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The View From Down Here #52

Big week in Australian sport, what with the Ashes starting, some car racing involving an Australian winning and the netball hitting the good stuff. Not only that, but I went to the RAW house show here in Adelaide and was underwhelmed somewhat. So let’s get on with it! »»

The View From Down Here #51

Scores, commentary and everything else you'd expect from a jaded Australian. Come on in... »»

The View From Down Here #50

Football, netball, a new moron. Same old, same old down under, but come and enjoy the view anyway... »»

The View From Down Here #49

More morons, cricket's silly season ends, some football, some rugby, some car racing, some scores... and too much damn opinion. But you know you can't resist... »»

The View From Down Here #48

More sporting morons, a rant against cricket officials, and Australia's horrendous lack of freedom of speech. Oh, and there's some sport thrown in here somewhere as well... »»

The View From Down Here #47

The moron tally grows, I now have an AFL conspiracy theory and there's some awesome professional wrestling! You know you want this! »»

The View From Down Here #46

Scores, rants... you know the drill. And I introduce a new section. That's the view! »»

The View From Down Here #45

A shorter view, with less vitriol and the same amount of scores. Included: my rugby league conspiracy theory! Oh, and watch some Australian/NZ netball. You know you want to... »»

The View From Down Here #44

I've said enough this week already.             Or so I thought.             And yet what should confront me in this morning's paper? Rugby league's Willie Mason (Sydney Roosters) was apparently photographed urinating in publ »»

The View From Down Here #43 - Special Edition

A rant. I am pissed off about this whole sport scandal thing. Here's what I think. And I don't care if you agree or not. »»

The View From Down Here #42

A real long one. Another long rant about footballers, some professional wrestling, and the Logies. What more could you want? »»

The View From Down Here #41

Not a lot of commentary, but I do look at Australia's national sport and waffle on way too much about the football scores. So it's business as usual then! »»

The View From Down Here #40

A brief history lesson on ANZAC Day and some scores. After last week, though, this is all I could handle. Enjoy the view. »»

The View From Down Here #39

The longest view yet! Scores and more scores and a vile, opinionated rant against stupid sportspeople of all australian breeds! It's worth it! »»

The View From Down Here #38

Football codes, netball, cricket... and Wrestlemania! What's not to love? Come enjoy the view... »»

The View From Down Here #37

AFL, netball, cricket, rugby and more professional wrestling goodness from the land down-under! Find out why Port Adelaide are a bunch of whiners and why netball should be watched by more people and why RCW craps on TNA's televised product! You know you want to! »»

The View from Down Here #36

Football's back! Yay! So I predict what's going to happen (so you KNOW it's not going to go that way!) and wax lyrical about the game. I also have too much to say about netball and cricket and rugby league, and not enough about other sports. That's this view! »»

The View From Down here #35

Settle down for a long read. I rant about Australian rules football, and give my best and worst of 2008! Lots to go through, and I hope you are at least intrigued enough to abuse me for my decisions. Leave all the comments you can! »»

The View From Down Here #34

Seasons end and seasons begin Scores galore, who'll lose, who'll win I complain, whinge and I whine And the ego I stroke is only mine! »»

The View From Down Here #33

Late, sorry. But there's tragedy in cricket and rugby league players are being stereotypical and there's even some more wrestling. Hope everyone enjoys this rather long view. »»

The View From Down Here #32

Another brief one, as training is kicking up a gear or three. Next Monday (March 9) is the first show… Wish us luck!             Here in Australia we're in that strange overlap part of the year where cricket, basketball and soccer are all winding down and the football codes are picking up slowly. It's sort of a no man's land for sporting fans, where we're winding down and winding up at the same time… »»

The View From Down Here #31

A short one this week, with results and comparatively little ranting and raving. And Rourke was robbed. »»

The View From Down here #30

It's been a tough few weeks down here in the land of Aus. But there's always sport to take your mind off the mind-numbing realities of nature at her worst. Scores and not a whole lot more. But you can help. See the Red Cross. »»

The View From Down Here # 29

Another long one. I wax lyrical about the cricket, soccer, the cricket, AFL is back, there's cricket, and I went to the local wrestling. The view is awaiting... »»

The View From Down Here #28

Slightly long this week, with more ranting about cricket than you could ever want, more ranting about tennis than is probably healthy for me, and lots of scores... So let's take a look at the view... »»

The View From Down Here #27

Lots of sport, more sport and then there's sport! Some results and I join the never-ending conga line to review 'The Wrestler'. Come and enjoy the view... »»

The View From Down Here #26

Just some results and a shameless plug. Cricket, tennis and cycling all feature as well as the usual suspects. The view is waiting... »»

The View From Down Here #25

The 25th view after my briefest of holidays, and I rant lyrical about the cricket, catch up on scores I missed whilst away, and have a go at some King. First view for 2009! Have a look! »»

The View From Down Here #24

The last view for 2008 has more complaining than usual. Cricket? Whine! Basketball? Whine! Soccer? Whine! Australian government internet policies? Whine! But there's scores and yachting and too many words, so I hope everyone has a fine change of date celebration and enjoys this, number 24. »»

The View From Down Here #23

Grumpy sports report time! CAustralia loses the cricket, Richmond gains Cousins, and I lose it over Christmas! So grab an egg nog, curl up with the PC, whisper sweet nothings into its ear, and have a read... »»

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