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Red Bull Launchpad - Submit Your Amazing Idea [Sponsored]

Have you ever wanted to skydive from space, do a back flip on a jet ski, or snowboard down sand dunes? Well you're in luck, my friend. Red Bull is ready to give your wildest idea wings with Launchpad, a head-to-head battle where voters pick the idea »»

10 Thoughts On... South Park Episode 16-07: They Were Meant For Each Other

The last new episode for a while, and it seems pretty racist. Let's see how it is! »»

10 Thoughts On... South Park Episode 16-06: I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining

South Park has been on fire this season and this episode looks awesome, let's get to it! »»

10 Thoughts On... South Park Episode 16-05: Butterballs

The second half of the first half of season 16 begins! The subject is bullying... »»

South Park Episode 16-05 Preview [Video]

What's on tap for this week's episode? »»

10 Thoughts On... South Park Episode 16-04: Jewpacabra

We've reached the halfway point in South Park's 16th season part 1. »»

10 Thoughts On... South Park Episode 16-03: Faith Hilling

South Park is back with the third episode of the first part of season 16. It appears to be a political episode so let's get to it! »»

10 Thoughts On... South Park Episode 16-02: Tacos For Gold

After a subpar season opener, South Park is back for the second episode of season 16 titled Tacos For Gold »»

List Of Additional Sony PSP Games Compatible with Playstation Vita

When Sony launched the Playstation Vita in North America, backward compatability with PSP seemed to be far less extensive than was originally thought. At first, only 275 PSP games worked on the Vita, with PS Minis making up a substantial part of the »»

Review: Nickelodeon Nicktoons MLB 3D (Nintendo 3DS)

Nickelodeon Nicktoons MLB 3D Developer: Black Lantern Studios, Inc. Publisher: 2K Play Genre: Arcade Sports Release Date: 03/06/2012 March 6th is a pretty big day for gamers. For some, it's Mass Effect 3 day. For others it's Street Fighter X »»

10 Thoughts On... South Park Episode 16-01: Reverse Cowgirl

South Park is back for a HUGE 16th season and we're back with a whole new set of thoughts! »»

Diehard GameCAST: Episode 10

On this week's episode, we discuss the Jennifer Hepler controversy, SOPA, and the sudden barrage of niche Japanese game localization announcements. Hosted by Sean Madson, Matt Yaeger, & Mark B. Episode 10 (recorded 2/27/2012) 00:00:00-00:01 »»

Is Nintendo Working On Revamped 3DS Hardware?

Nintendo has been working to reverse the sales trend of its recently-released 3DS hardware, notably dropping the price and pushing its lineup of first party software exclusives. »»

Diamond Select Toys To Release Alice: Madness Returns Action Figures

Diamond Select Toys is heading down the rabbit hole! Eleven years after her first adventure, American McGee’s Alice is back in Wonderland, looking for the villain who has corrupted the realm once again, and this time Diamond Select Toys is there to »»

10 Thoughts on South Park Episode 15-14: The Poor Kid [Season Finale]

South Park season 15 has been another huge year for Matt and Trey, and after 6 episodes this half-season and 13 in season 15, we're at the season finale. »»

Survivor South Pacific Scandal: Was Whitney Duncan Married Before She Met Keith?

There is a Survivor secret. While it appears that Whitney and Keith are growing increasingly closer on Survivor, the country single was apparently married before she met him during filming. She has in fact been married since Aug. 1, 2010, when »»

10 Thoughts On... South Park Episode 15-13: A History Channel Thanksgiving

We are back! This week looks to be a commentary on the history of Thanksgiving, so let's see how it turns out! »»

10 Thoughts On... South Park Episode 15-12: 1%

1. South Park Elementary took the Presidential Fitness Test and were the lowest in the country, because 1 student was so fat with the cholesterol of a 70 year old man. 2. The kids have to do extra gym during recess so they all make fun of Car »»

CBS Chickens Out... Decides To Air Repeats Tonight Instead Of Going Against World Series Game 7

CBS has opted to skip original programming tonight and going against FOX's Game 7 of the World Series. In place of new episodes of A Gifted Man, CSI: NY and Blue Bloods, the network will now air repeats. »»

10 Thoughts On... South Park Episode 15-11: Broadway Bro Down

South Park is back with the halfway point of this second half of season 15! »»

Survivor South Pacific Spoilers: Ozzy Asks To Be Voted Out

In tonight's episode of Survivor South Pacific, Ozzy asked his Savaii tribe to vote him out so that he could go to Redemption Island and presumably take out Christine. In that scenario, if he were to return to the game, it would keep both tribes at »»

10 Thoughts On South Park Episode 15-10: Bass To Mouth

South Park is here with the third of seven episodes in the second half of season 15! »»

10 Thoughts On... South Park Episode 15-9: The Last of the Meheecans

After a less-than-funny fall season debut, South Park returns to a more normal episode. »»

10 Thoughts On... South Park Episode 15-8: Ass Burgers

South Park is back with another half season of 7 episodes! Here we go with the first one... »»

Survivor 2011 Spoilers: Survivor South Pacific Cast Revealed

The newest Survivor castaways have finally been revealed. They include Russell Hantz's nephew, a medical marijuana salesman and a female lingerie football player. Photos of the new cast can be seen at and the show will open with a 90-mi »»

E3 2011: 10 Thoughts On Nintendo's Keynote - WiiU, 3DS games, Smash Brothers Announced!

Nintendo's keynote address at E3 2011 was the most newsworthy of any of the three console makers, announcing a killer lineup of first party titles for release this year for 3DS, as well as the all new console WiiU. 1) The 25th anniversary celebr »»

E3 2011: Sony Introduces PS Vita; Priced at $249, 299

At E3 2011, Sony officially unveiled their Next Generation Portable (PSP2) as Playstation Vita. The name means "life". There will be two versions of the system at launch, a version that features 3G for $299 and a Wifi-only version for $249. We »»

The Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Finale Spoilers: John Rich Or Marlee Matlin?

Who won the fourth season of the Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump? »»

NBA 2011 Draft Lottery Results/Order: Cleveland Cavs Grab 1st, 4th picks

The NBA held the 2011 Draft Lottery last night to determine the order for the first few picks in the planned June 23, 2011 college draft. The Cleveland Cavs scored the first pick, as well as the fourth pick. The Minnesota Timberwolves get the seco »»

The Amazing Race 2011 Spoilers: Cowboys Eliminated After Double U-Turn

On last night's episode of The Amazing Race, the Cowboys, Jet & Cord McCoy were sent packing after the Globetrotters used the double U-Turn against them in an effort to save themselves. »»

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