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Survivor – Arts & Craftiness

Sigh. This was not the best episode of the season, was it? Whenever a player wants out of the game, energy gets sucked out of the season. Once her BFF Hali was voted out, Jenn was ready to follow in her footsteps. It made for a dreary episode. It »»

Game of Thrones – Season Five Premiere

I really liked the episode, and I was pleasantly surprised to be able to follow the entire storyline. »»

Mad Men Review: Au Revoir

Hmm. With only a handful of Mad Men episodes left, I have to say it: this week’s episode didn’t spend these precious remaining moments with people I particularly cared about. »»

Survivor – Red, White & Blue

Welcome back to Survivor and Team Merica. Over on Team Merica, everyone is “cool, calm and collective”. Even though there is some kind of dispute over food distribution – but Rodney talks such nonsense, I never got a grasp on what t »»

Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 7 Review - Mergers and Acquisitions

OK! This week on Survivor, the tribes merged. »»

Girls – Random Thoughts On Season 4

HBO’s show Girls has concluded its fourth season, after ten episodes that spanned many places – both geographically and emotionally. »»

The Mindy Project - Thoughts On Season 3

The Mindy Project just completed a third season, and Fox has yet to renew it for a fourth. I really, really, REALLY hope they do. »»

Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 6 Review - Throwback Wednesday

After last week’s vote, Shirin was worried that she might have an annoying personality. »»

Thoughts On Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Here are my thoughts... »»

Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 4 & 5 Review - Bro Down

This week we were treated to a Survivor double-header. »»

Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 3 Review - Yo Mama

This was a rather predictable episode of Survivor, but I like how this season is shaping up. »»

The Bachelor - Season Finale Review - A Proposal & Two Bachelorettes

Well folks, we’re finally here. The finale episode. Will Chris choose Whitney or Becca? »»

The Amazing Race - Episode 2 Review - Dating Game

This season of The Amazing Race has a new twist: half the teams are dating couples, and the other half are on "blind dates." That’s right – they are literal STRANGERS who have been paired up to run the race together. »»

Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 2 Review - Cause You Know I Love The Players, And You Love The Game

First things first: the Survivor pool. I did not fare well this time, kids. »»

Initial Thoughts On Better Call Saul

I was intrigued, though not necessarily enthused, by the idea of a Breaking Bad spinoff. »»

The Bachelor - The Women Tell All Review Women Tell All, But Say Little

This week, the women tell all! Ah, this is the episode I live for. When everyone has to awkwardly face their poor behavior while trying to audition to be the next bachelorette. »»

Parks and Recreation: Series Finale Review - Saying Goodbye To A Favorite, Funny, Feminist Show

It’s late Wednesday night as I write this and so many great reviews, think-pieces, Q&As and nostalgic looks back have already been published about Parks and Recreation. »»

Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 1 Review - And So It Goes

Survivor is back for its thirtieth season this year. »»

The Bachelor - Episode 8 Review - Hometown Funk (Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch!)

I've already recapped Sunday night's episode of The Bachelor, and I can't believe I'm investing another two hours in this show tonight. Overkill! »»

The Bachelor - Episode 7 Review - Iowa/I-Owe-Ya

THREE HOURS of The Bachelor aired on Sunday night, with another episode airing MOnday. That is a lot of time spent listening to Chris' girlish giggle. »»

The Bachelor - Episode 6 Review - “The Perfect Place To Fall In Love, Or Get Shot In The Back”

Kelsey eventually got up, was comforted by Chris, and then annoyed all the other girls with her insincere apologies and embarrassment. »»

Parks and Recreation Thoughts – Treat Yo Self in Beverly Hiiiiiiiiiiills!

Thursday night’s episodes of Parks and Recreation were both solid, but given my affection for “Treat Yo Self”, I enjoyed the second episode most. »»

The Bachelor - Episode 4 Review - The Virgin Diaries

I was worried, guys! I was worried that storm coverage would keep me from watching The Bachelor tonight, and what a disaster that would have been! Luckily, a blizzard couldn’t stop this drama. »»

Parks and Recreation - Say Hello to 2017

I am not ready for Parks and Recreation to end. It has been my favorite comedy on TV for many years now, and I can’t think of a single sitcom I watch right now that even comes close to making me laugh as much. »»

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