• Monday Morning Critic - John Wick And Why Keanu Reeves Is The Rodney Dangerfield of Action Movies


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  • Brad Pitt Killing Nazis Again In David Ayer's Fury - A Review

    The cops may be gone, but moral compromises still exist with Ayer's latest.

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  • Warner Bros. Reveals DC Comics Movie Slate

    Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara confirms details of the forthcoming DC Comics movie slate including who will play The Flash!

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  • Monday Morning Critic - On Why Paul Feig's Ghostbusters Remake Could Be Something Profound In Cinematic History

    On the significance of an all woman "Ghostbusters" film

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    DVD Review: Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (The Complete First Season)

    A great present for new and old Turtle fans alike. Cowabunga! »»

    DVD Review: The Hercules Collection

    The Hercules Collection chains up six epics from the ancient world of Italian cinema. »»

    Tales from the Crypt & Vault of Horror opens in December

    Are you ready for Joan Collins in 1080p? Brace yourself for seeing a youthful Joan in Tales from the Crypt when it's double featured with Vault of Horror on Blu-ray this December 2. Both films were anthology horrors that used to scare theater goers i »»

    Brad Pitt Killing Nazis Again In David Ayer's Fury - A Review

    The cops may be gone, but moral compromises still exist with Ayer's latest. »»

    DVD Review: Grace Kelly Collection

    A great place to start if you are new to discovering the talent that is Grace Kelly. »»

    Warner Bros. Reveals DC Comics Movie Slate

    Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara confirms details of the forthcoming DC Comics movie slate including who will play The Flash! »»

    My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks arrives before Halloween

    After a weekend matinee run around the country, My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks is slated to be released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 28. The movie takes Twilight Sparkle back to the alternate universe where she and her friends are hu »»

    Box Office: Gone Girl Drives A Stake In Dracula Untold, Claims #1 Again With $26.8 Million

    Gone Girl has impressive second weekend hold; on pace to make more than $300 million worldwide. »»

    Box Office: Gone Girl Narrowly Edges Out Annabelle With $38 Million

    David Fincher nets his best opening as a director for a film that will have couples talking. »»

    Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray Announcement

    Marvel's $645 million worldwide hit coming to Blu-ray this Christmas with a special gift for those anticipating The Avengers: Age of Ultron. »»

    DVD Review: Escape to Grizzly Mountain

    By blending the old West and time travel, Escape To Grizzly Mountain should appeal to fans of The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams and Doctor Who. »»

    DVD Review: Night Moves

    What Reichardt does well is build up to the inevitable that happens when someone promises "no one will get hurt" when promising to commit a heinous act. »»

    Blu-ray Review: The Walking Dead (The Complete Fourth Season)

    One of the stronger seasons of the series, this Walking Dead set has a good assortment of special features. »»

    Blu-ray Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction

    Bay proves that this franchise is anything but extinct. »»

    Blu-ray Review: Graduation Day

    After the twin sensations of Halloween and Friday 13th, filmmakers realized that there was a market for slasher flicks. Teenagers couldn't get enough of watching other teenagers being tracked down and murdered. There was a rather simple formula to th »»

    DVD Reviews: September Fun from Vinegar Syndrome

    Vinegar Syndrome brings us into Fall with three releases that take us back to school, the convent, Hawaii and World War II. Peekarama: Cry For Cindy, Touch Me & Act of Confession is a triple bill courtesy of director Anthony Spinelli. Before he e »»

    Blu-ray Review: Gone With the Wind (75th Anniversary Edition)

    This edition may be for hardcore fans, but rare is the person who sees the film without becoming a hardcore fan. »»

    Box Office: Denzel Washington's The Equalizer Caps Off September With $35 Million Opening

    Denzel Washington is about as reliable as it comes when it comes to being a box office draw. »»

    DVD Review: The Big Sleep

    Legendary film collector Ray Regis taught a Film Noir course every year at the North Carolina School of the Arts. Each week would cover certain elements of the criminal genre. The detectives weren't clean cut. The guilty weren't that evil. The victim »»

    DVD Review: Martial Arts Movie Marathon 2

    There's simple joys that refresh the soul in their unabashed pleasure. Taking a long walk on the beach at sunset. Hearing kids sing Christmas carols. Ordering Chinese take-out and watching way too many Hong Kong action flicks on a rainy evening. The »»

    DVD Review: Bonanza (The Official Seventh Season - Volume 1 & 2)

    This season proves there's life after Adam on the Ponderosa. »»

    Monkey Shines and The Dark Half arrive in Nov.

    Two of George A. Romero's best non-Living Dead movies are getting the Scream Factory treatment with Blu-ray. Monkey Shines and The Dark Half are slated to be released on November 18. Tales of how Timothy Hutton had a trailer for each of his character »»

    Fantastic Fest 2014 Review: Horns

    Harry Potter gets a little horny. »»

    Fantastic Fest 2014 Review: Cub

    Fantastic Fest release pairs a cub scout camping trip with a creature that lurks in the woods. »»

    Blu-ray Review: Neighbors

    The best gags may be in the trailer, but Neighbors really nails the aging youth and youth dynamic between a couple in their 30s and college kids in their early 20s. »»

    The Doctor and the Devils Scares Blu-ray In November

    The story of Burke and Hare as conceived by Dylan Thomas, produced by Mel Brooks and starring the likes of a former James Bond, Professor X and Warlock. »»

    Secret Agent and M Squad Get Complete Sets Before Christmas

    Two classic shows that would help in establishing Lee Marvin's tough guy status and would later see Patrick McGoohan set up his legendary cult series The Prisoner. »»

    Etiquette Pictures Brings Back the Art House

    The creators of Vinegar Syndrome to release a new arthouse line of titles with Etiquette Pictures. »»

    DVD Review: My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic (Spooktacular Pony Tale)

    The episodes have a few minor jolts, but nothing scary enough to have little kids race screaming from the room. »»

    DVD Review: Dynasty (The Final Season - Volume One & Volume Two)

    Dynasty: The Final Season - Volume One & Volume Two are those last days when the problems of rich people concerned America. Now we're stuck with Duck Dynasty. »»

    DVD Review: Criminal Minds (Season 9)

    Criminal Minds explores the world of the FBI’s Behavior Analysis Unit and might be the best representative of the ever changing nature of the police procedural show on modern network television. »»

    DVD Review: The Men From Shiloh

    The Men From Shiloh: Special Edition adjusts the formula for The Virginian without ruining the Wild West excitement. »»

    The Sound And The Fury Of The Tribe At Fantastic Fest

    Hypnotic sign-language drama may be the best of Fantastic Fest. »»

    DVD Review: The Millers (Season 1)

    The problem is that this is a CBS show, which follows a predictable format on a regular basis. »»

    DVD Reviews: Vinegar Syndrome's August Releases

    Joe Corey offers capsule reviews for one Drive-In double feature and three Peakarama double features. »»

    Blu-ray Review: The Legend of Hell House

    The Legend of Hell House ought to be part of your Halloween movie festival. »»

    Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem Not For First Timers - A Review

    A Terry Gilliam film ... not for the uninitiated. »»

    Blu-ray Review: Godzilla 2000

    One of the great things about Godzilla 2000 is that it still utilizes guys in costumes. »»

    Blu-ray Review: Rebirth Of Mothra I, II, III

    Being geared for kids these three Mothra tales take on a different focus than other Kaiju films, having a much lighter story, while still having some great monster battles. »»

    Blu-ray Review: Motel Hell (Collector's Edition)

    The movie has plenty to delight those who picked it up because of the catchy title. You might not want to check out before 10 a.m. »»

    Idris Elba And Taraji P. Henson's No Good Deed Rewarded With $24.5 Million As Box Office Victor

    Screen Gems pulls No Good Deed for critics helping to prove the adage that critics don't matter. »»

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