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Community - Episode 3-6 Review - Advanced Gay

I don't like Pierce, so a lot of my enjoyment of "Advanced Gay" came mostly from the other characters. Jeff and Britta were on point the entire episode, with Britta talking about the "Edible Complex" the entire episode, and the use of the gay communi »»

Revenge - Episode 1-7 Review - Charade

Revenge now has had two non revenge of the week episodes after beginning the show with five. Mainly, these two episodes have dealt with Frank and his investigation in Emily. At the end of the episode, Frank is dealt with and no specific knowledge is »»

Up All Night - Episode 1-7 Review - Parents

Despite all my impulses telling me that the relationship between Reagan and her mother was too dysfunctional for so long for a quick resolution, the ending got me. It felt completely earnest and heartfelt. In retrospect, it probably shouldn't have be »»

Suburgatory - Episode 1-6 Review - Charity Case

Every show, even a satire like Suburgatory, needs reasonable characters, people who have brains and are somewhere in the ballpark of real life people. "Charity Case" goes waaaaaaay overboard in making the supporting characters dumb, and gets lame qui »»

Sons of Anarchy - Episode 4-9 Review - Kiss

Given that Kurt Sutter has stated he wants SOA to have 7 seasons and the ratings for the show continue to climb, it's hard to believe that Jax would really walk away from the club, despite his own declarations. Likewise, it's hard to believe that the »»

NCIS - Episode 9-7 Review - Devil's Triangle

Gibbs and Fornell are always a fun duo, especially when their love lives come into focus. They're dysfunctional people, perfectly fit for each other, but beneath the humor is a melancholy feeling. Things get weird when their shared ex-wife wants thei »»

New Girl Episode 1-4 Review - Naked

The plots of "Naked" don't have much substance--one revolving around the "p word" and the other around American pop culture--but the show proves that it has enough charm regardless of the plot. Zooey Deschanel's high-energy acting meshes well with th »»

Glee - Episode 3-4 Review - Pot O' Gold

I think I'm done reviewing Glee, and possibly done with the show entirely. Each episode is increasingly filled with random horseshit that the good moments are harder to find; in "Pot O' Gold," there are literally none to be found. Because of all the »»

Enlightened - Episode 1-4 Review - The Weekend

Wow, that was a very good and unexpected episode from a show which has only coasted along thus far. On a show that's billed as a comedy, its best episode is also the most serious. "The Weekend" is a sad episode--shockingly sad the more you think abou »»

Castle - Episode 4-7 Review - Cops & Robbers

An easy way to create drama on television is to subvert the viewers' expectations. After so many episodes, most people have a good idea what's coming, especially when it comes to Castle. Creating a completely unexpected event can be cheap, but none c »»

House - Episode 8-4 Review - Risky Business

It's not surprising that House's eighth season serves up another middle of the road episode. Expectations of a new and improved show are gone, replaced by expectations of the same stuff, represented by Chase and Taub coming back next week."Risky Busi »»

Terra Nova - Episode 1-6 Review - Bylaw

I'm continually astounded by all the mundane things that happen on Terra Nova. Here are these characters, millions of years in the past, surrounded by dinosaurs, and what do we get? A sci-fi'd Hawaii Five-0 plot with a generic love story backdro »»

How I Met Your Mother - Episode 7-8 Review - The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

Katie Holmes hops into the ranks of other famous women to guest star on How I Met Your Mother and she fits along with them: she doesn't really belong, but the writers don't give her anything demanding. The slutty pumpkin from all the way back from th »»

Dexter - Episode 6-5 Review - The Angel of Death

I was going to begin  my review by stating that Brother Sam was wearing thin, but then he got shot and I'm waiting to see what happens with him. While Mos Def has been great, the only bright light in an otherwise bland new characters, the writer »»

Pan Am - Episode 1-6 Review - The Genuine Article

So Maggie's a weasel? Huh... that doesn't jive with her behavior in the previous five episodes when she was a hippie in the pilot and fawning over Kennedy in the third episode. She lied to take a college class, she lied about speaking Portuguese, and »»

Homeland - Episode 1-5 Review - Blind Spot

Wow, another impressive episode of Homeland. While The Walking Dead hasn't exactly lived up to be a worthy replacement for Breaking Bad on Sunday nights, Homeland has filled the role nicely. The show has also been renewed for a second season, so we'l »»

The Good Wife - Episode 3-6 Review - Affairs of State

While Eli is great as the funny, charming lawyer, it's nice to see his serious side as well. It rounds out his character and gives him the depth often times hidden behind his hilarious outbursts. This side is in full display when his ex-wife, played »»

Boss - Episode 1-2 Review - Reflex

The second episode of Boss reinforces the strong points of the pilot, that Tom Kane is powerful and capable, all while watching his own demise. Meanwhile, within Kane's orbits are the other characters with their own things. None of it is too interest »»

Supernatural - Episode 7-6 Review - Slash Fiction

Okay, now I'm worried. The major, season long villains of Supernatural always had a greater agenda than what they were doing week to week. Whether implied or explicitly stated, the various demons and enemies we've seen through the years had something »»

Grimm - Episode 1-1 Review - Pilot

Grimm is a procedural with supernatural elements, not a fantasy show with procedural elements. This distinction is actually pretty large, as the majority of the pilot is spent on stuff you'd see on numerous other procedurals through the week--CSI, Cr »»

Chuck - Episode 5-1 Review - Chuck Versus the Zoom

Somehow, Chuck has reached its fifth season. Through all of NBC's recent and continuing tribulations, it was able to survive due to not-awful ratings and a small but fervent fan base. I can't say the show is nearly as good as it was in the second sea »»

The Big Bang Theory - Episode 5-7 Review - The Good Guy Fluctuation

The most generic Halloween plot is when a character gets scared and spends the rest of the episode getting back, and that's exactly what half of "The Good Guy Fluctuation" consists of. Sheldon is turned into a stock "Halloween character," who makes h »»

The Secret Circle - Episode 1-7 Review - Masked

The characters on The Secret Circle seem especially dumb compared to average television characters. Enemies have been in their midsts since the first episode and after 7 episodes they are none the wiser. Cassie even finds Jake's big knife and does no »»

The Walking Dead - Episode 2-3 Review - Save the Last One

I'm glad Carl is better, because this opening arc of the second season hasn't exactly been exciting. Between Carl getting shot and Sophia still missing, the characters, with the exception of Shane, pretty much stayed in the same locations and talked »»

Sanctuary - Episode 4-4 Review - Resistance

"Resistance" has a pretty cool plot, with a set of bad guys and Magnus battling them on her own, but that's not what the audience will remember the episode for. What they'll remember, of course, is Magnus's kiss with Charlotte at the end of the episo »»

Once Upon a Time - Episode 1-2 Review - The Thing You Love the Most

The pilot set the stage of Once Upon a Time, introducing the two separate worlds and the character counterparts, all in a very broad sense. "The Thing You Love the Most," though, focuses on Regina/the Evil Queen, and gives the audience a real enemy t »»

Community - Episode 3-5 Review - Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps

"Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps" would have appeared to be a much stronger episode had it not aired after "Remedial Chaos Theory," both featuring different stories told from different perspectives, but it's another strong episode nonetheless. S »»

Parks and Recreation - Episode 4-5 - Meet 'n' Greet

Tom is usually self-centered guy, taking everyone else for granted and making himself look much better than he actually is. But he can be a normal guy at times, sympathetic even, so he's still likable. He's probably at his least likable moment yet in »»

The Vampire Diaries - Episode 3-7 Review - Ghost World

The first 5 episodes of this season were spent focusing on Stefan and Klaus, as their roles represented the major shift in story. The ghost plot hung in the background, never occupying much time and also never really going anywhere. And since Jeremy »»

The Office - Episode 8-5 Review - Spooked

If there ever was an episode which you could describe as "stuff happens," it's "Spooked." Stuff happens. There are some ideas floating around--Pam believing in ghosts, Erin and Andy, Robert California being there--but there is no story, just people d »»

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