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Welcome everyone! It’s finally time for WWE Wrestlemania 31! We will have over 6 hours of live coverage for all major matches and events.

Renee Young is with Booker T, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves as the Wrestlemania panel.

Video packages.

Backstage Lana apologizes to Rusev for being weak. Rusev will crush John Cena and thus America

Clips of John Cena on Jimmy Kimmel.

Eden is backstage looking to talk to HHH, but Kane interupts. She can’t go in, and he needs to prepare for the Battle Royal.

Video packages.

Backstage, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury head to a catering table but can’t find sugar. Gerry Brisco and Pat Patterson confront them and they need the sugar for Mr. McMahon. Awesome! J&J Security act tough but then walk away, and Patterson laughs and calls them Stooges.


Video packages, back to the panel discussion.

Video packages.

More panel discussion.

Let us take you back to the WWE Hall of Fame 2015 from last night.

Video packages with the Bellas and AJ/Paige.

The panel talks about stuff.

Now let us take a video package look at Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker.

Video recap of Brock Lesnar on Sportscenter.

Another video package, recapping Brock/Roman.

End hour 1 of video packages in the pre-game show.

Hour 2 begins with Renee Young, Booker T, Bryon Saxton and Corey Graves at the roundtable!

We go almost immediately to the ring for the first of 2 pre-show match-ups. Our announce team is Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler and JBL.

WWE Tag Team Titles
The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) w/Naomi vs. The Matadores (Fernando & Diego) w/Torito vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E.) w/Xavier Woods vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (c) w/Natalya

New Day has neon green and white gear tonight. Jey Uso is apparently still injured and was taken to the back. Jimmy is staying in the match solo. It breaks down to Jimmy taking out Cesaro, Kidd, Big E and a Matador in four corners and doing four consecutive stink faces as a tribute to Rikishi. New Day Sucks chant! Big E comes in and match continues. Match breaks down several more times with bodies flying everywhere. Weird sequence where the ref waved off a pin by a Matador on Big E. Finish saw a 6 person double tower of doom in the corner, which left Big E prone. Cesaro does a blind tag on Jimmy Uso’s leg and covers Big E for the pin.
Winners: Cesaro & Kidd

Recaps of the finish show the blind tag by Cesaro.

Tower of Doom shot:

Tom Phillips is in the Wrestlemania lounge interviewing LITA. She talks about the Bellas match and then plugs her promotional tour with Trish Stratus.

Back to the panel.

They throw to “Gruden’s QB Camp” where John Gruden the football coach does a sports style recap of the favorites and dark horses for the Battle Royal.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
We come back from the Gruden segment with the wrestlers all in the ring. Los Matadores are in there. To start, Axelmania has everyone clear a spot, does the shirt rip spot, then is dumped by everyone.

Axelmania spot:

The Battle Royal looks cool in the daytime/outside setting. Cool spot where Miz and Mizdow work together to attack former Miz assistant Alex Riley. And they dump Riley. Bo Dallas dumps Zack Ryder, then eliminates himself doing the Bo-Lieve victory lap. He goes back in and is eliminated by Hideo Itami. Thankfully the Big Show then treats him like a jobber and dumps him out with a punch. The Ascension eliminate Mark Henry! Ryback eliminates both. Then Darren Young. More action. Then Ryback eliminates Titus O’Neill. Shell Shock to Jack Swagger, and Big Show dumps him. All three of New Day gang up on Big Show. He is teetering on the apron. Then Big Show powers Big E over the top, and dumps the other two. Match settles a bit. Let’s Go Mizdow Chant. Next elimination is Erick Rowan. Kane saves Big Show from Ryback. Double chokeslam by Kane on Miz and Mizdow. Cesaro dodges Kane then dumps him to a huge pop. Cesaro goes for Big Show. Cesaro picks up Big Show, but cant carry him over to the ropes, and then Big Show tosses Cesaro. Ryback from behind with a spinebuster on Show. Feed Me More chant. Charges Show and Show dumps Ryback. It’s down to Big Show, Miz and Mizdow. Miz goes towards Big Show but Mizdow shakes his head no. Crowd is going crazy. Miz is lecturing Mizdow. Long argument. Miz pokes Mizdow repeatedly in the chest. From behind Mizdow dumps Miz over the top! Miz is super pissed on the floor, keeps trying to attack Mizdow but refs hold him back. Mizdow and Show go at it. Show tosses Mizdow but he “skins the cat” and gets back in. Lots of near eliminations. Finally Big Show goes for a chokeslam, but Mizdow locks in a headlock. Long sequence and Show tosses Mizdow.
Winner: Big Show

Back to Renee Young and the Wrestlemania panel.

More video packages.

Now onto the Wrestlemania Show proper!

Aloe Blacc is here to sing America The Beautiful.

LL Cool J does some kind of narrated promo package.

Intercontinental Title Ladder Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Stardust vs. R Truth

Ladder match! I’m going to do some highspots and the finish. Crazy spot with Luke Harper. Wade Barrett clears everyone out with bullhammers. Then Bryan gets him. Bryan and Ziggler brawl on the top of the ladder and Bryan knocks Ziggler off.
Winner and NEW IC Champ: Daniel Bryan

Video packages.

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton
Back and forth quite a bit. Near the end, Randy hits the RKO on both Noble and Mercury. Then Rollins hits the curb stomp and covers but Orton kicks out at 2. Rollins up top, goes for a 450? Splash, but lands on his feet. Reversed each others finishers again into the RKO for the pin.
Winner: Orton

Video packages.

Ronda Rousey is in the crowd!

Sting/HHH video package

Triple H vs. Sting
There is a crew of drummers doing a drum routine with Sting facepaint. Wait one guy is not doing the face paint. Long drums lead into the WWE Sting theme. Then a bunch of Terminators come out, and HHH comes out like a Metal Skull Terminator. Arnold cuts a promo promoting the Game so I believe that means Arnold has turned heel. They go back and forth all match. Sting has HHH in the Scorpion Death Lock, and the Degeneration X theme plays. X-Pac, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg run down and attack Sting. He fends them off. Goes to the top and Sting does a big splash from the top and clears them out. Back into the ring but HHH hits the pedigree. Sting kicks out! Then the nWo theme plays. Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash come to the ring. They fight against DX. Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop but HHH kicks out. More nWo and DX brawling. Sting has HHH in the Deathlock when HBK comes out of the crowd and hits Sweet Chin Music on Sting. HHH covers but Sting kicks out. DX hands HHH a sledgehammer, and NWO hands Sting a bat. Bat vs Sledgehammer! Sting uses the bat to break the sledgehammer in half. But HHH rebounds and hits Sting with the half slegdehammer and covers for the pin. Wow.
Winner: Triple H

After the match, DX flanking HHH and the NWO flanking Sting face off. Finally HHH extends his hand and Sting shakes. They all exit.


Video packages.

Backstage Maria Menonous interviews Daniel Bryan. He is congratulated by Pat Patterson. And then Roddy Piper. Then Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. Then Ric Flair who gives him a Wooooo. Bret The Hitman Hart. They all do Yes! Chant. Ron Simmons comes over and everyone stops. Damn! Then back to Yes!

Travis Barker is here with Skylar Grey. Kid Ink! Music…

Pringles Commercial

Paige & AJ Lee vs. The Bella Twins
Paige has blue/purple hair streaks. Much of the match is Bellas beating down Paige. Finally a hot tag to AJ Lee. House a fire. Thesz Press. Goes up top for a high cross body and Bella turns it around for a pin. Broken up. Nikki goes for a submission or something, AJ Lee floats over awkwardly for a DDT. Paige takes out Brie on the floor, then AJ locks in her submission for the tapout on Nikki.
Winners: AJ & Paige

Be sure to follow along my additional live tweet coverage on Pulse Wrestling Twitter on our road to 6000 followers!×120.png

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Spain SmackDown Report and Review for March 26th 2014: WrestleMania’s Fucked Sun, 29 Mar 2015 22:05:01 +0000 Well, here we are, at the last SmackDown before WrestleMania. And, as I think most here can agree, it’s been a disappointing ride. So, unless they’re about to pull something amazing out from behind the curtain, at this hellishly late stage in the game, on SmackDown of all things, I think that we’re going to have to live with the fact that this year just isn’t going to be about what we want/what would make perfect business sense.

I’m your host, David Spain, drinking a Mimosa at 9:55 on this beautiful North-East morning (it’s been a weird day already), all set to review some wrestling.

Enjoy That Pre-Show Spot, Lads

The Usos are here, along with Naomi, and I like how this company apparently employs a woman to support her husband and not wrestle. And, no, I would not be making these complaints if Jimmy was married Cameron or Summer Rae. Big E and Xavier Woods join them, as do Los Matadores and The New Day. Apparently this is going to be a Fatal Four-Way in order to advertise the pre-show tag team match, and does it still count as ‘advertising’ if you remind me that Los Matadores and The New Day are going to be in that match? I suppose I should be grateful that Natalya and El Torito aren’t in a feud, but why should I be grateful for the WWE not doing worse things than they’re already doing?

Matador 1 and Jimmy start off against each other as Langston pounds Cesaro down in the corner. They trade up partners then; Big E belly-to bellies Matador 1 and Jimmy Uso, before hurling Cesaro into the two of them and spearing them all in the corner. He hefts Cesaro up in a military press and then chucks him at Jimmy, before belly-to-bellying Matador 1 for a second time. Warrior Splash hits Matador 1, with Cesaro managing to break up the pin before getting thrown out. Jimmy Uso enzuigiris Big E out of the ring, then takes a dropkick from Matador 1. Matador 1 then dives out onto Big E and Cesaro, taking them all out, and then Jimmy Uso decides to make it a party, launching himself out onto all three of them.

Jimmy takes Cesaro back in the ring, going up top, but Langston takes him back down. Cesaro dropkicks Langston back to the floor, and then tries to bring Matador 1 into the ring with a suplex, only for Jimmy Uso to help him, before Langston back-suplexes both of them as they throw that suplex! Big E’s the first guy up, but he gets DDT’d by Matador 1 as the masked man also reverse-STOs Jimmy Uso. Cesaro comes after Matador 1, who heads up to the top, but leaps right into a Cesaro Swing, before Cesaro uses his legs to hurl him at both Jimmy and Big E!

Cesaro wants a Neutraliser on Langston, but Matador 1 interrupts, hitting a backstabber! Big Ending’s attempted, but Jimmy superkicks Langston, and then elevates Matador 1 out to the floor. He heads up top and hits a splash to Cesaro, getting the pin!

This was quite a lot of fun: the double-team manoeuvres were really put to a good use and they explored the possibilities of a multi-man match. Shouldn’t be a bad match come Sunday, I guess. 3 Stars.

Okay, I just sat through/worked on my novel whilst ignoring a whole bunch of advertising, but we’re finally back to something approaching an actual show, and AJ Lee is making her way down to the ring, microphone in hand. She says we’ve seen her in a lot of roles, but the most important one is as the longest-reigning Divas champ of all time. She loves that title, as does Paige, and the Bellas were smart enough to completely play them. At WrestleMania, she’s beating the Bellas, alone or with company, and if Paige doesn’t want to help out, that’s fine by her.

Paige then shows up, saying that AJ ain’t fooling no-one, and that Lee can’t stand the thought of someone else, even her, being the champion. AJ says that this Sunday won’t be about the title, which Paige does accept, but maintains doubts about how far she can really trust AJ. AJ says that they have two things in common: they’re weird and they hate losing and, for that reason alone, they should work together. Paige, for some reason, is actually convinced by this line of thought, and says, what the hell, let’s be tag team partners.

This brings out the Bellas, who are all ‘meh meh meh you all wish you were us meh’.  AJ calls them failed actresses, which is some high talk coming from a failed general manager, AJ. Paige says that they like being the freaks and weirdos. Honey, I really don’t think that you’re exactly what people think of when they think ‘freaks and weirdos’. Nikki says that she prefers no labels, which is a decent point. She wants a scrap, but then strangely doesn’t, and says she’ll see those bitches at WrestleMania. Her words, sort of, because they censored it (apparently Nikki doesn’t get Randy Orton privileges).

I skip some more WrestleMania pandering, because I’ve earned that, I think. I did catch that the Battle Royal is on the pre-show, which is at least being honest about that match.

Well, Consider Me SOLD On WrestleMania, Then

Main event time, and here comes John Cena. And after typing that sentence, I took a break and roughly eight cocktails, so I am fucked up right now. Man, this is going to be fun, because I am not sobering up. The faces all get down to the ring, as do the heels, because this would not be much of a match otherwise. Rollins and Reigns kick things off, and the commentators go off on their whole ‘you don’t tell Roman Reigns he can’t do things’. Reigns lays Seth out with a clothesline, and then works him over for a while. God, Jerry Lawler could make me hate literally anybody, just by praising them in that smug fucking way he has.

Oh, here’s Wyatt, who immediately gets smacked around by Reigns. Not that he’ll lose any mystique by getting the shit kicked out of him, or whatever. Put Show or Kane in there: they’ve got nothing to lose. Apparently Bray’s reading this article as I write it, and tags in Kane, who manages to take control of the match for a moment before Roman Reigns takes him back down. Reigns hasn’t tagged in Henry or Cena, which is a face move, but hasn’t tagged in Bryan either, which is bullshit. Oh, and then he tags in fucking Henry. Because you need to hype the shit out of dat battle royal, I guess.

Big Show’s in now, and takes Henry right down, because being the World’s Strongest Man counts for jack these days. And here’s Wyatt, laying the smackdown on Henry before making the tag to Rollins, who tags right back out. Love how Bray can co-exist with people if he wants to, because it’s evidence that he’s not demonically possessed: just a dick. Kane comes back in, stomping away on Henry before letting Big Show have a taste. You know, I can barely focus on the screen right now, so just assume that the heel beatdown is the same as it has been every other multi-man tag match, and I’ll come back when things change.

Okay, when we get back from the commercial break, Cena’s in the ring, getting worked over by Henry, before he takes a bodyslam from the now legal Show. Kane tags in, and it looks like this is another chapter in the heel beatdown: you know the rules.

Wow, that was way more heel beatdown than this match needed, but Cena finally knocked Rollins out of the ring and tagged in Bryan. Bryan is on fire, hitting Rollins with everything in the box, slamming his boots right into Seth’s face before hitting his hurricanrana. Cruiserweight Security provides enough of a distraction for Seth to bean Bryan in the head, and Rollins tags Big Show back in, who immediately knocks Reigns to the floor. He wants a chokeslam on Bryan, but Roman’s back in pretty much immediately, and Superman Punches Big Show!

Bray blindsides Roman, setting him up for Sister Abigail and, that pop, I swear to God, was almost too enthusiastic. Reigns breaks out of it, hitting a spear to disappoint literally everyone. Kane almost gets a chokeslam (less of a pop), and gets speared. Reigns and Henry go after Big Show, then Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment before Bryan gets the pin off the Running Knee.

So, okay, odd that they had Bryan win that match. Roman looked very strong here, with Cena being the face in peril in his place, and I guess the match was…okay? 2 Stars.

So, that’s the end of the Wrestling Year, once Sunday’s been and gone. I have to say, I’m not that enthusiastic for WrestleMania. I’m really not. And we’ve all said it, I know, but it’s important that we do say it, and keep saying it. Because they didn’t listen to us at first, and we need to remind them why that was such a dumb idea. This show, at least, was not 98% fan access and, like, one promo, but it didn’t help matters anyway. Tonight gets a six.

Well, enjoy WrestleMania

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Dean Ambrose News: WWE Wrestlemania 31 Intercontinental Title Ladder Match Sun, 29 Mar 2015 21:57:52 +0000

Dean Ambrose discussed his singles career, WrestleMania 31, and more. Below are some highlights.

On his first Mania as a singles star
I am looking forward to walking out by myself and not having to worry about anyone else and not being part of a team. This is the first time that the kid who started this and wanted to be a wrestler will be out there by himself at WrestleMania so it is a good feeling.

On possibly becoming Intercontinental champion
To be in an Intercontinental title match at WrestleMania that is the stuff dreams are made of. And for it to be a ladder match, on this big a stage, with so much adrenaline going on, for me it could not be a better situation.

On becoming a hot act overseas
You get a big reaction from a crowd like that in Abu Dhabi and I wonder how do these people in Abu Dhabi know who I am? It is hard for me to understand I am on television and people around the world watch me every week in a country I have never even been too. I assume when I go to a new country no-one will know who I am because I have never been to that country before so it is cool, like a surreal experience and it is very rewarded and appreciated.×120.jpg

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Jim Ross Is Not at WWE Wrestlemania 31 Sun, 29 Mar 2015 21:56:03 +0000 Despite some rumors this weekend, Jim Ross is not at Wrestlemania.×120.jpg

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Scotty 2 Hotty “Hurt” That Rikishi Snubbed Too Cool at WWE Hall of Fame 2015 Sun, 29 Mar 2015 21:21:55 +0000 Rikishi did not mention Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty & Brian Christopher) at the WWE Hall of Fame last night. Apparently they had a falling out at an indie event.

Here is Scotty 2 Hotty’s reaction on twitter:×120.jpg

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WWE Wrestlemania 31: Images From Stage in California Sun, 29 Mar 2015 20:05:28 +0000 Check out some shots live from the Wrestlemania 31 set!×120.png

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The Rock Cuts 80s Style Wrestlemania Promo on Saturday Night Live [Video] Sun, 29 Mar 2015 20:04:12 +0000 The Rock hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and here is a great video of a wrestling promo he cut on the show!

WWE-themed skit from The Rock’s SNL appearance last×120.jpg

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Jim Ross One-Man Show Recap: Samoa Joe Surprise Appearance, Interesting Q&A Sun, 29 Mar 2015 20:02:50 +0000 Here is a report of WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross’s one-man show on Saturday

There were about 300-400 people at the show. I arrived about an hour before the show, but there were still about 250 people ahead of me. There were lots of Macho Man t-shirts (just like mine).

The show started about 15-20 minutes late, but JR assured us that we’d get to the Hall of Fame in time. He mentioned that he got invited this year and would be attending too, and this drew a big pop from the crowd.

Michelle Beadle and Daniel Cormier were in the crowd, which was pretty cool. Beadle seems to be a legit fan, which is good to know.

JR’s stories revolved around his wife and how he met her (flight attendant), and how he was flying with Ric Flair when they met, and how Flair would basically hit on all the attendants. The conversation switched to the Plane Ride from Hell – and JR talked about someone selling Michael Hayes’s shaved mullet the next day. Hilarious.

Ross also talked about his own athletic career, his start in the business, and some of the racism in his early days. He also recalled being horrified by the memory of washing the McGuire twin’s backs.

The Q&A part of the show arrived and I was pretty lucky to be given a chance to ask a question. I asked him who he feels was the best in-ring performer. He said HBK, followed closely by Ric Flair.

The surprise guest was Samoa Joe (biggest cheer of the night). JR talked about how he met Joe the first time and basically said that he wasn’t “cosmetically superior” to anyone else and so he’d have a hard time making it. He said he was wrong, and Joe is here to stay. Joe talked about how that statement motivated him to be better at what he does. A guy in the crowd asked Joe if he’d like to work on the main roster directly or at NXT. Joe gave the PC answer that he’d be okay with either option. JR predicted that Joe would be in a big match next year this time, and he wouldn’t have time to make such an appearance.

Overall, it was a great show. JR was in fine form, and told a lot of fun stories. There were a few that only wrestling history experts follow, but he gave appropriate context. The crowd seemed to have a ball, and were happy with the Samoa Joe surprise.×120.jpg

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John Cena News: WWE Wrestlemania 31, Working with Younger Wrestlers Sun, 29 Mar 2015 18:45:34 +0000

In a recent interview, John Cena talked about Wrestlemania 31:

On what winning the United States Title would mean to him
I think it is a beacon of achievement, I really do. Right now we are a bit of a fickle situation with a WWE Heavyweight champion [Brock Lesnar]. When he shows he does some damage, believe me. I think I spoke German after Summerslam he suplexed me so many times, but I want to be able to have a viable, competitive championship that is available at every live event, at every television screening, at every special event, and at every pay-per-view. And on top of that those who have watched WWE, I am almost overly patriotic. That is not a work, that is who I am. It gives me great pride, not just from a nostalgia factor to win the championship that I won at WrestleMania 20 but to be the bearer of the championship that essentially defines the United States.

On working with younger talents at WrestleMania
I said something on Raw a while back that any moment at WrestleMania is an opportunity to make life-long memories, and you hear so many people putting stress on the main event of WrestleMania. The product has grown to such an extent essentially every match is a main event, and the goal of everyone should be just to be involved at WrestleMania. It has been a pleasure, it truly has, to see the excitement, to see the anticipation, to see the nerves of what is about to happen and it is something I still go through, but to be able to be a life-long memory in a competitive situation, a story they will have to tell for the rest of their life that is a pretty cool thing.

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WWE WrestleMania 31 Axxess: NXT Match Results March 28, 2015 Sun, 29 Mar 2015 18:42:27 +0000

The following matches took place at WWE AXXESS last night:

NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy defeated The Vaudevillians

NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks defeated Bayley

Charlotte defeated Dana Brooke

Carmella defeated Devin Taylor

Hugo Knox defeated CJ Parker

Curtis Axel defeated Heath Slater×120.jpg

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