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Nashville Spoilers: Laura Benanti's Sadie Character To Romance Jeff Fordham

Laura Benanti has joined the cast of ABC's Nashville. »»

Arrow Spoilers: Spartacus Star Cast To Play Captain Boomerang In Season 3

Not sure why, but Arrow seems to be the show that we know the most about heading into the new Fall series. »»

Scandal Spoilers: Shonda Rhimes Casts Private Practice Alum In Guest Starring Role

Shonda Rhimes likes to double dip... with actors anyway. »»

Finding Carter Spoilers: Why Did Max Break Up With Taylor & Will He Return For Season 2?

One of the most shocking takeaways from last night's Finding Carter season finale included Max breaking up with Taylor. »»

Finding Carter Spoilers: Show's Producer Discusses Season Finale Cliffhanger, Plan Was Always To Have Lori Abduct Carter Again

The Finding Carter season finale shocked many last night, but the show's producer said that the decision for Lori to abduct Carter again was always in the script. »»

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Spoilers: Even Though She Is Still With Teddy, Expect Jake To Continue To Woo Amy

The new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine features the return of Jake from his undercover FBI assignment and when he comes back, his mission will be to continue his pursuit of Amy. »»

Castle Spoilers: Episode 7 To Feature Western Theme

Get your cowboy hats on Castle fans. »»

Arrow Spoilers: Oliver Queen To Get More Gadgets To Use In Season 3

The new season of Arrow will look more like a movie instead of a TV show, with all the new technology that our favorite hero will get to use. »»

New Girl Spoilers: Not So Good News For Nick & Jess Fans As Couple Isn't Expected To Reunite This Season

Sorry Nick & Jess shippers... it looks like your favourite New Girl couple won't be reuniting this season. »»

The Blacklist Spoilers: Major Changes For Red Reddington On The Way

James Spader recently spoke to reporters about The Blacklist and revealed that there is a major alteration in the way Red Reddington will deal with the FBI in the show's sophomore season. »»

The Blacklist Spoilers: James Spader Reveals Key Season 2 Plot Point, Explains Burns On Red's Back

The Blacklist's season 2 premiere won't open with the revelation that everyone is expecting. »»

Cougar Town Spoilers: No More Bobby 'Penny Can' Cobb

Penny Can is flying the coop early. »»

The Flash Hires Barry Allen's Old Love Interest On The Original Series To Now Play STAR Labs Enemy

The Flash is reuniting Barry Allen with his former flame in a strange but kind of awesome way. »»

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Dr. Whale Not Expected In OUAT's Fourth Season

The book has closed on David Anders' run on Once Upon A Time. »»

Arrow Spoilers: More Details About Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer Uncovered

For Arrowheads who are curious to learn more about Brandon Routh's character on Arrow, we have you covered. »»

Arrow Spoilers: Episode 3 Will Be Diggle-Centric

The third episode of Arrow's new season will focus on Diggle according to showrunner Andrew Kreisberg. »»

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Cody Decides Not To Use POV, Derrick & Caleb Debate Whether To Warn Frankie He Is Leaving In Advance

The writing is on the wall for Frankie to be sent home tomorrow night after Cody won the Power of Veto. »»

Parenthood Spoilers: Jason Ritter To Return For Show's Final Season

If you are lamenting the fact that this will be the last season of Parenthood, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. »»

Supernatural Spoilers: Will Castiel & Crowley Be Featured In Episode #200?

For fans wondering if Castiel and Crowley will be featured in Supernatural's 200th episode this upcoming season, there are more questions than answers. »»

Bones Spoilers: New Trailer Reveals Daisy Is Pregnant

Bones fans have been wondering which character would be with child ever since the show's executive producer hinted that there would be a pregnancy on Season 10. »»

Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: Katrina Expected To Stick Around

Katrina is rumoured to be sticking around on Sleepy Hollow. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Does The Future Look Bright Or Dreary For Gemma & Nero

Fans of Gemma and Nero on Sons of Anarchy might not want to count their chickens before they are hatched. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: How Will The Final Episode Of The Series Play Out?

Even though it just started, the end is near for Sons of Anarchy. »»

Arrow Spoilers: Confrontation Between Arrow & Ra's al Ghul To Be Delayed

Arrow fans who are waiting for the highly-anticipated confrontation between Arrow and Ra's al Ghul in the show's third season will have to wait a little longer than expected. »»

The Good Wife Spoilers: Slowly But Surely, Diane Will Get Used To Her New Home

By moving to Florrick-Agos' run-down area, Diane will initially find herself at a loss for what comes next. »»

The Good Wife Spoilers: How Will Finn Polmar Return? Which Side Will Peter Be On When Alicia Runs For State's Attorney?

If you are a fan of The Good Wife, you are in for a treat as we have some juicy tidbits about the new season. »»

The Big Bang Theory Spoilers: New Season Will Spend Time Developing Emily's Character

For fans of Raj and Emily, the new season of The Big Bang Theory will be particularly eye-opening. »»

Homeland Spoilers: New Extended Trailer Shows Carrie's Definition Of Motherhood

Showtime has released a new Homeland extended trailer and it is juicy. »»

Sons of Anarchy Spoilers: One Of The Premiere's Most Overlooked Deaths Could Come Back To Haunt The Club

In a recent interview with EW, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter discussed the death of the two pastors that was overlooked by many last night (including the club) and how their murder will come back to haunt the club. »»

Teen Wolf Spoilers: Will Argent Return? What Does The Future Hold For Scott & Kira

Monday's Teen Wolf finale left many wondering where the show is headed next. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Why Did Jax Believe His Mother About Who Killed Tara? Gemma's "Discussion" With Tara Explained

Last night's Sons of Anarchy has set the internet abuzz with speculation about what is going to happen next. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Why Did Writers Choose Not To Air Tara's Funeral In Episode 1?

In last night's season premiere of Sons of Anarchy, producers chose not to air Tara's funeral. »»

Utopia Spoilers: First Look At Tonight's Episode, Pioneers Get Electricity

The pioneers on Utopia finally get their electricity turned on for the first time on tonight's episode. »»

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Spoilers: Kyra Sedgwick & Derek Jeter To Guest Star?

For those Samberg fans who have been waiting for more info on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we have you covered. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: How Will Jax Deal With The Loss Of Tara? Rampant Violence Of Course!

Fans of Sons of Anarchy have been waiting for what seems like a lifetime for tonight's season premiere. »»

The Flash Spoilers: Central City To Be Hit With Blackout In Episode 7

Flash fans, we have some new scoop for you. »»

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: New Trailer Reveals Stefan's New Love Interest

Yesterday, The CW posted the first Vampire Diaries trailer of the summer. »»

The Leftovers Spoilers: With No Book To Base Storylines Off Of, Sophomore Season Promises To Push Envelope

The Leftovers finished off its first season with one of its strongest episodes to date. »»

The Walking Dead Spoilers: New Trailer Released

AMC has released a new trailer in anticipation of the show's return on October 12. »»

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Frankie Chooses Not To Use The Power Of Veto

The Power of Veto ceremony has taken place and here is what went down... »»

The Blacklist Spoilers: Red's New Friend To Be Revealed

Ready for a little Blacklist scoop? »»

Beauty And The Beast Spoilers: Degrassi Alum Set To Join CW Series

Holly J. Sinclair is returning to TV... although her new role will be very different. »»

Grimm Spoilers: New Season To Feature New Villain Who Aims To Find Adalind's Baby

Adalind, hide yo' wife and yo' kids, because there is a new bad guy in town. »»

Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Strange Ending To Tonight's Season Finale, Marcus & Lacy Get Engaged But What About The Rest?

Tonight's Bachelor In Paradise finale will end with a whimper instead of a bang. »»

Arrow Spoilers: Stephen Amell Reveals What He Would Like To See Oliver Queen Do In Season 3

At a recent Fan Expo Canada panel session, Stephen Amell revealed where he would like to see his character go in Season 3. »»

Arrow Spoilers: Who Will Play Ra's al Ghul? Show Snags Aussie Actor For Coveted Part

Matt Nable has nabbed one of the most-sought after roles in TV. »»

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