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Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Showrunners Promise Massive Twist In Sunday's Finale

If you are a fan of ABC's Once Upon A Time, you might just want to brace yourself. »»

Gotham Season 2 Spoilers: Is Fish Really Dead?

After an explosive finale last night, many Gotham fans are wondering if Fish Mooney is really dead. »»

Gotham Spoilers: What Did Bruce Wayne Find In The Study?

It appears that Gotham is veering off-script. »»

Arrow Spoilers: Will Atom Be Oliver's Short-Term Replacement On Team Arrow?

With Oliver choosing to stay in Nanda Parbat, it almost seems like Starling City will lose its hero for the time being. »»

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Will Sandra Oh Return To Series For Derek's Funeral

For Grey's Anatomy fans who are wondering whether Derek's passing will result in Sandra Oh will returning to the series for a comeback cameo, it appears this isn't in the cards. »»

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Will Elena End Her Run On The Show As A Human Or As A Vampire?

With Nina Dobrev recently confirming that she will be leaving The Vampire Diaries at the end of the season, it appears her character is poised to take the cure. »»

Orphan Black Spoilers: Tony Clone Not Expected To Return This Year

It appears that at least one of Tatiana Maslany's many characters on Orphan Black won't be returning this season. »»

Gotham Spoilers: Jerome/Joker Character Not Scheduled To Return Until Season 2

If you were hoping to see the Joker return to FOX's Gotham, you will unfortunately have to wait until next year. »»

Criminal Minds Spoilers: Tonight's Episode Set To Introduce Hotch's Father-In-Law

Tonight's episode of Criminal Minds will see Ed Asner make his debut as Hotch's father-in-law. »»

The Blacklist Spoilers: Will Red Recover From Gunshot Wound?

Fans of The Blacklist have been waiting for an update on Red's condition after we last saw the character get hit with a bullet. »»

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Gotham Spoilers: Bruce & Alfred To Feud Over Big Secret

Gotham finally returns next week and we have the first tidbit about what to expect from its return. »»

The Flash Spoilers: Awkward Double Dinner Date Ahead Where Barry Plays The Fifth Wheel

It seems like Arrow's Felicity is headed back to Central City. »»

Empire Season 2 Spoilers: Cookie & Jamal Poised To Reconcile

If you weren't happy about the way things ended between Jamal and his mother in the Empire season finale, the show's writers agree with you. »»

Criminal Minds Spoilers: Romance For Reid Will Have To Wait

If you were hoping that Reid would find love on the current season of Criminal Minds, prepare yourself for disappointment. »»

The Flash Spoilers: Metahuman Answers To Be Revealed

We have some news for fans of The Flash. »»

Empire Season 2 Spoilers: Showrunner Discusses New Rhonda/Andre Dynamic, Will Naomi Campbell Return?

The world can't seem to stop talking about the red-hot Empire season finale and lucky for us, neither can showrunner Ilene Chaiken. »»

Arrow Spoilers: Olicity Update, How Will Oliver React To Felicity Dating Atom?

While Oliver Queen initially didn't seem to have a problem with Felicity dating Ray Palmer, it appears he does have issues with her seeing Atom. »»

Bones Spoilers: Booth's Gambling Problem, Angela's Real Name To Be Addressed

What will happen when Season 10 resumes? »»

Empire Spoilers: Jamal Poised To Replace Lucious On Wednesday's Season Finale?

Big things expected in Wednesday's finale... »»

Empire Spoilers: Major Resolutions Expected In Next Week's 2 Hour Season Finale

What will happen in the Empire season finale? »»

Arrow Spoilers: Why Did Ra's Al Ghul Choose Oliver & Not Nyssa To Replace Him?

Why didn't R'as Al Ghul dis his daughter? »»

The Bachelor Spoilers: Chris Harrison Reveals That Britt Is The 'Star' Of Tonight's 'Brutal' Women Tell-All

Tonight might as well be called the 'Attack Brittany' Special.... »»

Suits Spoilers: Will Harvey & Donna Hook Up This Season?

Harvey & Donna sitting in a tree? »»

Suits Spoilers: Will Louis Be Able To Redeem Himself? Will He Use Donna's Secret Against Harvey?

Will the others ever able to forgive Louis after last night's season premiere? »»

The Flash Spoilers: EP Reveals When Dr. Wells Will Out Himself As A Villain & Comments On Barry's New Love Interest

If you have been frustrated by the slow burn of Harrison Wells outing himself as a villain, you won't have to wait much longer. »»

Suits Spoilers: Show's Executive Producer Drops Hints About Show's Return Tonight & What To Expect This Season

If you are just as giddy as I am that Suits returns tonight, get ready to get even giddier. »»

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