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The Irish fighter has said that he won’t wait around for a title shot and is not only waiting to be assigned another fight, but is actually asking for one.

“Of course I want to take another fight because I know what way it has gone in the past,” McGregor said. “The champion has pulled out because of injuries and things get delayed. I’m not holding back. I’m not sitting and waiting. Some people might want to sit and wait. Ultimately, I already envision the belt as mine. Now it’s about the money. I want to get that money. I want to take another fight.”

After his impressive first round knockout of Dustin Poirier at UFC 178 last month, UFC President Dana White said there’s a high probability McGregor would be next to challenge for the 145-pound title. The problem is that McGregor doesn’t want to risk a long wait, which is likely if Jose Aldo retains the title over Chad Mendes.

“Anything can happen in this game. You could be sitting out. Other fighters would like to sit out and wait for a title shot – I am already in my mind the champion. Let’s just continue racking up them bills.”×120.png

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The Flash Spoilers: Joe’s Assistance Will Help Barry Learn The Truth About His Mother’s Killer Thu, 23 Oct 2014 20:00:40 +0000 With Detective Joe West agreeing to help Barry Allen in The Flash’s mission to have his father released from prison, it appears the assistance will yield results quickly.

“Things start to be revealed pretty quickly after Episode 3,” Grant Gustin said. “Joe is spending a lot of time looking into things that Barry wouldn’t necessarily think to look into.”

With the storyline of Barry clearing his father’s name initially expected to last the duration of the first season, it will be interesting to see if it is solved quickly to focus his efforts on stopping other notorious DC Comic villains like Captain Cold.×120.jpg

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UFC 180 Takes Another Hit, Joe Lauzon Pulls Out Of Match With Diego Sanchez Thu, 23 Oct 2014 20:00:17 +0000 The UFC just can’t catch a break.

Hot on the heels of replacing Cain Velasquez with Mark Hunt at UFC 180, the card has lost another key match-up.

MMAJunkie is reporting that Joe Lauzon (11-6) has withdrawn from his lightweight showdown with Diego Sanchez (14-7), citing an anonymous source close to the fighter.

The reason for Lauzon’s withdrawal is unclear, as the MMAJunkie source declined to elaborate on why the fighter was forced to withdraw. As the announcement has been officially made, there is no word on a potential replacement for Lauzon.

On Twitter, even Sanchez seemed surprised as this will be the second time his opponent has changed (Lauzon had originally stepped in for the injured Norman Parke).

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UFC Parts Ways With Paulo Thaigo, Releases Former Welterweight Contender Thu, 23 Oct 2014 19:00:02 +0000 The UFC has been cleaning house recently and it appears, Paulo Thiago is the latest to be swept out the door.

Once a legitimate contender in the welterweight division after knocked out Josh Koscheck in 2009, Thiago has produced just two wins in his last nine fights and despite recently signing a six-fight deal with the organization.

Globo’s Ivan Raupp first broke the news about Thiago’s release after five years in the company.×120.jpg

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Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Degrassi‘s Luke Bilyk & Aislinn Paul Thu, 23 Oct 2014 18:13:01 +0000 Degrassi's Luke Bilyk & Aislinn Paul!]]>


We are counting down to Degrassi’s 14th Season premiere!

On July 29, I attended the Season 13 Finale Screening party at the MTV Building in downtown Toronto.

Just prior to screening the final two episodes of the season, I caught up with a variety of castmembers to discuss what would happen in the finale and to offer a preview of what to expect when the show returns next week.

I sat down with Luke Bilyk and Aislinn Paul to discuss the idea that they are now the veterans of the series. I told them how I was a little traumatized when Drew and Clare hooked up because I always regarded their bond to be more like that of a brother and sister. Luke talked about Drew assuming the position of class president (one that neither of us expected). I asked Aislinn if she finds that she gets attached to certain pairings on the series and if she is as invested in Eclare as all the fans of the series seem to be. Luke opened about whether he thinks Bianca will always be Drew’s soulmate. Both Luke and Aislinn told me which other Degrassi character they would like to play if they had the chance and offered up a preview of Season 14.

Check out the video above!

Degrassi premieres on Tuesday October 28 at 9 p.m. on MTV

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King Mo Lawal Explains Why Fans Saw The Jones/Cormier & Bellator Brawls Differently, Says Dana White Is To Blame Thu, 23 Oct 2014 18:00:55 +0000 In one of the more interesting stories of the day, Bellator light heavyweight contender ‘King’ Mo Lawal recently spoke out about why fans seemed to get behind the recent Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier UFC press conference skirmish but chastised Bellator’s Tito Ortiz/Stephan Bonnar stand-off as a staged fiasco.

“You see Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier get into just a little tussle – no punches thrown, just wrestling a little bit – and everyone was like ‘oh yeah, that’s what the sport needs,'” said , who meets Tom DeBlass on Nov. 15 at Bellator 131. “And I’m like ‘wait a minute, so you’re okay with guys grabbing each other and are falling down, but you don’t care when guys are throwing hands and security coming in to break the s– up?’ It’s happened in Bellator and Strikeforce too.”

He continued and explained why the Bellator brawl between Ortiz and Bonnar was universally criticized, while the UFC’s unrehearsed donnybrook between Cormier and Jones got praised.

“It happened in Strikeforce with Jason Miller, and he got jumped. That s– was as real as it gets. Everyone’s like ‘that’s staged.’ I’m like ‘you can’t stage that. You don’t stage s- with the Diaz brothers. Really? You think the Diaz brothers jumping someone is staged?’ But if that happened in the UFC, everyone would have been like … ‘yeah, I can’t wait to see that fight! It’s going to be amazing.’ If everything with Tito and Bonnar happened in the UFC everyone would be ‘I can’t wait for Bonnar to rip Tito’s head off.'”

Lawal says the reason is Dana White.

“Every sport, the most popular people in the sport played the sport at one time. Look at [boxer Manny] Pacquiao. Could you imagine if Bob Arum was a bigger deal than Manny Pacquiao?” In MMA, the most popular person in the sport is Dana White. If Dana said ‘that was a great fight,’ but the fight sucked, people on Twitter will still be all ‘yeah, yeah, Dana, that was a great fight.’ They don’t think for themselves. In MMA, people didn’t grow up fighting. We grew up playing basketball, playing football, but they didn’t grow up training to fight in a cage. So they’ll be like “you know what, I need someone to listen to,’ so they’ll believe whoever is popular.”×120.jpg

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Elementary Spoilers: How Will Joan & Sherlock’s Relationship Change In Season 3? Thu, 23 Oct 2014 18:00:23 +0000 Elementary's third season kicks off, it appears, she still cares for him.]]> While Joan and Sherlock aren’t on the best of terms when Elementary‘s third season kicks off, it appears, she still cares for him.

“Bell and Joan will get to talking about Kitty and Sherlock’s ability to be a true mentor,” executive producer Rob Doherty told in an exclusive preview. “And they’re both right to have some concerns. Bell points out that Joan always provided a balance or a counterbalance to Sherlock. And based on what they’ve seen from Kitty in the first couple of episodes, the dynamic, the polarity, seems to have switched. If he’s balancing her, who’s balancing him? Is this ultimately a combustible relationship? So, Joan feels a certain obligation to try to get a better sense of how those two are working together.”

It can be assumed that the pair will be back to liking each other sooner than we think.×120.jpg

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Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano Confirmed To Co-Headline UFC 182: Jones vs. Cormier Thu, 23 Oct 2014 17:00:50 +0000 While we have known for quite sometime who Ronda Rousey’s next challenger would be, now we know when the fight will be taking place as well.

Cat Zingano will finally fight for the women’s bantamweight title on January 3.

On yesterday’s edition of UFC Tonight, Dana White confirmed the Ronda Rousey vs. Zingano UFC women’s bantamweight title fight would take place at UFC 182, on Jan. 3, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

That means the fight will be on the same card as the highly-anticipated Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier light heavyweight title fight.×120.jpg

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NCIS Spoilers: Romantic Sparks To Fly Between DiNozzo’s Old Partner & McGee Thu, 23 Oct 2014 17:00:19 +0000 NCIS, it appears love will bloom elsewhere for his former Philly partner.]]> Since Tony seems committed to Leia Pendergast on NCIS, it appears love will bloom elsewhere for his former Philly partner.

24‘s Marisol Nichols will apparently find comfort in the arms of McGee when it appears Tony’s affection is going elsewhere.

“She’s slightly insulting to McGee when he first meets her, so he’s not sure how he feels about this woman,” Sean Murray said.×120.jpg

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Urijah Faber Says He Doesn’t Feel Slighted By Being On Free Preliminary Card, Says He Requested It Thu, 23 Oct 2014 16:00:25 +0000 In a recent press conference in Rio de Janeiro ahead of UFC 179, Urijah Faber also addressed his upcoming match against Francisco Rivera that is slated to be on the preliminary card at UFC 181 and how he doesn’t feel offended by where he was placed on the card.

“I think people also don’t understand how the Pay-Per-View works,” Faber said. “Everyone thinks it is a big deal to be on the PPV… it’s only a big deal to be on the PPV if you’re getting paid extra to be on the Pay-Per-View. For me, it makes more sense to be where everyone gets to watch you for free and so I asked specifically the last fight to be in the main card on the free card because it got over a million views and that’s why I asked specifically to be on there. Undercard is one thing. It doesn’t make anymore money for me to be on a Pay-Per-View unless I am getting a piece of that Pay-Per-View. For me, the free TV card is the best.”×120.jpg

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