Blu-Ray Review: Double Feature: X-Ray & Schizoid

These are two severe examples of filmmakers craving a suspension of disbelief that might be impossible. »»

Review: All-New X-Men #11 by Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen

Which original X-Men joins Cyclops? Here's a hint, if you read Uncanny X-Men then you already know! »»

The Gold Standard: Thanks, A Top Five List, And A Weekly Roundup

A little thanks to be given before the holiday in this weeks Standard. »»

NYCC 2011 Coverage: Marvel Universe Action Figure

Pulse Figures was at New York Comic-Con this past weekend! Plenty of new product from our favorite toymakers, including Hasbro!! Check out the images below of the new Marvel Universe figures. 2012 Wave 3 will have The Puck, Angel (Red & Blue), Ni »»

The Weekly Round-Up #65 Featuring Sweet Tooth, Chew, Joe The Barbarian, And More!

Best Comic of the Week: Sweet Tooth #19 by Jeff Lemire, Nate Powell, Emi Lenox, and Matt Kindt Sweet Tooth often does something different (like last month's sideways issue), but it was a surprise to see that Jeff Lemire has invited a few other »»

The Gold Standard: Joss Whedon Shows In Comics And Ten Books To Watch In 2011

A few thoughts on the Whedonverse moving to comics, and 10 books to watch out for. »»

Joss Whedon's Angel Returns To Dark Horse

And it isn't the only Whedon series heading to DH »»

Bad Movies Done Right - High Plains Invaders

Forget Indians, everybody knows the cowboy’s greatest enemy comes from outer space. »»

Joss Whedon on Shortlist for Avengers Directing Gig

Talks have been confirmed between the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator and Marvel Studios »»

Dragonball Evolution - Review

Dragonball Evolution is a valentine for its fans and a big budget middle finger to everyone else. »»

The Rockford Files: Season Six, The Final Season - DVD Review

Normally when a TV series ends halfway through a season it means the ratings tanked and the network suits yanked it off the air. However The Rockford Files’s Season Six stopped short because James Garner’s body couldn’t take the toil. The constant beatdowns and foot chases took a toll on his body. He only made ten episodes (two of them were two-parters) before his doctor shut down the production. The Rockford Files: Season Six, The Final Season reminds us that Garner didn’t limp to the finish line. »»

Private Practice: The Complete First Season - DVD Review

You knew it was just a matter of time before a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy was created. It seems like all television shows with great ratings and a loyal audience is bound to have a spin-off. (Joey, anyone?) There was just too many interesting characters floating around the set of Anatomy for it not to have one. While most spin-offs are created to target the same key demograhic that loved the original show, more times that not spin-offs fail to become hit shows themselves. Frasier and Angel are two of the most recent examples that did succeed and thus proved this rule. But could Practice be another exception that breaks that trend or will it quickly be forgotten after the novelty wears off? »»

Supernatural - Episode 4-1 Review

Tonight, the Supernatural season four premiere finally arrived. As you probably remember, season three ended with some rather grim events. Grimmest of all was the final shot: Dean waking up in hell where he is destined to suffer for all eternity. So naturally the first shot of this season's premiere was Dean waking up back on Earth. Wait, what? »»

REVIEW: Angel X-travaganza

"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly; levity always beats gravity." A friend just IM’d me this little quotable nugget, attributing it to the peerless Stephen Fry. So… just how lightly does Warren Worthington III, Angel of the X-Men, take himself? Daffs reviews X-MEN FIRST CLASS, X-FORCE and ANGEL REVELATIONS, all starring the X-Men's ANGEL »»

REVIEW: Angel – After The Fall # 1 – 4

So, where does Angel Investigations (aka Wolfram & Hart’s worst lawyers) go from that apocalyptic final scene of Season 5, battered and beaten, facing down the demon hordes of hell? Uh, well… the apocalypse, that’s where. So W&H’s punishment for disobedience has been to send LA to hell (obviously no one told them the writers strike has now ended!) But somehow, Angel is still fighting. And he has tamed a dragon. »»

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