Will 3-Hour Raws Be Permanent?

Reports are indicating that many in WWE don't expect RAW going three-hours to be a permanent thing. While the advertisements bill it as being permanent, many are obviously comparing it to when WCW Nitro went three hours & is considered a main reason »»

WWE Superstars React To Raw Going To 3-Hours

WWE was trending all over Twitter yesterday with the news of RAW going 3 hours in July. Here are some Superstar reactions: Cameron Lynn: "More entertainment! More wrestling starting July 23 where there will now be 3 hrs of raw! More time to get f »»

WWE 3-Hour Raw Total Viewers for Last 7 Shows

Quite the fluctuations. »»

12/13 3-Hour WWE Raw Theme?

All three 3-hour Raw themes within. »»

When is the next WWE 3-Hour Raw?

The City of Brotherly Love gets three hours. »»

WWE Announces Plan for 3-hour Raw Next Week

Who will Guest Host and what's the format? »»

Another 3-hour WWE Raw and TNA Impact Gets a Celebrity

Sure, it's the D-list, but that's half the fun. »»

The WWE Draft Date Revealed

When will the next 3-hour Raw take place? »»

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