10 Thoughts on Smackdown 09.30.2011: Christian v. Randy Orton, Sheamus v. Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry

Welcome to another 10 Thoughts on Smackdown! Sorry I didn't give you all any feedback last week, I was out of town. But now I'm back to give some insight into the send-home show from the Blue Crew before the seemingly rushed Hell in a Cell, so...here »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown 09.16.2011: The Cutting Edge w/ Randy Orton & Mark Henry, Edge

(Sidenote: Sorry this is late, and that there was no 10 Thoughts last week, had a couple of emergencies come up. Also, I have not read the results for Night of Champions yet.) Welcome to another edition of 10 Thoughts on Smackdown! Tonight is bein »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown 08.26.2011: Sheamus v. Mark Henry, The Great Khali v. Ezekiel Jackson, Christian v. Daniel Bryan

Welcome to another edition of 10 Thoughts on Smackdown!  Sorry for the delay this week, it’s been a really weird week over here on campus. Between job searches, school work, and other miscellaneous business, the delay couldn’t be pre »»

10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 08.19.11: 20-Man Battle Royal, Alberto Del Rio v. Daniel Bryan

Welcome to another edition of 10 Thoughts on Smackdown! Sorry for the delay, there was some...business here in real life. Anyway, here's a rundown as it is right now. New champion (ish), and a new number one contender (again, ish) named as we go into »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown 08.12.2011: The Great Khali v. Randy Orton, Christian, Alberto del Rio v. Daniel Bryan

It's the send-home show before Summerslam, and that means time for another 10 Thoughts, fresh from the cesspool that I call a brain. It's a scary place in there, people, I tell ya! Summerslam looks like it could be a good card...might not match Money »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown 08.05.2011: Randy Orton & John Morrison v. R-Truth & Christian, Zack Ryder, Sheamus v. The Great Khali

Welcome to another edition of 10 Thoughts on Smackdown! The road to SummerSlam is underway, and the Summer of Punk is upon us...let's see how the Blue Crew is responding to what's been the hottest angle WWE's had in about a year. And here...we.... »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown 07.29.2011: Randy Orton v. R-Truth, Christian v. John Morrison, Sheamus, Mark Henry

Welcome to another edition of 10 Thoughts on Smackdown! It’s the first episode from the Blue Crew since Triple H took over as the COO of WWE, so there might possibly be a shaking up of things here. Without further delay, the top 10 thoughts th »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown 07.15.2011: Randy Orton v. Kane, Christian, Sheamus v. Sin Cara

Welcome to another edition of 10 Thoughts on Smackdown, meaning more crazy, off the wall thoughts from the abyss that is called Joe Violet’s brain! As we approach the final Smackdown before the Money in the Bank PPV, this is Smackdown’s »»

10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 12.17.2010 – Kaval, Laycool & Tyler Reks.

1. Ah, finally Edge you acknowledge how mind-numbingly stupid the whole Paul Bearer/Kane feud was... »»

10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 12.10.2010 – Kofi, Edge & Drew.

1. Remember when Edge said he was going to get rid of everything that was stupid in WWE?... »»

10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 12.03.2010 – Kaitlyn, Kaval & MVP.

1. I kind of tuned out after a minute during the opening TLC segment as Rey’s cheesy lines... »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown: 11.26.2010 - Bad Ending but Great Matches

1. Now I know it’s kind of mandatory for Kane to have red lighting during his promos... »»

10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown for 11.19.2010: New Catchphrases, Feuds and Not So New Matches.

1. “My name is Alberto Del Rio but you already know that”... »»

10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown for 11.12.2010: Stereotypes, Snoozefests and Natalya.

1. Just in case you didn’t know that Smackdown was filmed in England this week by the MASSIVE Union Jack covering the entrance... »»

10 thoughts on Smackdown: why split up tag teams?! disappointing matches and David Otunga.

1. Finally Nexus have done what they should’ve done aaaallllll the way back in June and invaded Smackdown without any pre-warning. It only took them errmm *counts on fingers* 5 months!... »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown: Kaval Needs Help, Divas Costume Contest & Tony Chimel

1. I wish WWE would make up their minds about Alberto Del Rio... »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 10.22.2010: End the Brand Split & Kane's Non-Embarrassment

1. At the start of the show when Team Raw and Team Smackdown announced their mixed brand matches it was fresh and exciting to see people who wouldn’t usually have matches put together... »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 10.15.2010 – Mixing old with new, a not so shocking return and Hornswoggle.

1.Smackdown opened the show with The Undertaker stood on top of the arena – yes, I will admit I thought it looked pretty cool and it did send a shudder down my spine but for the love of God I why the hell was he was up there? Michael Cole ( »»

10 thoughts on Smackdown for 10.08.2010: Blurring lines, Back to 2005, Time for a change.

1. How long does it take Michael Cole to mess up? – a mere two minutes.... »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 10.01.2010 - RAW Invasion, The Undertaker, Jack Swagger

1. Smackdown kicked off their live debut on Syfy with a set of brand new opening tittles and song but let’s be honest here you can’t make Kane look mean and menacing with Greenday’s ‘do you know the enemy' in the background »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 09.24.2010: invasion of the Superstars roster, millions of segments and Dashingly Sinister.

1. I was happy to see Chris Masters in the opening match against Kane as I’ve always liked him and have always thought he deserves better and could be somebody in the WWE.... »»

10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 09.17.2010: The Hart Dynasty, Alberto Del Rio & More.

1. Smackdown started off with Christian in the ring for about 10 seconds then fat Cody Rhodes interrupted speaking in Spanish – does anybody actually know what he is saying yet? I think I may have to ask my mother to start watching SD with »»

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