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SXSW '13 - V/H/S/2 Review

Apocalyptic overtones mark a better, scarier found footage anthology »»

SXSW '13 - Evil Dead Review

A wet, nasty remake that is scary, suffocatingly self-referential »»

Alex Cross - Review

Come for the sublimely goofy performance by Matthew Fox, stay for the over-the-top product placements »»

Blu-ray Review: Werewolf: The Beast Among Us

Hey everybody! Do you remember when Universal Studios used to make good horror movies? »»

Blu-ray Review: Bait

Water goes in the supermarket, you go in the water. Shark's in the water. Our shark. »»

Fantastic Fest '12: Sightseers - Review

British comedy about murderous lovers is as dark as it is funny »»

Fantastic Fest '12: Everybody in our Family - Review

Family strife escalates in real-time Romanian comedy »»

Fantastic Fest '12: I Declare War - Review

Kids discover war is hell in this effortlessly entertaining comedy »»

Fantastic Fest '12: Looper - Review

Top-shelf time travel takes center stage in this original thriller »»

Fantastic Fest '12: Tower Block - Review

Low-budget thriller gets off to a good start, falters in the end »»

Fantastic Fest '12: Danger 5 - Review

Australian television show an absurd DIY blend of '60s swing and WWII action »»

Fantastic Fest '12: Room 237 - Review

Dense documentary dives deep into The Shining's mysteries »»

Fantastic Fest '12: Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning - Review

Long-running series reinvented as action-enhanced noir »»

Fantastic Fest '12: American Mary - Review

Body mod horror skimps on gore, impresses with dark humor »»

Fantastic Fest '12: Antiviral - Review

David Cronenberg's son is a chip of the ol' fleshy mound of biomachinery »»

Fantastic Fest '12: Dead Sushi - Review

More of the same from tired Japanese splatter comedy sub-genre »»

Fantastic Fest '12: Frankenweenie - Review

Latest film from Burton is his strongest film in years »»

Fantastic Fest '12: The Final Member - Review

Unbelievable film documents race to complete world's only penis museum »»

The Master - Review

A challenging film that must be seen - especially in 70mm »»

The Words - Review

Ambitious narrative can't survive gimmick, becomes Russian nesting doll of disappointment »»

DVD Review: Hell

There is little new or rewarding to discover in Hell from audiences overly familiar with the post-apocalyptic genre. »»

Blu-ray Review: The Royal Tenenbaums

One viewing of The Royal Tenenbaums and the film feels as if it’s always been a part of your life. »»

Ruby Sparks - Review (2)

Endearing film tainted by unearned ending. »»

Total Recall - Review

Remake should have gotten its ass to Mars. »»

Killer Joe - Review

William Friedkin returns with dark southern fairy tale. »»

Step Up Revolution - Review

Dance can change the world but selling out puts change in your pocket. »»

Rock of Ages - Review

'80s hair metal jukebox musical is a glorious fiasco »»

The Dictator - Review

Disjointed comedy sinks third collaboration between Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles »»

SXSW '12 - V/H/S Review

When uneven horror anthology works, it really works »»

SXSW '12 - 21 Jump Street Review

Vulgar action comedy finds winning humor in its stars chemistry »»

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