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Cannibal Terror - DVD Review

When two bumbling crooks and their prostitute friend hatch a plan to kidnap the young daughter of a car manufacturer, they think their money troubles are all over. But, these crooks can't even get a simple kidnapping right, and when their plan falls through, the trio pull a few favors and quickly cross over into the next country to hide out, taking the little girl with them. There's only one problem - the cottage they're hiding out in is right on the border of cannibal territory! »»

Road House - DVD Review

When Lily Stevens arrives at the backwoods bar and bowling alley called Jefty's Road House as the latest singer, general manager Pete is less than thrilled. He thinks that Lily will only become the next in a long line of entertainers that Jefty has brought into his place hoping for some cheap thrills, while Pete is forced to deal with the poor girl's broken heart. But something is different about Lily. She's a chain-smoking, scotch-pounding woman who is here for the paycheck, and not interested in any extracurricular activities - at first anyway. »»

Linda Lovelace For President - DVD Review

When factions from just about every political movement in the country become completely disgruntled with the two currently political candidates, they hold a convention of their own to nominate a suitable third party candidate. But with groups ranging from the Lets Get Back to Viet Nam Committee, the American Nazi Party, and the Group Marriage Group, it seems that no one will ever be chosen. However, on a lark (and as you've probably already guessed from the title) they finally go with porn star Linda Lovelace of Deep Throat fame. »»

Home Sick - DVD Review

Indie film director Adam Wingard and collaborative writer E.L. Katz, who have been prolific short film creators over the past several years make a shocking feature length debut with Home Sick that owes much of its success to its unrelenting gore effects and a few noteworthy names to market amongst their mainly unknown cast. »»

Blood Brothers - DVD Review

Producer John Woo flexes his money muscle with this, the first Asian production he's been associated with since 1992 as he returns to his roots and gives Alexi Tan his feature-length directorial debut. Woo's "influence" is further felt as Tan, who also co-wrote the movie, readily admits that 1990's Bullet In The Head played a heavy role with his movie's themes of brotherhood and betrayal. »»

Freakazoid: Season One - DVD Review

With Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs under his belt, Steven Spielberg set out complete his trifecta of "Presents" cartoons by executive producing Freakazoid in 1995. With initial concepts by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, and using a hodgepodge of writers and voice actors from some of the best episodes of Animaniacs to flesh out the series, Freakazoid follows the life of Dexter Douglas and his titlular superhero alter-ego. As we learn from the Emmy Nominated theme song, Dexter Douglas is a nerd computer ace who went surfing on the internet and was zapped to cyberspace; he turned into the Freakazoid who is strong and super-quick and drives the villains crazy because he's a lunatic. And that is about all the background you'll get and need for this superhero. »»

Papaya: Love Goddess Of The Cannibals - DVD Review

Love him or hate him, director Joe D'Amato is not only the undisputed king of Italian sleaze, but he is also an absolute marvel at what he does. His cinematography takes on the scenery of the Caribbean setting with the eye of a travelogue, making each shot of distant mountains and palm tree covered beaches a beckoning call as to where your next vacation should be spent. And of course his eye for blending sensuality with pure sexuality is practically unparalleled. While keeping his film just below pure XXX entertainment, D'Amato does not shy away from what the audiences, both male and female, equally want. »»

Werewolf Shadow: Special Edition - DVD Review

The legacy of the Countess Wandesa, a woman who drank the blood of young women to stay alive, brings Elvira and her friend Genevieve out to a secluded part of Spain where it is said that Wandesa was buried. Though their search has a bad start when they become lost and their car runs out of gas, they are greeted by Waldemar (Paul Naschy), a man who has been living in a nearby mansion for several months now. Waldemar is aware of Wandesa's grave, and takes the two women to uncover it. But their curiosity and desecration has unforeseen consequences and the Countess returns to life as a Vampire. »»

The Ruins - Unrated DVD Review

Smith dishes out the intense and squirm inducing gore like no-one's business with the help of special effects supervisor David Fletcher, especially within the extended and deleted scenes that have made their way back into the unrated version. With the brightly lit daytime sequences, every single moment of self-inflicted cutting and every infected open wound are plainly visible and made all the more harsh by the dedication to realism that the in-camera practical effects strive for. Adding to the almost nauseating realism of the gore are the sound effects, which include hair-raising bone cracks and gut-wrenching squishing of manipulated flesh. »»

The Dead Pit - DVD Review

As part of the last wave of horror films to be released in the 1980s, director Brett Leonard's low budget zombie flick is a shambling hodgepodge of what makes these sort of creature features so great and at the same time so bad. With inspiration that can easily be traced back to Re-Animator, Leonard and co-writer Gimel Everett try to give their zombie hoards a fresh and perhaps even pseudo-scientific origin rather than the "no more room in Hell" motif. »»

The Tiger Blade - DVD Review

When a highly synchronized jailbreak plan puts the heads of a powerful crime organization, as well as the rogue military leader of a neighboring nation, back on the streets of Bangkok, it is up to Yos, one of Thailand's best police officers, to put them back behind bars. »»

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In a remote and snowy mountain range, a bus loses control and crashes down the hillside. The survivors, four kids and a nun, collect their belongings and head into the woods to try and survive. Their expedition leads them to an isolated mansion, where a dysfunctional collection of family and work associates have gathered for an awkward mixture of business and relaxation. At the head of this group is a gruff man whom everyone calls Papa Doc, and these hanger-on's are at the mercy of his short-temper and entrepreneurial wealth. »»

Schizo - DVD Review

When professional ice skater Samantha's wedding plans are splashed across the newspaper, a grizzled-looking man sees the announcement and makes a trek to from northern England down into London. Once there, he begins to torment Samantha, starting with the placement of a bloody knife at her wedding reception. He continues his psychological games with phone calls and even the places of an old photo of Samantha's mother in her house where she will see it. Samantha tries to explain to her new husband that she is being followed, but hesitates to give him any real details. »»

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The true life story of eight cartoon characters picked to live in a house and have their lives recorded continues on in this, the third and final season of Drawn Together. All your favorites are back as they continue to push the envelope of what is acceptable on reality television. There's Clara, the racist anti-semantic princess; Foxxy Love, the mystery solver; the manly superhero Captain Hero; Ling Ling the cute but deadly Asian anime animal; Xandir, the video game adventurer, Spanky Ham, the internet download sensation; and Toots, the black and white 1920's sex symbol. »»

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While Paris riots in the aftermath of a political election, a group of young friends pull off a daring heist and escape from the city in two cars to look for a place to lie low. They are separated during their escape, and the first car with Tom and Farid come across a secluded hostel where they spend the night. The pair find themselves way over their heads though, when they learn the hard way that the keepers of this inn are a family of psychotic cannibals. Though they try to make a getaway, they are overpowered and soon become the first, but not last, victims of the evening. »»

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In a rundown hospital that never seems to have any patients, Dr. Taa and his harem of sexy nurses sell dead bodies on the black market to make extra money. But when one of the nurses Tahwaan, who was supposed to marry Dr. Taa, becomes jealous after he decides to marry another nurse, she threatens to go to the police. For her disobedience, she is murdered by the rest of the nurses and put on ice to become the next body sold. »»

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In the summer of 1978, two English couples head off into the forests of Spain to spend their holiday. At the head is Paul, whose family home is where the four will be staying, and who is all to eager to soak up nature and begin hunting again. »»

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Boorish and alcoholic Walter (Franco Nero), along with his wife Eve, are on a hunting vacation in the mountains of California. When the pair aren't arguing, they seem determined at getting the upper hand by making snide comments about each other to anyone who will listen. That all changes when Eve picks up a hitchhiker. »»

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A dying alien race has been searching for a new planet to inhabit so that they may live. Their sights have been set on Earth, a perfect environment for their species to continue to thrive. »»

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Shortly after the release of former president Jimmy Carter's latest and most controversial book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid in November 2006, Carter set out on a book tour to promote the publication and also to talk about the subject matter, which involves bringing an end to the violence and segregation that is happening in Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. »»

Steep - DVD Review

Available at If you will it, it is no dream. Over the past forty odd years, skiers have been pushing the limits of big mountain extreme skiing, expanding the boundaries of what was thought to be impossible, and running lines down slop »»

Khadak - DVD Review

Available at On the desolate plains of Mongolia, nomadic herders tend to their flocks and congregate in large tents to keep warm and pass away the days. Among these is Bagi, a young man who is dedicated to his mother, grandfather and »»

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