Blu-ray Review The Andy Griffith Show (Season 1)

Now with the Blu-ray release of The Andy Griffith Show: Season 1, America can almost step into the finest jail cell in Mayberry. »»

Disc News: Complete Dean Martin Roasts Collection In Sept.

This holiday season keep grandma out of the kitchen. Let Dean Martin do the roasting instead! »»

DVD Review: Matlock (The Ninth and Final Season)

Have we really come to the end of Matlock? »»

DVD Review: Stoney Burke (The Complete Television Series)

Gritty goodness down at the corral. »»

DVD Review: Matlock (The Eighth Season)

While Matlock: The Eighth Season might be the penultimate season, Matlock isn't looking to retire from the law and focus on hotdog eating. »»

DVD Review: Matlock (The Seventh Season)

The Seventh Season finally lets Andy fill every episode with true Southern hospitality and not Hollywood substitutes. »»

DVD Review: Frosty's Winter Wonderland

Frosty’s Winter Wonderland is a sequel that’s more entertaining without the abject horror of the original. »»

Matlock (The Sixth Season) - DVD Review

The cases handled this season once more kept up the calm nature of the crimes. »»

Disc News: 50 Years of The Andy Griffith Show Celebrated

They may not be spry anymore, but who wouldn't want to spend Christmas with Andy, Opie, Barney, Gomer and Aunt Bea? »»

Matlock: The Fourth Season - DVD Review

This is still an entertaining bucket of 23 deep fried legal thrillers. »»

Matlock: The Third Season - DVD Review

Watching Don and Andy playing neighbors is heartwarming. These two belonged together on the small screen. They have such a charming ease when playing two guys in the South. My only complaint is that each episode should have ended with Don and Andy sitting on the porch, hand cranking ice cream and wrapping up the case. »»

Matlock: The Second Season - DVD Review

Matlock is the only mystery show the lowers the blood pressure. Every other crime-solving TV show applies the heat to create dramatic tension. They amp up the music, overplay the sound effects and edit the action moments to startle. That’s not how things are down in Atlanta. Ben Matlock (Andy Griffith) allowed his cases to naturally unravel to expose the truth. This is a Southern drama with its causal courtroom nature. Nothing gets too hectic. Even the murders and fights have a leisurely pace. Perhaps this is the secret to why senior citizens are addicted to Matlock. They can enjoy a good crime yarn without being visually victimized. Plus there’s the classic charm of Andy Griffith keeping the peace as he practices the law. »»

James A. Michener's Centennial - DVD Review

During the ‘70s, the networks went mini-series crazy. The success of Rich Man, Poor Man and Roots made this revolutionary format a hit with viewers and critics. Large books sprawled across numerous nights of viewing instead of being squeezed into a two hour movie of the week. The mini-series became ratings juggernauts. Who would put down a book in the middle of a chapter? Audiences stayed glued to the tube for the entire run. Into this fertile valley arrived James A Michener's Centennial, the most massive of novels. For twenty six hours over the course of 12 days, the story of Colorado and the town of Centennial unfolded. »»

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