7th Heaven: The Final Season - DVD Review

Once beloved by millions, the Camden family says goodbye after eleven seasons. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Necrosis

I went into Necrosis hoping for a crappy version of Dead Snow. What I got instead was a crappy version of The Shining. »»

7th Heaven: The Tenth Season - DVD Review

Season 10 of any television series is a rare accomplishment. »»

Disc News: Tales of the Gold Monkey Finally Uncovered

Shout! Factory has announced the cult favorite Tales of the Gold Monkey. »»

7th Heaven: The Eighth Season - DVD Review

It's amazing to see a series like 7th Heaven, first created by Aaron Spelling, last through all of these years with the central theme being a strong sense of family and faith. 7th Heaven showed a modern, likable family with old-fashioned values on television, and season eight was no exception. »»

Murnau, Borzage and Fox Box Set - DVD Review

This is a pretty impressive collection of early cinema, but at $239.99, I'm not sure how many people are going to run out and buy it. The four films I was able to review are stellar representations of this time period and are certainly worth renting. I've also read on line many complaints that the way the box set is designed it scratches the discs so keep that in mind if you think about buying it. »»

7th Heaven: The Seventh Season - DVD Review

It is a rarity that any television series lasts 11 seasons. In fact, it's extremely rare. It is also almost impossible to have all 11 seasons be fantastic, as there has to be natural highs and lows for any television show's run. But when writers try to do something completely different just to keep a show going, fans have to be worried. This is the case for 7th Heaven and its seventh season. »»

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