• Satisfaction Spoilers: Will Neil & Grace Save Their Marriage In Italy?

    For fans of USA Network's Satisfaction, Thursday's finale ended on a cliffhanger and now the show's creator is doing his best to fill in the missing details and open up about the plan for season 2.

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  • The Good Wife Spoilers: Who Will Die In Season 6?

    After the unexpected death of Will Gardner on The Good Wife six months ago, you can forgive fans of The Good Wife if they no longer want to attach themselves to any characters for fear that they will be killed off.

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  • Review: All-New X-Men #32 by Brian Bendis and Mahmud Asrar

    The Ultimate crossover that nobody demanded is here!

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  • The Weekly Round-Up #249

    This was a pretty strange, independent kind of week, where even the comics I bought from the Big Two had more of an indie vibe about them.  I like weeks like that. I had a thought this week about the DC Futures End event, and how it pertains to s

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    Finding Carter Spoilers: Show's Producer Discusses Season Finale Cliffhanger, Plan Was Always To Have Lori Abduct Carter Again

    The Finding Carter season finale shocked many last night, but the show's producer said that the decision for Lori to abduct Carter again was always in the script. »»

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Spoilers: Even Though She Is Still With Teddy, Expect Jake To Continue To Woo Amy

    The new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine features the return of Jake from his undercover FBI assignment and when he comes back, his mission will be to continue his pursuit of Amy. »»

    DC Collectibles Reveals New Figures From Arrow & The Flash TV Shows

    DC Collectibles revealed their April 2015 solicitations, and on it were the following figures from DC's TV shows! ARROW AND DEATHSTROKE ACTION FIGURES Reenact the action-packed battles between Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson from Season Two »»

    Community's Gillian Jacobs Signs On For New Netflix Comedy

    Gillian Jacobs has signed on for a new Netflix comedy series. »»

    Big Brother 16 News: Despite Eviction, Frankie Grande Says He Doesn't Regret Pushing Button, Wants To Marry Zach

    In one of his first interviews since being evicted from the Big Brother house, Frankie Grande talked to Entertainment Weekly about whether he regrets pushing the Rewind button, his sister, and how he wants to marry Zach. »»

    Dancing With The Stars Results: Lolo Jones & Keo Motsepe Eliminated In Episode 1

    In last night's first Dancing With The Stars results show of the season, Olympic hurdler and bobsledder Lolo Jones was the first to be sent packing along with her newcomer pro partner Keo Motsepe. »»

    Castle Spoilers: Episode 7 To Feature Western Theme

    Get your cowboy hats on Castle fans. »»

    Gotham Spoilers: While Oswald Cobblepot's Future Seems Uncertain After Premiere, Rest Assured That The Penguin Will Return

    Fans of the highly-anticipated Gotham series have been looking for more information and now we have it. »»

    Hannibal News: Gillian Anderson's Promotion To Series Regular Won't Affect Her Other Project

    With the news that Gillian Anderson has been promoted to being a series regular on Hannibal, fans have wondered if she will have time to work on other projects. »»

    Arrow Spoilers: Oliver Queen To Get More Gadgets To Use In Season 3

    The new season of Arrow will look more like a movie instead of a TV show, with all the new technology that our favorite hero will get to use. »»

    New Girl Spoilers: Not So Good News For Nick & Jess Fans As Couple Isn't Expected To Reunite This Season

    Sorry Nick & Jess shippers... it looks like your favourite New Girl couple won't be reuniting this season. »»

    The Blacklist Spoilers: Major Changes For Red Reddington On The Way

    James Spader recently spoke to reporters about The Blacklist and revealed that there is a major alteration in the way Red Reddington will deal with the FBI in the show's sophomore season. »»

    The Blacklist Spoilers: James Spader Reveals Key Season 2 Plot Point, Explains Burns On Red's Back

    The Blacklist's season 2 premiere won't open with the revelation that everyone is expecting. »»

    Blu-ray Review: Godzilla 2000

    One of the great things about Godzilla 2000 is that it still utilizes guys in costumes. »»

    Cougar Town Spoilers: No More Bobby 'Penny Can' Cobb

    Penny Can is flying the coop early. »»

    The Flash Hires Barry Allen's Old Love Interest On The Original Series To Now Play STAR Labs Enemy

    The Flash is reuniting Barry Allen with his former flame in a strange but kind of awesome way. »»

    Blu-ray Review: Rebirth Of Mothra I, II, III

    Being geared for kids these three Mothra tales take on a different focus than other Kaiju films, having a much lighter story, while still having some great monster battles. »»

    The Hills' Lauren Conrad Finally Marries... And It Isn't To Brody Jenner

    Lauren Conrad is no longer on the market. »»

    AMC's The Walking Dead Series 7 Action Figures By McFarlane Revealed

    New images of The Walking Dead Series 7 hit the internet last week. »»

    Doctor Who First Impressions Review & Spoilers: Season 8 – Episode 4 – “Listen”

    Hush little baby, don't say a word / And never mind that noise you heard / It's just the beast under your bed / In your closet, in your head »»

    Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Dr. Whale Not Expected In OUAT's Fourth Season

    The book has closed on David Anders' run on Once Upon A Time. »»

    Arrow Spoilers: More Details About Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer Uncovered

    For Arrowheads who are curious to learn more about Brandon Routh's character on Arrow, we have you covered. »»

    Review: Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2 by Al Ewing and Simon Fraser

    The Doctor and his new companion vs Disney World! »»

    Arrow Spoilers: Episode 3 Will Be Diggle-Centric

    The third episode of Arrow's new season will focus on Diggle according to showrunner Andrew Kreisberg. »»

    Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Cody Decides Not To Use POV, Derrick & Caleb Debate Whether To Warn Frankie He Is Leaving In Advance

    The writing is on the wall for Frankie to be sent home tomorrow night after Cody won the Power of Veto. »»

    Blu-ray Review: Motel Hell (Collector's Edition)

    The movie has plenty to delight those who picked it up because of the catchy title. You might not want to check out before 10 a.m. »»

    Exiting Weekend Update Anchor Cecily Strong Says She Is Happy About Being Replaced On SNL

    After Lorne Michaels' decided to replace her on the Cecily Strong with Michael Che on the Weekend Update desk, you might expect her to be a little perturbed. According to the actress herself, this is not the case. »»

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