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A Moment's All I Ask: Video Edition - 3.2.10

The boys are stepping it up slightly for week two... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 5.7.09

Rock week was fun on The Lambert Show, er... I mean, American Idol. As I expected, Adam stole the show from the beginning with a sexually playful and charged version of "Whole Lotta Love"... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 4.15.09

At this point, I think it's going to be between Adam and Allison for the grand prize. Allison is becoming more and more confident, and I think if she has a career like Pink's that she's set. ... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 3.18.09

Michael sang Garth Brooks' "Ain't Going Down Til The Sun Comes Up" and it really missed the Garth Brooks hyper energy that made Garth's music special in country music. Michael should be a country singer, but why can't he loosen up? And why do contestants enjoy being smartasses to the judges this year? »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 2.17.09

American Idol: Season 8... this is not good, America. They let some people in that shouldn't be here at all, with a healthy dose of mediocre-at-best talent amid the group of remaining contestants. ... »»

VIII - 12.29.08

The latest hip thing to do is cover Britney Spears' "Womanizer", and Cologne, Germany's Timid Tiger does a great job of making the cover their own. Timid Tiger gives it a electric-hip hop-soul spin and for those of you who don't like Britney, you may like their version instead. »»

VIII - 12.1.08

Welcome to the latest edition of the VIII, where, as before, I'll be featuring eight different performers, currently on the move, whom I have enjoyed in the past, with a few recent discoveries as well. Danny Ross, is a excellent pop vocalist and pianist, very similar in style to Norah Jones and Bens Fold Five with the winter-appropriate "When You're Down (And You're Out)" from his 2007 release, Introducing Danny Ross! EP. We all go through moods like this, and this particular track could have easily been included in the Peanuts series if it were made now. »»

VIII - 11.10.08

Welcome to the latest edition of the VIII, where I'll be featuring eight different performers, currently on the move, whom I have enjoyed in the past, with a few recent discoveries as well. »»

VIII - 10.31.08

Welcome to the latest edition of VIII! This is a special Halloween edition, in honor of birthday girl and amazing singer/songwriter Heather Lloyd of ilyAIMY. Heather also has a solo album called Upholstered Fortress, available through her MySpace page. »»

MGF Reviews Tina Turner - Tina!

To complement Tina Turner’s long-awaited return to arenas across North America this Fall, Capitol/EMI has just released Tina!, a new 18-track CD and digital collection of the eight-time Grammy Award winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer’s top hits, rare live recordings and two exclusive new tracks. Long time Tina fans will love it and new fans should embrace it. »»

VIII - 9.24.08

While I've been writing reviews and the occasional A Moment's All I Ask here at MGF for a while now, I've been wanting to shake things up a bit by starting a new column. So, welcome to the first edition of VIII, where I will regularly feature eight performers or albums that are on the move, all of whom you should know about. ... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 9.12.08

The top story of the VMAs this year was Britney Spears, and only for the right reasons this time. She is back in her healthy form, looking balanced and happy, and I'm honestly thrilled that she's back. She swept the awards after not winning in the past and I hope this is a sign of good things to come. ... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 8.24.08

Normally, I try to pay as little attention as possible to former American Idol star Clay Aiken and "Shake Your Bon Bon" Ricky Martin. The rumor mill/gossip has suggested, that perhaps, Aiken and Martin are gay. Recently, both Aiken and Martin have recently become fathers, both via artificial insemination to surrogate mothers. I believe that every celebrity deserves the right to have privacy in their personal lives, however, if you're going to make moves such as this, why not go ahead and come out if you are indeed gay? It's 2008, you can be out, I'm openly bisexual and out, does that make you feel any better guys? Just checking. »»

MGF Reviews One Block Radius - One Block Radius

Mercury /Island Def Jam recording artist, One Block Radius, are a combo of old and new school, with a sound that combines pop, R&B, funk and hip-hop. The trio, made up of Chico, CA native Mary James, Indiana-born DJ MDA and San Francisco's MC Z-Man, counts among their influences hard-core prog-rap pioneers like De La Soul and Cypress Hill, ska-rockers Sublime and classic '80s soul crooners like Stevie Winwood, Hall and Oates and David Bowie, synthesized into a melting pop that effortlessly crosses genres. This group samples the White Stripes for "Mama's Heart," they have no problem making it all work itself out with ease. »»

MGF Reviews Jon Peter Lewis - Break the Silence

Former American Idol contestant Jon Peter Lewis' sophomore LP is both emotionally charged and pop-hooked filled, as the songwriting is pretty solid and Lewis' talent doesn't fail him when applied appropriately. ... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 6.24.08

I've been stewing on some different albums for a few weeks, undecided on what I'd recommend. Here are some quick takes... »»

MGF Reviews Some Velvet Morning - Silence Will Kill You

I haven’t heard a British rock band sound so good in years and Silence Will Kill You is now one of my favorite albums to date. Meet foot stomping rock n’ roll, music to give you a swift kick in the ass to feel better and addictive indie tunes with power: meet Some Velvet Morning. It’s eleven songs on Silence Will Kill You, of emotionally driven, catchy lyrics that urges you to add your voice and participate in human history. Silence Will Kill You encourages human involvement and there is no excuse to be passive after hearing this record. This is more than just a rock n’ roll album put together to have some fun on a Saturday night, it’s music that wants you to think. »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 5.23.08

I can finally say at the conclusion of this year's American Idol, that America got it right, David Cook won. Even though David Archuleta had the better night, from a overall perspective, Cook is the most marketable and versatile of the two Davids. Archuleta will get a record deal and will still be the Idol of the teenage girls, but Cook is going to be blazing out of the cannon carrying the Idol brand, the way Daughtry could have. It's nice to see two guys who were the two best and most deserving in the final spots. »»

MGF Reviews Leona Lewis - Spirit

By now, you've heard the comparisons to Whitney and Mariah, and as Leona Lewis soars as the newest pop diva of 2008, I think those comparisons are justifiable. Plus, Lewis could be working towards a first-name basis with America, now, as the heavy promotions are paying off. ... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 5.15.08

There's not much to say about Idol this week except that Syesha Mercado, though she's too graceful about it, was practically set up by the judges in hard criticism over songs that were chosen for her, with the exception of her decision to do "Fever" (complete with chair). Every week I've pointed out that David Archuleta is never held to the same high standards as anyone else on the show, and as such, Simon had determined that Syesha's performance this week wasn't going to be enough to get her through to the finals. Regardless, Syesha was graceful and poised, as I expected her to be, and I never would have thought that she would turn up her personality, relax and have fun over these last few weeks. I had been thinking she should have gone home, but after seeing her transformation, she has really won me over as a fan. I definitely believe she has a successful Broadway career ahead of her (Chicago and/or RENT, perhaps?) and would absolutely shine on a classic jazz album. This will not be the last time you hear from Miss Syesha. »»

MGF Reviews Curtain Call, Vol. 2: New Songs from Past American Idol Finalists

Unless you want to intentionally hear a sampler of past American Idol runners-up, then Curtain Call Volume 2 probably won't be for you. This rather slapdash and hit-or-miss compilation features former Idol hopefuls Aliana Alexander, Rudy Cardenas, Sarah Mather and Gedeon L. McKinney. If you were hoping for Mandisa, perhaps, then you'll be disappointed, as she's mysteriously nowhere to be found. ... »»

MGF Reviews We Are Scientists - Brain Thrust Mastery

We Are Scientists - Brain Thrust Mastery Astralwerks (U.K./Europe: 3/25/08, North America: 5/13/08) Rock / Electronic / Punk We Are Scientists, consisting of guitarist/lead singer Keith Murray and bassist Chris Cain, are what the Scissor Sisters would be on low-heat, but with spicy, savory lyrical and indie-rock substance. Their press materials are charming, New York band blah blah blah and here comes the good part: "Nine years later, the band has long-since relocated to New York City, seen many countries their parents swore to them were 'myth, accursed myth,' and finally dated girls." Good stuff! The theme of Brain Thrust Mastery is also good stuff (maybe even great) focusing on relationships, misunderstandings, promises and continuing. "Ghouls" has a rock-and-roll sound with almost a disco trailing speed and the constant repeating of the lyric: "We all recognize that I'm the problem here". "Let's See It" focuses on the belief between two people and how they are going to see it one way and you're going to see it in another. In the UK, the new single, "After Hours", is climbing up the charts and I have no doubt that it will crossover well in the States. It's got hit written all over it, taking the shared experience of being somewhere late with someone and the hope that after hours will keep time meaningless yet meaningful. »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 5.7.08

America actually got it right this week on American Idol, by sending Jason Castro home, where, let's face it, he wanted to be anyway. Somehow, Jason didn't seem to care anymore either way, with rumors running around that he was weirded out by all the attention/fame he's been getting lately (150 balloons, random affection from female fans). Jason should have gone weeks ago, but now, the lone girl (Syesha Mercado) and the two Davids are in the final stretch. It was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week and there was really nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary other than Jason screwing up the one Bob Dylan song I learned in high school ("Tambourine Man"), and later doing a version of "I Shot the Sheriff". David Cook did "Hungry Like the Wolf", by Duran Duran, and all I could think about was Duran Duran doing the song overlaying his version. Later on, he did "Baba O'Riley" by The Who, and that was much better and much more suited for his style. And for the most part, it really seemed like another pretty comfortable week for David. »»

MGF Reviews Landon Pigg - Coffee Shop

Landon Pigg - Coffee Shop (EP) RCA Records (2008) Folk rock / Pop I could fall madly in love with Landon Pigg's vocals when he starts singing on the gorgeous "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop", a track that became a digital hit on iTunes and MySpace late last year after being featured in the "A Diamond Is Forever" campaign. The 24-year-old Nashville songwriter has a heart-leveling intimacy in his music that one doesn't hear everyday. Pigg considers his music to be "cinematic vibes," and his work is very visual, with that movie soundtrack quality, that makes him contemporary and likable. Pigg has been touring with Gavin DeGraw, and his music is naturally a compliment to DeGraw's acoustic-pop/rock style. The aforementioned "Coffee Shop" is perfect just the way it is—a romantic and simple ode of love—as there's something in his voice that's slightly reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian. Pigg also does a reworked "Young at Heart", making it truly his own without disrespecting Frank Sinatra's version, while shifting the tone of the song to one of complete vulnerability. "Great Companion" has a familiar quality to it, with the easily relatable lyrics: "And our history will never be erased / You were a great companion / And some memories will never ever fade / So I love and so I hate" »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 4.30.08

Well, it was Neil Diamond week on American Idol; yeah everyone, let's get really excited... I hate to say it, but I'm a very, very, very passive Neil Diamond fan. I had no idea how much I'd not enjoy his catalogue until the contestants had to sing from it this week. Don't get me wrong, Neil seems like a great guy, but I think he's a better songwriter than an actual performer. Since I had to go through it, let's just sum up Tuesday night as easily as possible: For the first song set, everything was pretty standard, and nothing jumped out as particularly memorable. Then Paula flaked and we got some of her infamous "forward thinking" while critiquing Jason Castro on his two songs, though in actuality he only performed one. Hilarious and embarassing. »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 4.24.08

I think I want a moment of silence, as my Carly is now off of American Idol, after singing "Jesus Christ Superstar". What the hell, America? We'll talk about who should have gone down in a second, but I'm confident that Carly is going to resurface on the pop/rock scene sooner than later. If the record company that signs her markets her correctly, she could be a great opener for Pink. She went out fiercely, and by the way, she needs to market the "Simon Loves Me" shirt; despite it being the kiss of death, I think she could earn a sizable income of selling it to Idol fans. Now on to the recap of the Broadway... I mean, Andrew Lloyd Webber show: Syesha sang "One Rock 'n' Roll Too Many" and for the first time on this show, was truly in her element. It looks like she has found her niche and personality, and that's on a stage in a production. She looked sexy, acted sassy and did not deserve to be in the bottom two tonight, at all. »»

MGF Reviews The B-52s - Funplex

Loud, savvy and traditionally nontraditional, The B-52s are back with their first record of the 21st century called Funplex, released on March 25th. Pumping rock and dance with their trademark vocal interplay between Kate Pierson, Fred Scheider, Keith Strickland and Cindy Wilson is showcased all over this album. There isn’t any point in this album where the mood isn’t upbeat and fun. »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 4.17.08

Mariah Carey, the female leading entertainer that has been in her own category forever, gracefully coached the Idollites this week, where, let's face it, we just wanted to see "hot and workin' it!" Mariah and had zero expectations for anyone to soar. And overall, this week Idol birthed a star in David Cook. David Archuleta, who I'm starting to feel sorry for because in no way did he actually choose to wear leather pants for his "When You Believe" performance, tackled it well as I expected as he would, and he made it cute while being faced with the daring task of starting first. Of course, this meant that throughout the rest of the show, the singers had to raise their game by default since Archuleta is expected to at least be in the top three. And Mariah's not mad at him. My dear Carly Smithson was in serious trouble this week. She has the chops to hold her own, vocally, on the show, yet she has yet to reach for that golden moment, as failing to do so could have really cost her this week. Nothing special about her performance of "Without You", as she wasn't relaxed, and needs to go back to the weeks where she tapped into her relaxed, carefree energy. Right now, just like Simon said, she's overthinking everything. »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 4.10.08

Since I last wrote, the cruise ship singer (and I'm not talking about Danny), Ramiele, has been voted off and this week, we're in Idol overload. The saddest part of all? Kristy Lee Cook is fairing the best of the women right now! How in the hell did that happen?! I don't even want to recap "Inspirational" night, so let's get to the "star-studded" Idol Gives Back. »»

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