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A brief one as I have become caught up in the spectacle that is the Winter Olympics. Still, enough sport here for everyone. Enjoy the view! »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #81 – Superbowl, Aussie Rules And RCW

Yes, more wrestling. And more sport. And an Aussie perspective of the Superbowl. And, thanks to popular demand, a brief guide to the game known as Australian Rules Football! (And watch Underbelly!) This is the View! »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #80 – Sport And An Apology

More sport from the land down under with minimal wrestling content. »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #79 – Tour Down Under Edition

I went to what was one of the most hyped local wrestling shows in a long time. Men in lycra rode bikes for a long time. Other people played with balls. It’s another view! »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #78 – Cricket And Tennis

A lot of cricket, tennis hits its only time in the sun in this country, some guys ride bikes and some other things. It’s the view! »»

The View From Down Here #77 - End Of The Decade Special

It's the best of the Noughties in Australian sport! Countdown 25 to 1 and see what I thought was Australia's crowning sporting moment! »»


Catching up after holidays! Oh, and my fantasy wrestling draft PPV entry is included for your perusal. »»

The View From Down Here #75 - 2009 Awards

No results, just my take on the year in Australian sport. And then I'm away for a couple of weeks. Have a good one! »»

The View From Down here #74 - Short One

A short one as Christmas slows things down. Cricket scores, other scores and I give away another sport I enjoy way too much. »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #73 – Domestic Cricket & AFI Awards

A shorter view this week with lots of cricket, some more soccer-baiting, and the list of winners from the AFI Awards.ed). A short view. »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #72 – Riot City Wrestling & Cricket

Cricket, wrestling and V8s were great! Soccer still infuriates! And this is a day late! »»


It’s cricket time and the West Indies are playing in a test match against the Aussies! So what is this focused primarily on? That’s right – Football! What a view! »»

The View From Down Here #70 - Anti-Soccer and Olympic Greed

It's rant city! What's wrong with soccer! What's wrong with greedy Australian Olympic officials! What's wrong with telecommunications! I clearly hate everybody! ARGH! And it's long. Sorry, everyone... »»

The View From Down Here #69 - Cricket And Golf

Cricket, of course, dominates, but there's also golf as some guy named Tiger came to Aus. And other sports. Come in! »»

The View From Down Here #68 - Riot City Wrestling!... and a lot of cricket...

Cricket is everyhwere, and Riot City Wrestling went off! Plus cars and rugby and even some praise for golf. Yes, it's View 68! »»

The View From Down Here #67 - More Cricket

More sport from down under? Of course! After all, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Come in and enjoy the view... »»

The View From Down Here #66 - Cricket Time!

Cricket's back in force! No Ponting-bashing, but still there's cricket, I went to the basketball, and I talk about horses. It's the view! »»

The View From Down here #65 - Short Form

A short one this week as we wait for the cricket season to hot up. But come in and have a look at some scores. »»

TVFDH #64 - Bathurst & RCW

It's been a quiet week with Bathurst the main event... and there's some wrestling, the AFL goes into the mat trade and I even have something to say about some choices by some Norwegian politicians. This week's view! »»

TVFDH # 63 - NRL and Champions Trophy

The NRL grand final and Champions Trophy cricket filled the weekend. And there's a new Australian film that's worth a good afternoon out. It's this week's view! »»

The View From Down Here #62 - AFL Grand Final Edition

AFL GRAND FINAL wrap-up! Other things as well as Australia's sporting landscape gets the weekly once over. Grand Final, baby! »»

The View From Down Here #61

Finals and medals and cricket and netball and car-racing and soccer players who are going for an Oscar. It's all here and more, in your weekly dose of news and views from Australia. »»


A week of sport, and I've got the internet again, so streaming video footage while drinking has become par for the course. This week - finals, matches and some of the best wrestling I've seen all year. »»

The View From Down Here #59

Better late than never. Here's two week's ago... this weekend's whenever. Sorry, guys! »»

The View From Down Here #58

The football codes reach their finals, Australia win something in cricket and more morons. It's another view! »»

The View From Down Here #57

We're getting into the business end of the football seasons, and so I rant about the state of televised professional wrestling! And Australia lost the Ashes, so you know I'm gonna have something to say about the cricket. Plus, get some more Collingwood hate! It's abuse for everyone! »»

The View From Down Here #56

Rugby, Aussie Rules, cricket, morons... just another week down under. And very few rants this time! »»

The View From Down Here #55

After an unavoidable, yet sudden week off, two weeks worth of scores to catch up on, and some professional wrestling to boot. You know you want this! »»

The View From Down Here #54

We've gone back into rant mode! Read why the netball was hard done by! Why South Australian media has its head up its arse! Why swimmers are cheats! And there's two new morons! Full-one grumpy old man mode this week! AUGH! Okay, I feel better. There's also a review of an awesome CD I recently bought. Come in, have a look around, enjoy the view... »»

The View From Down Here #53

Australia goes down in the Ashes, the netball reaches its pointy end, there's football, rugby and not a real lot more... But that's the view! »»

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