. Goes up top. Dodges another. Then hits a standing heel kick to the head and Barrett falls over. Neville to the top again. Neville hits the corkscrew shooting star press for the pin.
Winner: Neville

The panel weighs in.

More video packages.

Main Show begins with a long video package.

Eden is the ring announcer.

Michael Cole is on commentary joined by JBL and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Chicago Street Fight
Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

They had a crazy brawl for a while in the ring. Well kinda crazy. Kendo sticks got involved. They moved outside the ring and then to the back. Then out to the back. Harper jumps in a car and drives off, Ambrose jumps in as well. Match is continuing? over? Who knows in this CHICAGO STREET FIGHT

Backstage, Seth Rollins argues with Kane while HHH tries to keep the peace.

Kiss Me Arse Match
Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

JoJo is now out as ring announcer for this match. Dolph enters first. Video packages. Both guys got a lot of offense in for the match but it was pretty short, about 5 minutes. They both got some big high spots for two counts. Ziggler hit a nice superkick for 2. Sheamus with huge side slam for 2. Out of no where, Ziggler rolls up Sheamus for the pin.

Winner: Ziggler

After the match, Ziggler keeps pulling down his pants so that Sheamus would kiss his arse. Sheamus kept almost doing it, then pausing. This went on forever. Finally Sheamus did an uppercut instead of a kiss and Ziggler is laid out. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick. Sheamus then RAPE KISS ASS FACES Ziggler to huge boos. Horrible.


Commercial for the upcoming slate of WWE Network programming.

WWE Tag Team Titles
Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (c) w/Natalya vs. The New Day

New Day come out first to big heat. New Day Sucks chants. Champs come out second. Big E and Kingston are in the match with Xavier on the floor. Great action back and forth. The in-ring work has been very tight tonight all around. Tyson does the Scott Hall nWo double point to Cesaro to a huge pop. Back and forth with New Day cheating throughout. Big swing by Cesaro on Kofi with a dropkick by Kidd but Big E breaks it up. The end breaks down with Xavier involved, then Kofi rolls up Cesaro with a handful of trunks for the surprise pin.
Winners and NEW Tag Team Champs: New Day


Backstage, Renee Young interviews the New Day about winning the titles.

Chicago Street Fight Part 2
Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

Suddenly, an SUV pulls up, and Luke Harper comes flying out the back seat. Ambrose flies out of the car onto New Day and chases after Harper.

Brawling moves back through the backstage area into the arena and then to the ring. They fill the ring with chairs and do a few hardcore spots.

Ambrose hits dirty deeds on Harper for the pin.
Winner: Ambrose

Video packages

Russian Chain Match
US Title
John Cena (c) vs. Rusev

Good heat for Rusev’s entrance but Lana is getting chants. USA chant before Cena comes out. He does his entrance and gets about half boos. They are tied together with a huge chain. Each corner has a red and green siren light to indicate who touches the corners. The first person to touch all four corners is the winner. Very slow and plodding match. At one point late in the match, Lana is getting huge chants and Rusev banishes her to the back.


They both got 2 or 3 lights a bunch of times before it is “broken up”. The end seemed to make no sense even within the rules of the match. Each of them hit three of the corners, but both were allowed to count so both the red and green lights were lit up. They stared down each other then rushed for the final corner, but Cena pulls in Rusev for an AA. Cena hits the final corner. So what resets the corners, is it the other person pressing a corner? or is it physicality? What a nonsense ending.
Winner: Cena


Backstage Renee Young interviews that young underdog Roman Reigns.

WWE Diva’s Title
Nikki Bella (c) w/Brie Bella vs. Naomi

Bellas come out first. Commentary has Naomi being supported by JBL and thus a heel, so the Bellas phantom face turn is complete. Back and forth, match got more time than Sheamus/Dolph. The biggest problem with these matches it that the girls are just screetching the whole match. Anyway, Nikki won with the Rack Attack.
Winner: Nikki Bella


Backstage Rusev yells at (fires?) Lana, and then shes goes into a door marked “The Authority” dun dun dunnnnnnn.


Long Roman/Show video package.

Last Man Standing
Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

Show comes out to some boos, Reigns gets mostly cheers. Match begins and slow plodding brawling commences pretty quickly. Match is slow – there are often a spot then a lengthly count to see if someone responds to a 10 count. Tables get involved both in and out of the ring. In one cool spot, Show picked up Roman and dumped him over the side and threw the table. Show is allowed to roll from the mat onto the floor to stop a 10 count as “getting to his feet” but that seems like a bit of a stretch. They set up STEEEEEEEEEEL steps next to the announce table. Near the end, Show goes to choke slam Roman on the announce table. Reigns gets out of it, then does a running spear through the barricade.


With Show out, Roman then sets up Show standing on the table, then runs from the floor, up the steel steps across the announce table and spears Show through the Spanish Announce Table. Show is out cold. Reigns then picks up the other announce table from the right side and tips it completely over and onto Show, pinning him down for the 10 count. Reigns counts along with the ref and the crowd for the win.
Winner: Reigns


After the match Roman celebrates

Randy Orton confronts Kane and they chat about stuff backstage.

Tough Enough promo.

Bo Dallas comes out to a nice reaction. He gets kinda mean. Finally Ryback comes out to a big pop. Dallas actually gets a bit of offense in, gets back on the mic, but Ryback picks him up and Shell Shocks him.

Backstage Lana approaches Rusev and tells him she got the Authority to book an “I Quit” match for the next PPV against Cena.

WWE World Heavyweight Title
Cage Match
RKO is Banned
Kane is “Guardian of the Gate
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton

Randy comes out first. Seth comes out second without J&J security. They later were at ringside so maybe I missed them. Randy got a nice ovation. Match starts and builds with both men getting offense, mostly Orton. They teased some tension but whenever Rollins wanted Kane to open the door to the cage, Kane complied. When Randy wanted it, Kane did not. So Rollins went to attack Orton as he argued with Kane, and Rollins kicked the door into Kane knocking him back. This got Kane all mad. He took off his jacket and went into the ring. J&J Security followed and tried to calm Kane down. Finish saw Kane double chokeslam J&J. Randy hit RKO on Kane. Rollins then hit an RKO on Randy!

Rollins then scurried towards the door and escaped the cage and retain the title.
Winner: Rollins


After the match, Lawler and JBL argue over whether the RKO was illegal or just for Randy Orton to use.

I think this was not a strong PPV.

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WWE Reviving King of the Ring For WWE Network Special on 04/28/2015 Mon, 27 Apr 2015 01:56:12 +0000 kingoftheringtournament

WWE announced tonight during the Extreme Rules 2015 PPV that the King of the Ring tournament would be returning to WWE for 2015 – with the finals airing THIS TUESDAY April 28, 2015 on the WWE Network.

Presumably there will be preliminary matches for the 2015 King of the Ring tournament tomorrow night on Raw, to lead into the finals airing on Tuesday.

More details on the new King of the Ring tournament as they are announced later tonight and tomorrow.×120.jpg

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WWE Extreme Rules 2015 PPV Predictions Infamous Reddit Dolphins1925 [Spoilers] Mon, 27 Apr 2015 00:25:47 +0000 The reddit spoiler of WWE PPVs, Dolphins1925 has posted full spoilers for tonight’s Exteme Rules 2015 show:

Here are the full messages:

Dean Ambrose will defeat Luke Harper

Roman Reigns will defeat Big Show

Nikki Bella will defeat Naomi

Sheamus will defeat Dolph Ziggler

Bad News Barrett will defeat Neville

John Cena will defeat Rusev

Seth Rollins will defeat Randy Orton

]]> 0 Match Change For WWE Extreme Rules 2015 To Replace Daniel Bryan Sun, 26 Apr 2015 23:31:56 +0000 20150426_LARGE_ER_Match_Kickoff

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 is tonight on PPV and the WWE Network.

The previously announced Intercontinental Title match pitting champion Daniel Bryan against challenger Bad News Barrett has been cut from the card, due to Bryan’s injury situation.

Instead, WWE will be replacing Bryan with Neville, who will now face Barrett one on one.

This match will now be on the pre-show with the tag title match moved to the main show.

Be sure to join us for WWE Extreme Rules 2015 live coverage all night and beyond!×120.jpg

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JR Blog: WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Preview & Predictions Sun, 26 Apr 2015 22:57:03 +0000

Jim Ross posted a pre-Extreme Rules blog, previewing the event, here are some highlights:

on WWE Title Bout
WWE Title Bout to be held inside a Steel Cage with Randy Orton’s RKO ‘Banned’…Rollins has to retain and one can expect a “cast of thousands” so to speak to be involved but hopefully the integrity of the cage will not be overly compromised in the process. Seth Rollins is still evolving as the WWE Champion and he’s a great choice for that role as, like many of his successful predecessors, Seth is a “beatable” champion but not tonight. Rollins and Orton should have a great match before all the shenanigans commence one would hope.

on US Title
US Title Bout is a ‘Russian Chain Match’ which will, I think, be the first for both men which is always an iffy proposition. Having a run through in a live event would’ve been ideal but be that as it may I am not a fan of beating the villain in allegedly his type of match but I also find it challenging to see WWE beat John Cena who is doing a grat job of making the US Title mean something since he won it. Unique booking to say the least which isn’t a bad thing but I’d have Cena lose the Title, chase Rusev and thus continue to add equity and attention to the championship. That’s what I’d do but that’s not likely to happen as I could see a Cena-Rusev blowoff match for the Title at Summer Slam if Rusev wins tonight.

on WWE Tag Titles
WWE Tag Titles has additional meaning since Kidd and Cesaro became champs but I like New Day being the villains as their original casting never worked. New Day must be diligent in learning to become ‘bad guys’ which is daunting in today’s marketplace so I hope the champions retain and that Cesaro uses the Giant Swing.

on Divas Title
Divas Title is a tough one for the participants as there is no clear cut fan favorite in this match to create the necessary synergy to have a good match. Both Naomi and Nikki Bella will do their best but it seems on the surface that they’re playing with a stacked or loaded deck not conducive for success.

on The Chicago Street Fight
The Chicago Street Fight between Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper could be a potential show stealer but as in many ‘Extreme’ bouts they will be challenged to have an accepted, traditional street fight in a PG environment. I see Ambrose winning a match that might be the victim of not having enough time but too much time for a street fight in PG Land isn’t good either.

on The Kiss My Arse Match
The Kiss My Arse Match should be another sleeper bout as Ziggler is that good, arguably the most under utilized talent on the roster, but I’d guess that Dolph will be smooching some Irish backside in Chicago tonight. Sheamus can be a viable, rugged heel if he too perfects the necessary villain traits necessary to be a main event level antagonist.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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Orphan Black Spoilers: Tony Clone Not Expected To Return This Year Sun, 26 Apr 2015 22:30:42 +0000 Orphan Black won't be returning this season.]]> It appears that at least one of Tatiana Maslany’s many characters on Orphan Black won’t be returning this season.

Tony, Maslany’s male personna on the Space series, will not be returning to the show this season according to co-creator John Fawcett who said that the decision had nothing to do with the character receiving mixed reactions from fans.

“… [It’s]not because he got a mixed reception, but because I don’t know that we’ve completely determined how to incorporate him again,” Fawcett told “I want to see Tony again. I just don’t know if we’re going to see him in Season 3.”

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New Poll: Who Will Be Voted Off Next On Episode 11 Of Survivor Worlds Apart? Sun, 26 Apr 2015 21:50:03 +0000

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Poll Results: Who Will Be Voted Off Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 10? Sun, 26 Apr 2015 21:44:33 +0000

What did Inside Pulse readers predict?

Who will be voted off Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 10?

  • Rodney (25%, 3 Votes)
  • Carolyn (25%, 3 Votes)
  • Jenn (17%, 2 Votes)
  • Shirin (8%, 1 Vote)
  • Mike (8%, 1 Vote)
  • Dan (8%, 1 Vote)
  • Sierra (8%, 1 Vote)
  • Will (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Tyler (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 12

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