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MGF Presents My Top 21 of the 21st (So Far...)

Each of these albums (or songs) from the past ten years, I can listen to right now and be satisfied. Here’s why... »»

Memos&Musings: In Case You Didn't Know So...

Recently, I’ve been having this problem; this eerie, daunting feeling that I just can’t shake. I know it’s kind of deep when you’re just speaking about music, but it’s kinda like the feeling "Murder Was the Case" gave me when I was... »»

Memos&Musings: Blog Nation

Blogging. Blogging. Blogging. You say it so much that your tongue goes numb. We all live in a blog-crazed, pop-music-obsessed world. No more aspirations to be a writer or a journalist... just a blogger. Has blogging taken the place of journalism or is it merely an extension of journalism? The collapse of Vibe made me question the direction of music writing. It's unfortunate to imagine, but The Source may soon be knocked out of the box by online music blogging—hip-hop bible or not. And dear, sweet Rolling Stone may soon fade into the pages of history, so run and get your soon-to-be-ancient artifacts. Seeing that blogging has become so sensationalized, should there be credentials put in place in order for one to be called a blogger, or would that suck the fun out of it? This is a phenomenon that has taken the place of traditional journalism, so maybe there should be some standards set forth. »»

MGF Reviews Amy Serrata - Amy Serrata

What is to be said about an artist as unique as Amy Serrata? She is defining herself with her art and refusing to be anyone’s doll. Her music is inimitable, with an undertone of sassiness and light-heartedness. Her inspirational self-titled debut will ascend your spirits... »»

MGF Reviews MSTRKRFT - Fist of God

Fist of God does not fit snugly into any one category, as it's just all over the place with guest artists. And honestly, there are no real filler tracks that need to be skipped or suffered through just to get to the next really good song. ... »»

Memos&Musings: To Be Hip or Not to Be

So, here's one of the rumors I find to be the most entertaining: hip hop is dead. I'm tickled every time because apparently some idiot equates BET or MTV with hip hop. ... »»

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