Savages - Review

All's fair in love and drug war. »»

Full Trailer For Oliver Stone's Savages Drips With Drugs, Sex, And Style

Dark and edgy - perfect for a summer diversion. »»

15 Second Teaser To Oliver Stone's Savages Drops

Short, quick montage debuts a day before the full teaser premieres. »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Albert Nobbs [Video]

For two decades, painfully shy butler Albert has been pretending to be a man to keep her job. But then she meets Hubert, also secretly a woman, who has found a partner to help maintain her masquerade. Seeking the same arrangement, Albert woos a young »»

First Image From Oliver Stone's Savages With Benicio Del Toro And Blake Lively Debuts

The first image from Oliver Stone's latest, Savages, has debuted online. Plot Summary: Adapted from Don Winslow's novel, Savages follows two low-scale marijuana growers — uni grad Ben (Aaron Johnson) and ex-Navy SEAL Chon (Taylor Kitsch) — »»

Theatrical Trailer: Glenn Close Cross Dresses as Albert Nobbs

Glenn Close going all Transamerica on us »»

Nowhere Boy Review

A sunny, romanticized take on how The Beatles came to be. »»

Monday Morning Critic - The Purse Switch Gag, Masterpieces remaining of 2010 and Dog Bite Dog

Recalling a gag successfully pulled off, looking at the only films that look like they could be brilliant for the rest of the year and a DVD review of Dog Bite Dog »»

Confirmed: Aaron Johnson not in X-Men: First Class

Johnson, the star of Kick-Ass, will not be reuniting with director Matthew Vaughn »»

Disc News: Kick-Ass to put the Hit(-Girl) on Blu-ray

With Blu-ray power comes 1080p responsibility »»

The Greatest - Review

Carey Mulligan is masterful. The film is not. »»

Two TV Spots that will Kick-Ass!

They don't give a damn about their bad reputation. »»

SXSW Film '10 — Kick-Ass

At the risk of treading the same ground as every other hack movie critic come this time in April, Kick-Ass is just plain kick ass. »»

Full Conference Lineup Announced for SXSW

Panelists include Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth, Michel Gondry, and Danny McBride! »»

Kick-Ass to premiere at SXSW Film Festival!

This announcement is, um, well, kick ass! »»

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