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Arthur is told he is under consideration to be ambassador to China, which threatens his relationship with Joan.

Though under orders to stay away from Simon, Annie obtains additional information about him, as a gift from Eyal. However, I think that time will show us that Agent Walker (Annie) has feelings she is not ready to deal with when it comes to both Simon and dare I say Auggie too!

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Covert Affairs – Episode 3-3 – “The Last Thing You Should Do” Tue, 07 Aug 2012 23:41:56 +0000 While visiting the Red Sea with Parker (his fiance) and some Peace Corps friends, Auggie and the group are held hostage by a group of pirates led by an american ex-pat with ties to Annie’s new superior.

Annie must make the hard choices when things go wrong and either trust her instincts when it comes to Auggie and herself as former and current supervisors collide.

Auggie is forced to disclose his CIA status with Parker and her response is not what he expected.

The tragic and complex relationship between Auggie and Annie provides much needed heart and drama to this amazing series that grows with each episode.×120.jpg

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Covert Affairs – Episode 3-2 – “Sound and Vision” Tue, 07 Aug 2012 22:41:35 +0000 In this weeks superior episode of Covert Affairs we see Annie and Auggie team up for a special project. Posing as a married couple Auggie and Annie must make a money change with a hacker Red Rover and as always complications arise quickly.

Amid struggle from inside forces colliding against each other Annie has to question her loyalty to her new superior as well as her relationship with Auggie when he reveals intentions to ask Parker to marry him.

Annie has crossed boundaries this season and this episode is no exception… Agent Walker is becoming a fult tilt CIA operative, but at what cost?

Still very little development in the Jai car bombing sideplot but I feel like its coming soon, stay tuned!

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Covert Affairs – Episode 3-4 – “Speed of Life” Tue, 07 Aug 2012 22:39:46 +0000 Annie Walker’s asset and questionable lover Simon calls and informers her that he is in DC for a surprise visit. This happens to coincide with DIP defense contracts have been stolen and the burglar has ties to Simon and his nefarious deeds.

Annie is now forced to allow Simon into her life as the CIA prepares a residence for her and Simon to share as a love nest before he concludes his business.

Forced to choose between here FBI contacts and her desire to keep Simon as an asset Agent Walker is forced to make a tough call when Simon chooses “work” over Annie. With her cover seemingly blown, Annie is transferred back to Joan’s department. However, Simon later pulls up to Annie, admits that he likes her, and she gets into his car.

Newly-engaged Parker struggles with Auggie being a CIA agent and questions their past, which results in her breaking off their engagement. He later gets drunk and gets arrested for a random public fight. It’s this on again off again situation that usually turns viewers off in the long haul but I have hopes that Covert Affairs will allow the fans the relationships that give the show heart along with the danger that makes it great!

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Covert Affairs – Episode 3-1 – “Hang on to Yourself” Tue, 17 Jul 2012 18:16:24 +0000

This week Covert Affairs returned with a bang in its third season opener. SPOILERS AHEAD…




Season 3 starts with the ever beautiful Annie Walker back on the mission. This season promises to show a softer side of Annie as well as a transition from rookie agent to seasoned professional.

Opening with the death of series regular Jai Wilcox (Heroes star Sendhil Ramamurthy), Covert Affairs has decided to shake up the show from start to finish.

Agent Walkers’ removal from the DPD and new assignment leaves her without a support team and under the guidance of new supervisor (Sarah Clark of 24 fame). A supervisor who plays by her own set of rules and apparently gets the job done could be just what Covert Affairs needs to stay fresh in the new season but Clark’s villainous role in 24 may have you wondering about her true intentions.

This writer just hopes that they dont forget that Auggie and Danielle are the heart of this show and excluding them from too much fun could be counter productive.

Also in the premier are series regulars Kari Matchett and Peter Gallagher who always perform at a superior level.

While Annie’s mission this week takes a back seat to the interpersonal development I cant help but think we will see more of maybe he is maybe he isn’t KGB agent Simon. Watch for a sexy and shocking shower scene towards the end!

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The Client List – Episode 1-1 Series Pilot – “The Rub of Sugarland” Wed, 11 Apr 2012 21:43:37 +0000 Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Riley Parks, a Texas single mom who is left alone (a change from last years made for TV movie) with her children by her husband Kyle. Riley gets hired at a massage parlor called The Rub. Faced with a tough decision, Riley decides that in order to protect and provide for her family who continues to struggle financially, she must do what she has to do. Which is apparently hand-jobs with a side of compassion.

Here’s the thing for me folks, this show is a train wreck of epic proportions. Not only is the acting laughable, Jennifer Love Hewitt is so unconvincing as a down south struggling bride unfamiliar with her own hotness that it borderlines on the insane. The talents of Loretta Divine and Cybil Shepard are wasted in a television show who’s marketing hype (ADDICTED TO LOVE VIDEO?) was clearly JLH’s “assets” and not the content of the show.

However, its the shows premise that I have a fundamental problem with. This show is about a mother who struggles with the lose of her husband (who left her, not died), who has a support system (brother in law and possible future love interest, her mother, and her community), drives and SUV, lives in her own home, and decides that because the struggle to maintain the bills is too much, she turns to the rough and rugged world of tug jobs.

My issue is not that she is a prostitute. Don’t kid yourselves here, she is. Sometimes people sink to the bottom and need to resort to anything to survive, I can at least comprehend that, however this woman was suffering in middle class mediocrity and decided that the old stump rub was the best way out. Fine, I accept even this, the craziest of all premises. However, do not try and convince me that she is just being a strong independent woman who is doing what she can for the kids, because now your just insulting us viewers.

Sell the gas guzzler, downgrade to a smaller house or apartment, have  mom chip in on rent! These are things that I would try, you know, before jerkin’ the gherkin for cash.

We get it OK, you want us to see her in her underwear. She’s hot and sells the show but can I please watch one of the classier shows like Army Wives without having my whole family exposed to The Ghost Whisper’s fun bags?

The network surprises me with this one really, I understand that money talks and sex sells but for a company that built its name of strong movies and series revolving around women this shock and awe approach at TV seems more MTV than Lifetime. This is not about role models, not about strong women, not about struggling to survive. This is about taking the quick and easy way out instead of buckling down and working hard, like the rest of us.

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One Tree Hill – Episode 9-13 Series Finale – “One Tree Hill” Mon, 09 Apr 2012 19:36:36 +0000 The final episode of Mark Schwahn’s nine year epic teen drama, One Tree Hill, has closed its doors and with it a generation of Tree Hill Raven’s fans will feel the lose of the family and team. While the final seasons of One Tree Hill may be had mixed reaction with its core audience the fact of the matter remains that One Tree Hill has stood the test of time and after standing alongside major network blowhards like Lost, House and Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill was always able to escape what, often times, looked like clear cancellation. Nine years of basketball, heartbreak and inspirational literary quotes later, One Tree Hill says goodbye to fans that are more like family and a family in the millions. This season finale however was more of an homage to the past 9 years than lateral storytelling. Simply giving us glimpses at the current characters lives and how they have moved on while paying respect to the core cast, One Tree Hill, and Mark Schwahn put forth a mighty goodbye that only slightly felt empty with the lack of Lucas and Peyton.

One Tree Hill premiered on September 23, 2003, for The WB network, a precursor to The CW that we have now. This unique drama combined family values, sportsmanship and popular music and although the ratings have started off small, by the end of Seasons 1 OTH had a loyal and rabid fan base that was willing to follow its stars on music venue tours, mall appearances and just about everywhere else!

Although One Tree Hill at its beginning was about the struggles between half brothers and bitter enemies Lucas and Nathan Scott, the real and everlasting core of this show was family. As we forged our way together with the teens of One Tree Hill we overcame teen pregnancy, parental neglect and death, cancer, stalking, marriage, graduation, child birth and many other daily struggles. One Tree Hill never forgot where it’s fans came from, often integrating popular music and advertising with story lines, as well as occasional appearances by musical icons like Lupe Fiasco and Fall Out Boy.

One Tree Hill was a formulaic teen drama at its finest. The angst, the love, the pretty faces and the heart felt honesty in the writing is what made us proud to stand on the sidelines as Lucas played his final basketball game ever, that made us cheer when Nathan finally became a Bobcat and was signed to an NBA contract, when Brooke Davis, the girl behind the red door, finally had the family she wanted, when Dan Scott became a hero and was ushered to the next world along side his big brother, all these moments and moments of bitter truths and honesty are why One Tree Hill will stand tall in a sea of under achieving cookie cutter teen drams after it.

While art and basketball where the prominent feature of One Tree Hill, it was music that became the literal “sound track of their lives”. Using the emotional connection teens and young adults often have with music One Tree Hill would brilliantly blend music into the background of this phenomenal television series. Often I would find myself reflecting on the music of my youth and how a music video or song could change the course of my day, and it was in these moments that we fell in love with One Tree Hill’s Iconic Blonde, Peyton Sawyer. If basketball was the muscle, family is the heart, then music is the soul of One Tree Hill and at least this viewer, writer, father, and fan, would like to thank One Tree Hill, its cast, its writer and creator, and everyone on set, for giving us 9 of the best years we never had.

One Tree Hill – Always & Forever.×120.jpg?rand=588456

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Psych – Episode 6-7 Review – “In For A Penny…” Mon, 05 Dec 2011 16:15:33 +0000 When Juliet is surprised by the return of her con man father (The Captain himself, William Shatner!) its up to Shawn and Gus to help bring the feuding family together for Jules birthday celebrations, but will the score of a life time be too much for daddy to pass up?

Guest Star William Shatner steals the show here folks! As a non-Shatner fan for many years I was surprised at the subtlety of Shatner’s performance. Of course you get the over the top William Shatner we have all come to expect, and you even get a little of that new awkward William Shatner here too, but the icing on the cake here is the real moments, the times when it seems Shatner lets his guard down and acts like an actor. Delivering a performance that might shock some non believers.

Roday and Hill both had to bring their A game when it came to standing with “The Captain” and neither actor disappointed. Actually, the only real disappointment for this viewer was that Woody The Coroner was nowhere to be found this episode!

Catch Psych on USA!×120.jpg

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Covert Affairs – Episode 2-15 Review – “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” Mon, 05 Dec 2011 15:03:56 +0000 An MI6 operative (Tony Curran) mistakes Annie for an actual Smithsonian employee and attempts to recruit her for a covert op he bases on a hunch about a “dodgy” art restorer at the museum. Annie Walker, double agent? Yes, please!

Everything that is great about Covert Affairs is showcased in this episode. Piper Perabo displays the perfect mixture of fun and dangerous meets girl next door vulnerability. You believe Annie and more importantly you believe in Annie.

Cautiously tiptoeing towards a relationship with Auggie (at least in my opinion) Perabo’s portrayal of Agent Walker makes her all the more lovable.

In the end, “Whats the Frequency, Kenneth?” is one of those SPY episodes, and if your looking to have some fun, go on a wild ride, and maybe, just maybe, fall in love, do yourself a favor and check out Covert Affairs on USA!×120.jpg

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Covert Affairs – Episode 2-14 Review – “Horse to Water” Mon, 05 Dec 2011 14:33:20 +0000 After the murder of an asset in Russia, Annie must consider the possibility that the daughter of a CIA analyst, imprisoned for selling intelligence, is involved with her father’s plan and has to keep an eye on her, but which daughter?

I dont know if it was the pneumonia I was nursing or the cough syrup I manged to choke down but this episode was a rare miss. Once again Sendhill Ramamurthy as Jai Wilcox is reduced to being a barely (in this case, not at all) competent flunky who once again needs bailed out by someone with real know how and field experience.

The gleaming light of hope in this weeks monster of an episode was Christopher Gorham’s Augie. The actors emotional range is so much broader than the actors previous work and I for one cant wait to see where this young mans career takes him.

Catch Covert Affairs on USA!×120.jpg

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