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FlashForward (Part One, Season One) - DVD Review

[FlashForward] feels like Lost lite and that can't be a good thing. »»

The Crazies - Blu-ray Review

The Crazies is a movie whose engine runs solely on its director's anger and it's a pretty amazing thing to watch for that reason alone. »»

The Donner Party - DVD Review

his isn't a slasher movie gussied up to look like a period piece. It is first and foremost a drama, which actually casts into great relief the inevitable murder and gore. A strong cast helps the whole thing along. »»

The Stepfather - DVD Review

The Stepfather feels perfunctory, with all the basic steps of a slasher with not much personality and no new twists. »»

Alone in the Dark II - DVD Review

Alone in the Dark II is a poor movie without even the over-the-top badness to make it fun. »»

Righteous Ties - DVD Review

Righteous Ties is a clever twist on a well worn genre, though the blending of crime and comedy doesn't always work. »»

Whiteout - DVD Review

It's sort of mystifying that the movie Whiteout turns out to be as bad as it is. The book by Greg Rucka & Steve Lieber was tense, claustrophobic fun. Director Dominic Sena knows his way around action and big budget movies. Ditto Kate Beckins »»

The Toolbox Murders - Blu-ray Review

The Toolbox Murders won't let exploitation fans down. If this is your genre, you should own this. »»

Ghost Machine - DVD Review

Ghost Machine sets the bar pretty high for a direct-to-video flick, but it still falls short in concept and execution. »»

The House on Sorority Row - DVD Review

The House on Sorority Row is an uneven '80s slasher with a few inspired moments, though anyone who finds the genre tiresome should stay away. »»

Best of the Aughts - Documentaries

Pity the documentary - the saddest and most ignored film genre. »»

The Canyon - DVD Review

What it all comes down to is - if you can't root for your heroes because they are too stupid to live, you won't be sad if they die. »»

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: A Very Sunny Christmas - Blu-ray Review

This special is kind of a shame, considering how much of an open, bleeding heart many folks have for Christmas. »»

It's a Wonderful Life - DVD Review

It's a Wonderful Life is a perfect movie, one that accomplishes everything it sets out to do and does it in a way no other movie has done since. »»

Humpday - DVD Review

That Humpday is based on such a simple idea and that the simple idea had never really been exploited - considering all the buddy comedies we've seen even just since Judd Apatow hit the scene - is kind of a miracle. »»

Hardware - Blu-ray Review

The sci-fi slasher flick Hardware comes on like some mad nightmarish version of Short Circuit »»

Eagles Over London - DVD Review

Eagles Over London is a grainy, low budget, hard-nosed WWII film from the '60s that turns a game of war time cat and mouse into a enjoyable couple of hours. »»

Miracle on 34th Street (1947) - Blu-ray Review

The original Miracle on 34th Street, made all the way back in 1947, still rings true and stands easily along other classics of the Christmas movie genre. »»

Orphan - DVD Review

If you're the kind of person who watches whatever is left of The Bad Seed when you find it on TV, this movie will probably bring you a lot of happiness. »»

Miracle on 34th Street (1994) - Blu-ray Review

For a remake, 1994's Miracle on 34th Street is surprisingly old fashioned, which is good because all it needed was some kid teaching Santa Claus to breakdance and the whole thing would've been down the tubes. »»

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead - Blu-ray Review

It's a chore to sit through and will prove most likely to be a waste of your time should you choose to do so. »»

The Butcher - DVD Review

The Butcher is as sick and repellent as movies come. There are no characters and there is no story - it is an endurance test. It also happens to be an exceedingly well made endurance test, most likely because it was made by people who love this stuff. »»

P - DVD Review

P is not a scary movie and though its ambitions are large, they don't make up for this tame film. »»

Il Divo - DVD Review

Servillo plays Andreotti like a cross between Droopy the Dog and Nosferatu, hunched and creepy, but also sort of lovable. Is he really responsible for all the mayhem going on around him? Of course he is. »»

Medicine for Melancholy - DVD Review

Medicine for Melancholy is a simple movie that sometimes moves too slow, but delivers a real, heartfelt story that's worth a watch. »»

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 4 - DVD Review

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 4 takes a solid concept and squeezes every bit of comic juice out of it. A very fun show. »»

Wrong Turn - Blu-ray Review

Wrong Turn is as lean and mean as horror movies come, not without its flaws but strong enough to warrant repeat viewings. »»

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End - Blu-ray Review

A little hackery is expected and forgiven, but only because there are surprises to be had here, too. Though the movie falters a bit with some so-so dialogue and stock characters, it also twists some genre conventions perfectly and that makes this movie worth a look. »»

The New York Ripper - Blu-ray Review

And while there's plenty of gore to be prepared for, what can't be prepared for is this voice. This maniac, who literally slices the guts out of his victims, sounds like a duck. »»

Lie to Me: Season One - DVD Review

Fox has built itself a nice business out of genius doctor shows. House and Fringe have both found quick and devoted audiences. The first season of Lie to Me one ups both of these series and takes the whole genre to a new level. »»

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