Toy Fair 2015 Coverage: 1966 Classic Batman

Mattel always seems to be able to put out new '66 Batman product. Shown at Toy Fair was a new 3-Pack with Batman, Robin, & Batgirl. Also, a new Batcave playset that will include a maskless Adam West. Finally, the Batmobile will be re-released with »»

Blu-ray Review: Batman (The Complete Television Series)

This set is most definitely a must own for all the Batman fans out there. »»

Holy Bat-ray! More Details On Batman Complete TV Series Blu-ray

More information about the Adam West Batman series spills at Comic-Con. »»

Toy Fair 2014 Coverage: Mattel's Batman Classic TV Series

Mattel had their Batman Classic TV Series on display at Toy Fair. There is only 1 new figure to come out this year, 'Surfs Up' Joker. »»

From The Inside: Ben Affleck As Batman

Mike Noyes offers up his two cents on the major casting announcement of Ben Affleck (or as he calls him, "The Aff") as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the Man of Steel sequel. »»

TOY FAIR 2013 AWARDS! Best New Toyline!

For the first award this year, we will be giving away the BEST NEW TOYLINE. Many new lines were revealed at this years Toy Fair, which is common. NECA had Kick-Ass 2 & The Lone Ranger, McFarlane with Assassin's Creed, Mezco had Breaking Bad & Axe C »»

TOY FAIR 2013 COVERAGE: NECA 1/4 Scale Batman (Adam West & Michael Keaton)

NECA had their 2 1/4 scale Batman figures on display at Toy Fair. Check out the images of the Adam West & Michael Keaton figures! Keep it here at for all the Toy Fair 2013 Coverage, and follow us @PulseFigures for live photo's fro »»

TOY FAIR 2013 COVERAGE: Classic 1960's Batman (Adam West)

Check out the images of the Classic 60's Batman line from Mattel! Pictures include Batman, Robin (exclusive to the 2-Pack), The Riddler, The Penguin & the Batmobile. Catwoman & The Joker (with painted over mustache) will also be in the line. K »»

Mattel Reveals Classic 1960's (Adam West) Batman Action Figures

Mattel has released the first images of the action figures based on the 1960's Batman. »»

DVD Review: Alice (The Complete First Season)

What does it take for a network executive to embrace a female-oriented sitcom based on a Martin Scorsese film? »»

Disc News: Holy Batman Tease!

Could the classic TV show be making its way to Blu-ray? »»

DVD Review: Perry Mason (Season 6, Volume 1)

Perry Mason: Season 6, Volume 1 packs more legal excitement into a briefcase than Nancy Grace can dismiss. »»

DVD Review: Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Season Two - Part One)

The tone of the series resembles Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law than the original comic books. »»

Disc News: TV Icons Hit The Gutter In Celebrity Bowling

S'More Entertainment announces three-disc compilation of celebrity bowling competitions, which include William Shatner, Don Adams, Bob Newhart and many more stars! »»

Zorro: The Complete Series - DVD Review

Long before Batman, there was another caped crusader that prowled the night. »»

Queued Up: Comic Book Movie Edition – Super Capers

Super Capers is the type of movie you show your kids when you don’t like them very much and want to punish them for draining away your hopes and dreams with their birth. »»

Family Guy: It's A Trap - Blu-ray Review

I haven't been a fan of Family Guy for a long time and this film didn't change my mind. »»

Queued Up: Comic Book Movie Edition – The Specials

The Specials isn’t a story about heroes punching bad guys — it’s a story of heroes negotiating contracts for their action figure line. »»

Bonanza: The Original Second Season, Volume 1 - DVD Review

Bonanza: The Original Second Season, Volume 1 keeps up the family crisis action on the Ponderosa. »»

Legends of the Superheroes - DVD Review

Legends of the Superheroes brings back Adam West and Burt Ward as their rightful roles of Batman and Robin. »»

The Big Bang Theory - Episode 3-17 Review

The Olympic break didn't hurt the ratings for The Big Bang Theory. The visit from Stan Lee made it the most popular show on Monday night with the 18-49 demographic. The series is still a pop culture success yet I still don't see the stars causing any »»

SXSW Film '10 — Kick-Ass

At the risk of treading the same ground as every other hack movie critic come this time in April, Kick-Ass is just plain kick ass. »»

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1970s Volume 2 - DVD Review

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1970s Volume 2 brings The Banana Splits back to its hour long format. For that alone, it’s worth a spot in the collection. »»

23rd Annual WonderCon 2009 Part 2

Well, it's all over now and all I have to recap for you here is just a little bit of the good stuff that went on Sunday. Saturday is the big day and Sunday really more of an aftershock, the panels aren't as big the costumes aren't as present and the comics have been marked down 30-50% off so the owners don't have to lug them all back home. »»

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