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The Bachelor - The Women Tell All Review "Women Tell All, But Say Little"

This week, the women tell all! Ah, this is the episode I live for. When everyone has to awkwardly face their poor behavior while trying to audition to be the next bachelorette. »»

DVD Review: Bubble Guppies: Fin-Tastic Collection

Bubble Guppies is a TV show on Nickelodeon that seems inspired by the dream of Sea-Monkeys. »»

DVD Review: Super Sentai - Zyuranger (The Complete Series)

With Joseph Kahn's Power Rangers short going viral, now is a great time to see what the Power Rangers were like when they were Japan's Super Sentai - Zyuranger. »»

DVD Review: Maude (The Complete Series)

"And then there's Maude!" »»

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode 7, 8, & 9 Recap

Okay honestly, I don’t even know where to start. »»

Parks and Recreation: Series Finale Review - "Saying Goodbye To A Favorite, Funny, Feminist Show"

It’s late Wednesday night as I write this and so many great reviews, think-pieces, Q&As and nostalgic looks back have already been published about Parks and Recreation. »»

Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 1 Review - "And So It Goes"

Survivor is back for its thirtieth season this year. »»

A Penny For Your Thoughts on Arrow 03x15 - "Nanda Parbat" Review With Spoilers; This Week On Batman, Er, I Mean Arrow...

What little in this episode that irked me was heavily outweighed by all the awesomeness. »»

DVD Review - The Chair (Season 1)

It's always interesting to see two different takes on the same screenplay. »»

A Penny For Your Thoughts On Gotham 1x17 "Red Hood" Review With Spoilers; HOLY (insert expletives here)

This episode of Gotham includes a ridiculously graphic scene of Jada Pinket-Smith as Fish Mooney gouging her own left eye out with a goddamned teaspoon and then stomping on it. »»

The Bachelor - Episode 8 Review - "Hometown Funk (Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch!)"

I've already recapped Sunday night's episode of The Bachelor, and I can't believe I'm investing another two hours in this show tonight. Overkill! »»

The Bachelor - Episode 7 Review - "Iowa/I-Owe-Ya"

THREE HOURS of The Bachelor aired on Sunday night, with another episode airing MOnday. That is a lot of time spent listening to Chris' girlish giggle. »»

DVD Review: Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (The Complete Series)

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: The Complete Series contains a science fiction show that would rival the output of Irwin Allen's science fiction shows of 1967. »»

DVD Review: Batman: The Television Series (The Second Season, Part One)

Batmania ruled 1966. The series changed television when it made camp cool. »»

Blu-ray Review: Maison Close (Season One)

Maison Close: Season One is a French TV series that goes to arty and sadistic extremes of the harsh life inside a Parisian brothel in the 19th Century. »»

The Bachelor - Episode 6 Review - “The Perfect Place To Fall In Love, Or Get Shot In The Back”

Kelsey eventually got up, was comforted by Chris, and then annoyed all the other girls with her insincere apologies and embarrassment. »»

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode 6 Recap

There was no easing in last night, thanks to Kelsey’s dying cat impression almost causing me to spill my wine as I poured when she burst onto my screen. »»

DVD Review: NYPD Blue (Season 08)

Is this the season where Det. Andy Sipowicz cracks? »»

American Idol - Hollywood Week #1 - Recap & Review

Hollywood Week has begun! »»

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode 5 Recap

It's all about Kelsey... »»

DVD Review: The Wonder Years (Season Two)

The Wonder Years: Season Two should be viewed as a continuation of year one. »»

10 Thoughts On… The Celebrity Apprentice - Episode 10 & 11 Review

Here are my 10 Thoughts on Episodes 10 & 11 of The Celebrity Apprentice... »»

DVD Review: Stingray (50th Anniversary Edition)

Gerry Anderson revolutionized television with his ability to pull strings on his performers. »»

DVD Review: SpongeBob SquarePants: The Pilot, A Mini-Movie and The Square Shorts

Triple Pack combines three previous DVD releases into a mega-set. »»

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode 4 Recap

Is it normal that I was almost more jealous of the portable steamer the girls got to use to get their outfits prepped than I was of Jade’s whole Cinderella experience? »»

DVD Review: Barney Miller (The Complete Sixth Season)

Barney Miller: The Complete Sixth Season keeps up the show's ability to unleash mayhem for an authoritative position. »»

DVD Review: Welcome Back, Kotter (The Complete Second Season)

Welcome Back, Kotter: The Complete Second Series maintains the gruff charm of the quartet of not-quite threatening students and their comic history teacher. »»

The Bachelor - Episode 4 Review - "The Virgin Diaries"

I was worried, guys! I was worried that storm coverage would keep me from watching The Bachelor tonight, and what a disaster that would have been! Luckily, a blizzard couldn’t stop this drama. »»

10 Thoughts On… The Celebrity Apprentice - Episode 8 & 9 Review

Here are my 10 Thoughts on Episodes 8 & 9 of The Celebrity Apprentice... »»

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode 3 Recap

Thank you, God, for bringing the wonder that is Jimmy Kimmel into our lives, for one brief, fleeting moment.   Though his presence was brief, his legacy is everlasting. »»

10 Thoughts On... Parks and Recreation

Hilarious... »»

Parenthood Episode 10 & 11 Review - “How Did We Get Here?” & “Let’s Go Home”

Even when Parenthood makes creative decisions that I’m not crazy about, I still enjoy the show overall. »»

The Bachelor - Episode 3 Review - "Cool Girls and Pool Girls"

This episode of The Bachelor was brought to you by Jimmy Kimmel, reluctantly fulfilling an ABC contract obligation! I bet he’s never been so jealous of the other late night Jimmy. »»

10 Thoughts On… The Celebrity Apprentice - Episode 6 & 7 Review

Here are my 10 Thoughts on Episodes 6 & 7 of The Celebrity Apprentice... »»

DVD Review: The Facts of Life: The Complete Series

All girl boarding schools were once a place where imaginations ran wild and mostly toward the gutter. »»

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode 2 Recap

So before I get into Monday's episode, let me say off the top that I am devastated by Josh and Andi’s breakup. WTF. »»

The Bachelor - Episode 2 Review - "Don’t Bet The Farm, Chris"

Chris takes the girls out on dates for the first time this season... »»

DVD Review - Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty

Before Duck Dynasty became an A&E ratings juggernaut the Robertson family had been the subject of a television docudrama before. »»

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