• Murtz On The Scene: Murtz Jaffer Interviews Big Brother Canada 3 Casting Director Robyn Kass

    Here's my exclusive interview with Robyn Kass at the Big Brother Canada 3 auditions!

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  • Axis Review: Avengers/X-Men: Axis #6 by Rick Remender and Terry Dodson

    Good is evil, evil is good, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria

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  • Nick Diaz Wonders Why He Accepted Matches Against Sub-Par Opponents Ahead Of Clash With GSP

    When Nick Diaz left the UFC in March 2013, it was after a disappointing loss to Georges St-Pierre. At the time, the welterweight said that he would only return to fight GSP again or would take a superfight against Anderson Silva.

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  • The Weekly Round-Up #259 With Deadly Class #1, BPRD Hell On Earth #125, Intersect #1, Thief of Thieves #25, X-O Manowar #30 & More

    The best of the best from the week that was.

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    Kenny Florian Concurs With Nick Diaz, Commentator Believes Georges St-Pierre Is 'Scared' To Fight Anderson Silva

    Given their history, no is surprised at Nick Diaz suggesting that Georges St-Pierre is scared of Anderson Silva. What's surprising, however, is the fact that Kenny Florian agrees with him. »»

    Roy Jones Jr. Previews Pacquaio/Algieri Match, Says Challenger Is Outmatched On Paper But 'Fight Is On Canvas'

    Roy Jones Jr. recently spoke to reporters in Macau and offered his thoughts on Saturday's Manny Pacquaio vs. Chris Algieri fight. »»

    Bookies Say Manny Pacquiao Will Beat Chris Algieri, Challenger Is Heavy Underdog

    Despite Chris Algieri's height advantage and undefeated record, he is still the heavy underdog in his match against Manny Pacquiao on Saturday. »»

    Chris Algieri Makes Weight In Second Attempt, Will Fight Pacquaio Tomorrow

    Chris Algieri suffered an embarrassing situation today just before his match with Manny Pacquiao tomorrow. »»

    Chris Algieri Misses Weight For Fight Against Manny Pacquiao; Has Two Hours To Cut

    Chris Algieri missed his weight by a small amount at tonight's weigh-in in Macau for tomorrow night's HBO pay-per-view main event against Manny Pacquiao. »»

    Review: Wonder Woman #36 by Meredith and David Finch

    A new creative team takes zero steps forward, and about three years worth of steps back. »»

    Cub Swanson Says He Would Consider Becoming Boxer If He Doesn't Get Title Shot After Beating Frankie Edgar

    It's unclear if Cub Swanson is joking, but the featherweight says that he would consider a career change if he doesn't get a title shot after he beats Frankie Edgar tomorrow. »»

    Jane The Virgin Spoilers: What Does Jane's Mother Think About Her Daughter's Reunion With Rafael?

    After Jane and Rafael had a steamy kiss in the last episode of Jane The Virgin, it appears Xiomara is suspicious. »»

    Arrow Spoilers: Bad News For Roy/Thea Fans, As Oliver's Sister Has Eyes For New DJ

    If you are waiting for Roy and Thea to reunite, you might be waiting awhile. »»

    Funko Reveals New POP Vinyl Figures Based On The X-Files

    Funko continues it's POP! Vinyl Televison line with The X-Files! »»

    Parks And Recreation Spoilers: Mad Men's Jon Hamm Set To Return To Comedy

    Jon Hamm is coming back to Parks and Rec. »»

    How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: Show's Format To Change When Drama Returns, No More Flash Forward Gimmicks

    The poignant manner in which How To Get Away With Murder writers decided to use the Flash Forward technique to tell the story of Sam's murder is something that fans won't see again. »»

    How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: When Did Writers Decide Wes Would Be The Killer? Were Others Considered?

    In a recent interview, How To Get Away With Murder showrunner Peter Nowalk revealed that the initial plan was to have Laurel kill Sam, but that this was changed to Wes after the writers developed the story arc for 'Wait List.' »»

    How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: How The Murder Change Wes?

    On last night's episode of How To Get Away With Murder, it was revealed that Wes was the one who killed Sam and the murder will have a profound effect on the show's most innocent character. »»

    How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: How Much Did Annalise Really Know About Her Husband's Death?

    You can be forgiven if you still need to pick your jaw up off the floor after last night's shocking How To Get Away With Murder fall finale. »»

    The Mentalist Spoilers: Series To End With New 'Lazarus' Serial Killer

    New details have emerged about how the series finale of The Mentalist will play out. »»

    Jane The Virgin Spoilers: Will Luisa Return?

    If you're wondering what happened to Rafael's sister on Jane The Virgin, wonder no more. »»

    Mattel Reveals MattyCollector 7 Days Of Cyber Monday Deals

    MattyCollector revealed their plans for 7 Days Of Cyber Monday, which starts on Tuesday. Early Access 11/25 -Tuesday, 11/25 at 8:00 a.m. PT to Wednesday, 11/26 at 8:00 a.m. PT for subscribers only All Access 11/26 -Wednesday, 11/26 at 9:00 »»

    NECA To Release Michael Keaton 1989 Batman Figure In Movie Colors...In Blu-Ray Exclusive Bundle

    It looks like NECA has found a way to make a regular version of their Michael Keaton Batman figure. WB is releasing along with a Diamond Luxe version of the original 1989 Batman Movie on Blu-Ray. It was first revealed that NECA would only »»

    McFarlane Issues Teaser Image For The Walking Dead From Skybound (Comic) Series 4

    The McFarlane Toys Facebook Page released this teaser for the upcoming Walking Dead Comic figures! SNEAK PEEK at the LINE-UP for The Walking Dead from Skybound Series 4! After we posted our 'naked' Abraham shot, a lot of you asked about the »»

    Frankie Edgar's Plan To Get Next Title Shot? Just Win

    While the UFC's featherweights have basically been talking over each other as they attempt to graduate from the Daniel Cormier School of How To Get A Title Shot, Frankie Edgar has his own plan. »»

    First Look: Pitch Perfect 2 Teaser Trailer Unveiled

    The trailer for the sequel to Pitch Perfect, the hit 2012 musical film, dropped yesterday and the best part is that just about everyone is back. »»

    AMC Gives Breaking Bad Prequel, Better Call Saul A Two-Night Premiere

    Better Call Saul will get a two-night premiere. »»

    Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: Orion To Be Welcomed By Abbie, What Does This Mean For Ichabod?

    A new Sleepy Hollow character will be welcomed by Abbie but might cause some issues for Ichabod. »»

    NCIS Spoilers: Fall Finale To Feature Return Of Three Cyber Terrorists

    It wouldn't be a holiday episode of NCIS without a little criminal activity. »»

    Grimm Spoilers: Hilarious Christmas Episode Ahead

    You knew a Christmas-themed episode of Grimm would be a little twisted and according to Silas Weir Mitchell, the episode doesn't disappoint. »»

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