Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: How Will Unser Deal With Being Partly Responsible For Tara's Murder?

While Wayne was already depressed at his failure to woo Gemma, it appears that things will be even tougher for him when he finds out about Tara's death. »»

Fargo Spoilers: Season 2 To Focus On 'Strong Women'

Fargo's second season will feature a new look. »»

Naya Rivera Will Return To Glee For Its Final Season... But Only As A Guest Star

Naya Rivera is coming back to Glee for its final season, but it's just not in the way that you might think. »»

Hot Gossip: Deadwood To Return Online?

While the series might be named Deadwood,the HBO Western might just be alive. »»

Capo Toys Relaunches Street Fighter Kickstarter To Include Entire Series 1

So, Capo's first Kickstarter for just a Ryu figure did not go though, in fact it missed it's goal by quite a large sum. So Capo has decieded to attempt to Kickstart the entire first wave of figures. -Ryu -Guile -Blanka -Sagat -Chun-Li Ther »»

Arrow News: Show Recasts Oliver Queen's Mentor

Arrow has been forced to swap in a new mentor for Oliver Queen. »»

Images Of Mattel DC Comics Multiverse Batman: Arkham Knight

Thanks to Amazon, we now have the official images of the next wave of DC Multiverse. This set is based on the upcoming (next year) Batman: Arkham Knight. -Batman -Red Hood -Robin -Scarecrow -Two Face These are on Amazon now, and should b »»

The Sopranos Mystery Revealed: David Chase Finally Admits Tony Soprano Didn't Die In Finale

For the past seven years, fans of The Sopranos have debated what the hell happened in the final scene when everything cut to black. »»

Friends Reunion: Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, & Jennifer Aniston Appear Together On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

What appeared to be just another appearance on Jimmel Kimmel Live! turned into anything but usual for Jennifer Aniston. »»

Doctor Who Review: Season 8 - Episode 1 - Deep Breath

Meet the new incarnation of the Doctor! »»

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Mona Reveals She Will Now Be Featured In Allison Flashbacks As #RIPMona Trends

In last night's Pretty Little Liars finale, Mona finally bid her adieu. »»

Donald Glover's Wish Comes True, Community Vet Cast As Disney's Ultimate Spider-Man

Donald Glover always knew he was a superhero. Now he finally gets to play one. »»

Hawaii Five-0 Spoilers: Will Catherine Return?

Fans of Hawaii Five-0 who have been curious about Catherine potentially returning to the series, can take solace in the fact that the show's boss also wants it to happen. »»

MattyCollector He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe Classics Club Eternia 2015 Succeeds!

Good news for all those who were looking forward to the 2015 Club Eternia, the subs were re-opened, and Matty gained enough subscriptions to be able to move forward with the line! Yes, you do have the power! The fans have spoken, and it’s offici »»

Wednesday Comments - Showing Image Comics Some Love

Image publishes a dozen ongoing books, in addition to several miniseries, that I read on a regular basis. And I just don’t show those books nearly enough love... until today! »»

Parenthood Spoilers: New Promo Reveals Whether Amber Is Pregnant Or Not

It looks like you can add one more Braverman to the mix. »»

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Is Daryl Gay?

When fans of The Walking Dead aren't busy worry about whether their favourites will make it to another episode, one of the biggest questions they ask themselves is whether Daryl is gay or not. »»

Covert Affairs Spoilers: Is Belenko Targeting Arthur? Annie & Auggie Romance To Heat Up, Bigger Conspiracy In Works

Covert Affairs fans were left gasping for air after another harrowing summer finale that ended in a cliffhanger. »»

Funko Reveals New POP! Vinyl Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy Dancing Groot & Howard The Duck

Funko revealed some brand new Guardians of the Galaxy POP! Vinyl figures this past week, Dancing Groot (in his flower pot), and the real star of the movie, Howard the Duck! Each figure will be available in December. Check you favorite col »»

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: True Blood Star Set To Reprise Role As Series Villain

Pam might be gone from True Blood but she will live forever... on Once Upon A Time. »»

Mystery Science Theater 3000's Turkey Day Gets Cooked With Turkey Day Edition

MST3K a better choice than watching the Detroit Lions lose on Thanksgiving. »»

Blu-ray Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

As a whole, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is highly entertaining, with some good gags thrown in throughout, and it’s clear Parker (and Garfield, for that matter) is more comfortable in his duty as Spider-Man. »»

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