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Peter and Uncle Ben by Timothy Lim

"To anyone who hasn't been reading Spider-Man recently... this summarizes basically everything that's happened in the last 5 years. Yes, it's ridiculous." »»

CANDORVILLE: Mid-Story Retconning (October 10, 2010)

Random Comment: "Trying to get a strip in Texas public school science books?" - kencollier »»

All You Need To Know About One Moment In Time...

When a picture's worth four issues, half of which is reprinted material altered to suit editorial mandate. »»

Greg Manuel, doin' some Stand-up Next Week!

Come check me out at Stand Up New York, doin' some snappy, Sinbad-esque material. (Well not really, because I like to curse - but come on out anyway!) »»

I'm Just Sayin'...#84

We're not quite done talking about filesharing, torrenting and downloading comics, so come on in and join the discussion! »»

Let's Be Friends Again: June 28, 2010

"Superman goes in search of the Real America. He could probably just ask Sarah Palin for directions. Come to think of it, they both have homes in frigid environments. And, uh, well I guess that’s where it stops." »»

Want to Read Something Fun?

A perspective of the Star Wars Saga that not many have ever considered before...ENJOY! »»

I'm Just Sayin'...#83

We've got a king-sized edition of I'M JUST SAYIN' today, and I hope you read through to the end. Should lead to some interesting discussion! »»

Captain America vs. Sally Floyd - THIS IS THE REMIX!

Need a reminder of why Sally Floyd is one of the suckiest characters ever conceived in the history of fiction? has the goods for you, right here! »»

Doonesbury: June 7 - June 12, 2010

The classic satire strip takes on the BP spill! »»

Of Noobs and Men: "To a Brighter Tomorrow" by Evan Hodgins

You ever notice how seldom "The Amazing Spider-Man" is reviewed on this site, nowadays? Yeah, here's probably why... »»

(Th)ink: The Summer Assignment

"Oil spill...can't do any worse" - Keith Knight »»

I'm Just Sayin'...#82 on Joe Quesada's Marvel Promotion and More

We got a little more about death in comics, and then we talk some more about Captain America and movie adaptations in this edition of I'M JUST SAYIN'...! »»

Strewth! the Famous Webcomic by Josh Way

You are now hooked. Don't try to fight it... »»

Electron Boy TO THE RESCUE!

I love this story SO much! »»

FYI: If You Buy a Marvel Comic, Chances Are You're Paying More For Less

Plus a Public Service Announcement thrown in for kicks! »»

Let's Be Friends Again: May 18, 2010

Red Skull, everybody! »»

Doonesbury: May 3 - May 8, 2010

It was NOT easy waiting until the whole week of strips was done...enjoy! »»

I'm Just Sayin'...#81

This week we talk about the death of Nightcrawler, and the importance of the superhero concept. C'mon in and sit a spell! »»

I'm Just Sayin'...#80: April Firsts, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, Young Justice and more

I give my "April Firsts" selection, and talk about some new stuff in the world of comics (and some old stuff made up to LOOK like new stuff!) in this edition of I'M JUST SAYIN'...! »»

Let's Be Friends Again: April 30, 2010

"Yes, this terrifying zone is real. Don’t get on Richards’ bad side, or you’ll spend the rest of your days in the null area of a Newsarama fanboy thread. You’ve been warned." - Curt Franklin »»

'Blackest Night' in 60 Seconds...

Brought to you on April 7th, 2010 by Chris Sims at! »»

I'm Just Sayin'...#79

Sidekicks in Big-Boy masks, DC kicks their animated features up three notches and some grumbling about cover prices - that's all right here, right now at I'M JUST SAYIN'... »»

I'm Just Sayin'...Ides of March Edition

Three guesses on what I picked... »»

Let's Be Friends Again: March 10, 2010

"The latest in our ongoing series of 'Let’s never get hired to do real comics!' comics." - Curt Franklin, Chris Haley »»

I'm Just Sayin'...#78

Hey, Joe: one of your writers bullied a Nexus editor into altering the content of a review he didn't like. If you wanna apologize for THAT, we're waiting... »»

I'm Just Sayin'...#77

It's a New Year, and we are ready for more of I'M JUST SAYIN'! Time to do this thing for Twenty-Ten! »»


And Stan bless us...EVERY one! »»

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