Wednesday Comments – Ranking The DC Comics Weeklies

DC Comics loves a good weekly. Actually they love any weekly. »»

Demythify: 2013 DC Comics New 52: Past Is Prologue? (Batman's Robins, Green Lantern, Justice League)

Heading into 2013... And an update on Peter David from his wife Kathleen »»

DC Infinite 52 Pickup Sale This Weekend

Infinite Crisis, 52, World War III, and The Four Horseman all on sale from January 21 - January 23 »»

A Skitch in Time: Holiday Break Part 2 of 2

Skitch is still on vacation...and reading a lot of comics! »»

J.H. Williams III Batwoman Ongoing Delayed Until April

A J.H. Williams book got delayed? SHOCKER! »»

Wednesday Comments - The Great 10 9

Welcome to the inaugural edition of my new column. Sorry it took so long but I couldn't come up with a name for it. And honestly I'm not all that happy with this name, but I knew that I wanted to write about this week's topic so I pulled the trigge »»

Who's Who in the DCU

Thoughts on 52? Optimism for Countdown? Plans for fixing Green Arrow? Lamenting the name Red Arrow? Uh oh, I think things got a bit wonky this week! »»

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