50 Cent Becoming Boxing Promoter

50 Cent and his company TMT Promotions recently got a promoters license from the New York State Athletics Commission, and plan to go into the business of boxing. 50 Cent has his sights set on being the promoter of  boxer Floyd Mayweather, starting o »»

50 Cent Hit By Mack Truck

Proving that he might actually be a unkillable cyborg, 50 Cent walked away from a collision with a Mack truck this afternoon.  His bulletproof SUV was rear-ended by a runaway truck in Queens, but he was taken to the hospital and released with no inj »»

50 Cent Doesn't Think He's Going To Live Much Longer

50 Cent, the most awesome person to ever get a Twitter account, posted recently that he "doesn't think that he's going to live much longer".  He did clarify later that it doesn't necessarily mean that he's suicidal, but he has lost all faith in his »»

All Things Fall Apart Trailer Lets 50 Cent Go 50/50

A new full length trailer for All Things Full Apart, where Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson plays someone struggling with cancer, has debuted online. »»

50 Cent Employs A Violent Criminal & Gets Sued

Rapper 50 Cent is getting sued for employing known violent criminal Dwayne McKenzie. The lawsuit stems from a party that was held at 50 Cent's mansion. McKenzie reportedly made graphic and vulgar sexual requests to a female party goer who refused him »»

Twelve - Blu-ray Review

There are plenty of good films about drugs out there. This is not one of them. »»

Bruce Willis Eyeing Heist Flick with 50 Cent

Paul Walker is also in talks to join the project. »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Caught in the Crossfire

Chris Klein reveals himself to have been the victim of a talent vampire. Let us mourn. »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks: Failed Experiments

She’s got a voice that can be described as “interesting” but not really engaging. I find her arrangements and lyrics to be overdone. I just find the whole thing to be sort of pretentious, which is odd because I’m usually a fan of pretentiousness. But here it just feels wrong. ... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks: Writer's Block

I sort of feel sad for 50 Cent and his precipitous fall from relevancy. His new album, Before I Self Destruct, isn’t doing too well. In fact, given his history the new album is a downright flop. And despite the fact that I feel he’s a clown with few redeeming qualities, I still feel bad for the guy. ... »»


Nominees for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards were announced Wednesday night. The broadcast will take place Jan. 31, 2010, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Here is a shortened list of nominees from the major categories... »»

FREE DOWNLOAD: Dub MD & Illmind Present Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. 3

In this volume, Illmind collaborates with mainstream artists like 50 Cent, Scarface, Masta Ace, Young Buck, and Marsha from Floetry, and keeps the balance with underground artists and rising stars... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – Trip to the Past

The Source is almost always touting its new management, XXL seems to have Curtis Jackson on every other cover and Vibe almost ran out of money for the March issue. It's a dark time. ... »»

FREE MIXTAPE: Dub MD & Illmind Present Blaps, Rhymes & Life, Vol. 2

The official Blaps, Rhymes & Life mixtape series is back! This time around the mixtape features established artists such as 50 Cent, Eminem, Scarface, Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap, Diamond D and... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – I Ain't Madd

So, the Madd Rapper has a song out and it features Cory Gunz. And really there's absolutely nothing about this song that I don't love. I mean, I love the Madd Rapper as a character. During the heyday of Bad Boy, the Madd Rapper skits were always something to which to look forward when you picked up the latest Bad Boy release. They provided a nice bit of levity, providing a nice break from the glitzy club songs and occasional rugged street song. »»


After subjecting his fans to what has been an album-release gap that is beginning to rival that of the still-upcoming Guns N' Roses album, rapper/producer Dr. Dre has announced that he's finally done tinkering with his first new album in almost a decade, and will be ready to release it by the end of the year. Dre started working on Detox (as it's reportedly still going to be titled) back in 2004, though after several studio sessions, he decided to temporarily shelf it in order to focus more on producing material for other artists, including Eminem, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes and The Game. The album's release was intended to be delayed only until the end of 2005, but that's when the shenanigans began... »»

MGF Reviews Saul Williams - The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust!

There will be people out there that will call this album "Halo 27.5", and really, there's nothing wrong with that. After all, Common's Like Water for Chocolate, like it or not, was essentially a Roots album but still one of the best to come out in 2000. Yes, Saul Williams is an immensely talented writer and musician whose work is about as thought-provoking as anything released by Public Enemy or Rage Against the Machine in their respective heydays. ... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks - Resolution: Week 51

Sometimes albums just fall though the cracks. That's certainly the case with this week's selection, Styles P's Time Is Money. This was an album that I was really looking forward to, but by the time it finally came out, it had been bumped down on my priority listening list—which got it placed on the resolution list. Once upon a time, I wasn't Styles P's biggest supporter. There was actually a time when he was my third favorite member of The Lox. But after the D-Block/State Property beef, Styles' stock really grew. He was talking reckless and rhyming like crazy. That was when Styles caught my ear; from that point on I was a fan. Now, the legend behind the album is that Interscope sat on the finished product at the behest of 50 Cent, because of 50's beef with Ja Rule. Y'see, Jadakiss and Ja Rule were on a song together, so 50 went at Jada. Naturally, Styles got involved and Time Is Money was shelved. »»

Short Attention Span Theater

Come inside, come inside. There's some musical philosophy, a review of a free EP, a rant against posers, fun, frivolity, and a whole heaping helping of snark. Poppin' Off on the Top This week's Top 10 Hot Modern Rock Singles, as per Billboard.com: 1. Foo Fighters, "Long Road to Ruin" Not to offend all the Grohl Trolls out there, but I keep wanting to be as impressed by the Foos as everyone else seems to be and I'm still not getting it. I loved the first album when it came out; I was too young and stupid to realize I was listening to Nirvana's reject bin. Every album since then, they've delved more and more into power pop to the point that I'm a little embarrassed to call them "rock" anymore. Dave is a talented songwriter and musician, and his side projects rarely if ever miss. His voice, though, is just too soothing and sedate to do justice to the songs he's writing. If "Long Road to Ruin" was made by Maroon 5 or someone rather than a band that everyone already respects, it would be written off as the lightweight trifle that it really is. »»

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