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The Weekly Round-Up #254

Best Comic of the Week: BPRD Hell on Earth #124 - Here’s something we don’t see all that often with BPRD, a done-in-one story that focuses on just how changed and messed up the world is these days.  This issue is centred on a guy who works at a »»

Retro-Review: The Avengers #288-304

The Avengers #288-304 (February 1988-June 1989) Written by Ralph Macchio (#288-290, 300-303), Mark Gruenwald (#290, 301-303), Walter Simonson (#291-300), and Danny Fingeroth (#304) Breakdowns by John Buscema (#288-300), Walter Simonson (#30 »»

The Weekly Round-Up #253

Featuring Wytches, Batgirl, Axis, and so much more! »»

Retro Review: The Avengers #255-287

Avengers #255-287 (May 1985 - January 1988 Written by Roger Stern, except for #280 (written by Bob Harras) and #286-287 (scripted by Ralph Macchio from a plot by Stern) Breakdowns by John Buscema, finishes by Tom Palmer, except for #280, pencil »»

The Weekly Round-Up #252

Best Comic of the Week: Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1 - To be clear from the start, I hate the notion that Nick Fury has secretly been fighting cosmic battles for years (with no apparent intelligence network to warn him of coming attacks from »»

The Weekly Round-Up #251

Best Comic of the Week: Outcast #4 - Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta are really firing on all cylinders with this title.  It’s not the thrill-a-minute ride we usually expect from Kirkman’s writing, but is instead a well-paced, methodical explor »»

The Weekly Round-Up #250

This is my 250th week of writing this column for Inside Pulse!  To celebrate, I was going to wrap the column in a nice shiny 3D cover, and charge you all an extra dollar to read it, but I can't figure out how to do that over the Internet, so instead »»

The Weekly Round-Up #249

This was a pretty strange, independent kind of week, where even the comics I bought from the Big Two had more of an indie vibe about them.  I like weeks like that. I had a thought this week about the DC Futures End event, and how it pertains to s »»

Review: Seconds A Graphic Novel by Scott Pilgrim Creator Byran Lee O'Malley

Why has Scott Pilgrim's creator's newest work demanded that James review it? »»

The Weekly Round-UP #242 With Zero, Archer & Armstrong, Saga, Star Wars & More

The best of the best from the week that was. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #232 With The Walking Dead #127 & A Whole Lot More!

The best of the best from the week that was. »»

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