Amazing Race 2011 Spoilers: Cast Revealed, Hazard Twist, Survivor Winners Ethan & Jenna Confirmed To Participate

The new cast of The Amazing Race has been revealed and includes a pair of former Las Vegas showgirls and former Survivor winners Ethan (Survivor Africa) and Jenna (Survivor Amazon). In addition, in today's announcement, it was revealed that there wi »»

Reality Dish Interview w/Jennifer & Kisha Hoffman- The Amazing Race Unfinished Business Winners [Podcast]

While many were shocked with Jenn and Kisha's win on The Amazing Race, they were certainly the season's most consistent racers, never really finding themselves in jeopardy at any point. I talked to them after they received their $1 million check »»

Reality Dish Interview w/Gary & Mallory Ervin - The Amazing Race Unfinished Business [Podcast]

While they flew under-the-radar on The Amazing Race 17, when the father and daughter team of Gary and Mallory Ervin returned to participate in The Amazing Race Unfinished Business, they certainly were considered to be major threats and were actua »»

Reality Dish Interview w/Herb Flight Time Lang & Nate Big Easy Lofton - The Amazing Race Unfinished Business [Podcast]

When the Globetrotters last ran the race in season 15, they were eventually done in by a task that they couldn't complete forcing them to take a time penalty and they definitely had 'unfinished business' to address when they returned to run The A »»

Reality Dish Interview w/Kent Kaliber & Vyxsin Fiala - The Amazing Race Unfinished Business [Podcast]

The goth team of Kent Kaliber & Vyxsin Fiala have always been one of the faces of The Amazing Race and the pair surprised many people with another fifth place finish on their second run on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. Their portrayal »»

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Episode 9 Review

 The Amazing Race was back this week, and after a little more uncomfortable product placement teams headed off to Liechtenstein for a pretty crazy leg. I want to ride your bicycle, I want to ride your bike Things started off quickly w »»

Reality Dish Interview w/ Natalie Strand & Kat Chang The Amazing Race 17 [Podcast]

Nat and Kat were the underrated doctors that came from behind to win the Amazing Race 17, becoming the first all-female team to win the $1 million prize. I talked to the pair about their strategies, if they are capable of getting angry and the c »»

Reality Dish Interview w/ Brook Roberts & Claire Champlin The Amazing Race 17 [Podcast]

I honestly believe that Brook Roberts and Claire Champlin are the most popular contestants ever on the Amazing Race. The wildly popular home shopping network hosts were absolutely hysterical on the show and managed to retain the positive attitud »»

Reality Dish Interview w/ Thomas Wolfard & Jill Haney The Amazing Race 17 [Podcast]

I had a great time at the Amazing Race 17 finale in New York and got to meet most of the teams from the show. After watching the finale, it's clear while much was made about the first all-female team winning (and rightfully so), Thomas Wolfard a »»

Reality Dish: Interview w/Gary & Mallory Ervin - The Amazing Race 17 CBS [Podcast]

In a season of fan-friendly teams on the Amazing Race 17, the father/daughter team of Gary and Mallory Ervin were perhaps the friendliest. The pair charmed their way into the hearts of Race fans everywhere and were gone from Oman and eliminated »»

Reality Dish: Interview w/Michael & Kevin Wu - The Amazing Race 17 CBS [Podcast]

I had the chance to talk to talk to the father and son team of Michael and Kevin Wu who were eliminated from The Amazing Race on Sunday and we chatted about a variety of topics. These included the controversial missing speedbump from the episode »»

Reality Dish: Interview w/Rachel Johnston - The Amazing Race 17 CBS [Podcast]

There is no doubt that the current season of The Amazing Race might have the best looking cast, and a good reason for that were the team of Rachel Johnston and Katie Seamon. The pro volleyball players were eliminated on Sunday's show and I had t »»

Reality Dish: Interview w/Jonathan Schwartz - The Amazing Race 17 CBS [Podcast]

On The Amazing Race 17, Connor Diemand-Yauman and Jonathan Schwartz were known as Team Glee and definitely infused a lot of personality into the show.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Jonathan Schwartz, one half of the team after their elimin »»

IPTV Interview Exclusive: Louie Stravato and Michael Naylor (The Amazing Race 16

Louie and Mike were one of the more popular teams on The Amazing Race 16 this season. The detectives dominated the race early, but made enemies of Joe and Heidi after they U-Turned the pair out of the race. They also managed to use the second U-T »»

IPTV Weekend: The Amazing Race , The Celebrity Apprentice Previews

Hey everyone, I'm Murtz Jaffer, and welcome to the all new Inside Pulse TV Daily. Every day I'll check in with a look at what's hot in the world of IPTV, including previews, news, spoilers and much more. What to watch tonight? What should be on yo »»

Amazing Race 16 News: Loveable Granny & Granddaughter Eliminated As Cowboys Jet & Cord Finish First

In the second episode of The Amazing Race 16, it appears that the trend of Alpha male domination of the Race only continued as cowboys Jet & Cord finished in first place and won sailboats for their efforts in Chile. As expected, the fan-favorite tea »»

Former Amazing Race Contestant Jaime Edmondson Appears In Playboy [NSFW]

Former Amazing Race 14 starlet Jaime Edmondson appears in the latest issue of Playboy Magazine. To see photos, just click »»

Amazing Race Spoilers 2010: Big Brother's Jeff & Jordan Reportedly Fight A Lot On New Season

In a recent interview, Big Brother sweethearts Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd apparently fought more than they ever did while competing on The Amazing Race. "There was definitely a lot more bickering on the Race than there was on Big Brother, just »»

The Reality Dish w/Murtz Jaffer Premiere Edition: Survivor, Amazing Race, Hell's Kitchen and More!

Even though Primetime Pulse and Reality Dish have recently merged to form Inside Pulse TV, the true Reality Dish has just begun! Every week, the world's foremost reality television expert and host of Reality Obsessed Murtz Jaffer and I will talk a »»

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