Just Seen It Movie Review: Prometheus [Video]

Ancient ruins are discovered with a map to an alien world. Believing it to be the origins of humanity, a team sets of to find the alien home planet. But after they land, they discover they may have imperiled humankind. Starring Noomi Rapace, Logan Ma »»

New Trailer For Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Debuts

A new trailer for next year's Ghost Rider sequel has found its way online. »»

Chuck's Reviews Marvel Universe Cable

It's the twin brother Ca-Bel of beloved Marvel character Cable only without a baby! Is he all kinds of awesome like his twin? Tune in below and find out! »»

Captain America & Iron Man Assemble In Avengers Poster

Character posters debut for two Avengers »»

New International Trailer for X-Men: First Class

New international trailer for one of Marvel's summer blockbusters »»

Juno Temple officially joins The Dark Knight Rises

Rumored casting of Juno Temple has been confirmed. »»

Bruce Willis and 50 Cent get Setup

John McClane and a rapper steal some diamonds. What could go wrong? »»

The Mechanic Going to Kill DVD and Blu-ray, Coming in May

Sony announces the release of The Mechanic, starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster. »»

New Full Trailer For Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

New trailer for fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film released »»

Red Dawn remake getting new villains

The Wolverines are getting new enemies! »»

New Fast Five Trailer, International Poster Debuts

Faster and more ... furioser, I suppose »»

Unknown - Review

Is Liam Neeson’s latest worth seeing? That answer will remain unknown unless you check inside. »»

Takers - DVD Review

Is this a good movie? All signs point to it. »»

Resident Evil: Afterlife - Review

Milla Jovovich is ready to kick ass once more in what I’ve aptly named Resident Evil: Prison Break »»

Knight and Day - Review

Cruise shows he can be as fun as the next guy; only he does it with a machine gun! »»

Green Zone - Review

When Bourne isn‘t available you call in Roy Miller… »»

Legion - Review

Heaven help us! »»

Daybreakers - Review

Do these vampires suck more than blood? »»

New International Trailer for Robin Hood

Robin Hood isn't due in theaters until May and already a second international trailer has surfaced. Look for Russell Crowe to have the soul of a Gladiator in this one. Maybe a Braveheart, too. »»

Confessions of a Spec Tater — Freaks, Geeks and Pricks

Forget leaves falling from trees or cornucopias spontaneously disappearing from kitchen table centerpieces, the real proofs that fall is being overtaken by winter is the disappearance of your favorite television shows from the airwaves for a few weeks (or in the case of Glee, a few months). »»

New Solomon Kane Featurette - "Fighting Scenes"

"I am not yet ready to go to hell." »»

Avatar - Review

A science-fiction epic that just may be a “game-changer” »»

New Terminator Salvation Trailer

Sorry Bay, McG's trailer looks better.


RocknRolla - Blu-ray Review

There are those films that I don't really care for and those I think are alright. Some are worth love and adoration while others are worth hatred and desecration. Then there a small amount of films that don't fall into either category and end up being right smack dab in the middle in the land of "meh." »»

Wanted (2-Disc Special Edition) - DVD Review

It's one thing to be able to craft a massive hit or two in your home country for a foreign director. It's another to be able to go into another country's system and craft a monster hit. That's exactly what Timur Bekmambetov, of post-Communist Russia's Night Watch franchise, did with Wanted this summer. »»

Kill Switch - DVD Review

Kill Switch comes out the same day as new editions of Rear Window, Vertigo, Touch of Evil, Le Deuxième Souffle and Le Doulos. Do yourself a favor and purchase any one of those instead of this. Or better yet, donate the $25.99 that Amazon.com is currently charging for this film to any number of charities, political campaigns or gambling addictions that would be worthy of almost a full day's work at minimum wage. Just don't even stoop so low as to rent this. »»

Speed Racer - DVD Review

Insane tracks, outrageous gadgets, and kung fu performed with cars—if Nascar was like this I'd be its biggest fan. »»

Horatio Hornblower: Collector's Edition - DVD Review

In a time when the word "patriot" is thrown about with little to no regard for its actual meaning, Horatio Hornblower shows us what a true patriot actually is. He's not a mindless lapdog for the crown or his superiors. He respects the chain of command and the ideals of his country, but he also respects his own innate sense of right and wrong, and when the two come in conflict, Hornblower has enough faith in himself to act on his feelings. »»

Quantum of Solace trailer

The full, theatrical trailer for this fall's highly anticipated Quantum of Solace has been released. Check it out. »»

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